Between Then and Now

Between Then and Now

By:  Red  Ongoing
Language: English
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A love that ended up in tragedy. Will fate be merciful to give them another chance in another life? What if they travel in the future, and wake up in a different body? Vien, a writer in full bloom will shift to the body of a rich girl named Alyana, in her quest of finding ways to go back in the past, she'll end up barging in a murder case, will she be able to solve it? Keep reading!✨

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42 Chapters
White flowers.  Well decorated isle. Red carpet. Everything looks perfect.  I’m marching in to the church holding an excellently arranged bouquet of flower. Smiling from ear to ear.  I can already see the back of my man from the hall’s door. Then, coldness wrapped around me, thunders suddenly roared, I pivoted to see the slashing of lightning outside, I turn
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Chapter 1 | The Heart Never Forgets
“I promise to always remember you, love. The stars were our witnesses tonight “ he whispered in his usual gentle voice.Opening up more of his little sweet promises.*****Vien’s POVI'm whining around the corner of my room's mini library, peach colored with little butterflies in the rear of the square, that was my favorite part, it brings out so much memoirs I never get tired of playing on my brain. I sat under my teal blue colored window. While lost in the edges, I suddenly heard a soft scratching sound near my head, I looked slowly and almost screamed out of terror the moment I saw a shadow. I leaped when th
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Chapter 2 | Count Off
Vien's POV One white room. Two tidy windows. Three medicines on the side table. Four hours of just staring at the ceiling. My head aches as I'm forcing my brain to serve me right about the scene that happened earlier. It was spinning, a pattern of circles were dancing just to where I dart my look.   Just before every
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Chapter 3 | Love Knows No Barrier
Vien’s POVThe cloud is bursting out in tears again drenching every visible things in the field. I can sense the coldness by the shivering sound coming from the street dog that just passed by. I roamed my gaze in the park, children are in a haste to find shelter, a mother bird is singing a panicking song flying to and fro obviously looking for its little one. I let out a deep sigh, I’m leaning on a bench right now, I closed my eyes tightly, praying that someone will come and see me, join me watching the rain like before. Patiently waiting for someone to stare lovingly at me again.Patiently.I want to see a familiar silhouette in the rain so badly. Memories played at the back of my mind, tears started to stream on my rosy cheeks as I’m wishing that I can turn back the time.
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Chapter 4 | The SHIFT
I opened my eyes, unstable as I took in an unfamiliar view. Wandering my vision and thought. Curtains are half closed. A single chair facing the table. Neatly painted peach walls. The sun raised in majesty bringing in the surrounding's real color, it dyed the clouds a bright orange. Trees are quiet from rustling winds. The light penetrating from the dusty window kissed my pale skin. I woke up barely breathing in heavy air. "Brylle!" I cried, I suddenly sat up on my bed. Wait it's not my bed.Where am I? Have I been here before?Is he here?Dazed and cold, I strode my fingers on the soft edges of the silk covering. I heard a loud resou
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Chapter 5 | Queen Alyana
 "Life is not a fairytale, if you lose your shoe at midnight, you're drunk!" A pack of students cracked out in laughter after that statement. They were chatting merrily when I threw a gaze on them, but they suddenly stopped the moment that they noticed me.Weird.It's almost 11:00 am when I reached the school. Stares were everywhere as I walked on the corridor along the rooms of first year students. I reopened Alyana's phone to check here schedule today and perhaps, slid away with everyone's eyes. Crap! How can I survive this day? I don't really plan to attend school. Like hello! I'm already 26, unfortunately I'm stuck in a 21 years old body *urgh* I already threw the idea of schooling away! Long long time ago.FlashbackNervousness and uncertainty wrapped around my whole body, but a familiar scent took me back to reality. I breathed in a familiar scent of fried egg, cooking spices and herbs. My door was gently opened by a little gir
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Chapter 6 | Dad?
My seat was positioned on the second row of third column. Leisurely drumming my fingers in the chair desk with a pad of paper whilst my feet stretched, just heels touching the floor. The room was filled with thick cold air hissed out by the aircon that took a neat spot on the ceiling. I threw a glance at the man behind me, he's the same man that sweetly wrapped his arm around my neck just a moment ago. He's wearing a mischievous smirk after pulling his head back to seal a good sitting posture, his remarkable bluish eyes were fixated to the new student. My eyes traced down to his lips, that's the very lips that breathed out a whisper to my ear. It's sexy huh?I shook my head a little to slash out the idea as I returned my attention to the dreamy eyed guy who's currently introducing himself."Uhm....I hope to have a good time with y
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Chapter 7 | Tale of the Devil's Bridge
I'm happily looking at the demon's bridge, mesmerized how it creates a perfect circle with its reflection, I took out my camera to take another shot. As the flash made another click. I felt someone's presence."You also find it beautiful, do you?" a stranger said, giving me a tamed look."Yeah" I replied shortly, turning my gaze back to the fantastic view. I did not expect to have company at the moment. But it felt just fine to have someone to talk to.Amazed by the perfect engineering of the bridge, human touch can't be traced from the sharp design, it appears to be naturally formed. The builder of that bridge might have spent a lot of time planning and finally launching the work.
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Chapter 8 | The Church
Ticks of the clock.I opened my eyes only to find out that I'm at the hospital.I can even smell the fumes coming out from the only God knows what kind of machine beside me."Alyana? Hey, you are awake, yey!" it was the small voice of Rave. She was about to leave, probably to call a nurse or to inform dad, but I grabbed her arm, "W-why, Alyana?" her voice was shaky, thinking that I gripped a little hard, I relaxed my hand."You don't have to be afraid, sweet heart. I just want to ask...w-what happened? Why am I here?" "Last night, when you are heading to your room, you are looking too seriously at something in your palm. Then after that, you wailed 'aaaahhh' and then you suddenly fainted" her eyes glimmered in tears, "And oh.
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Chapter 9 | Handsome Hero
Life holds a lot of mystery. Truths that one can know only by revelation, but still cannot fully understand. The puzzle of how we are created, how plants and animals work magnificently in nature, and the list goes on, which science, from decades and centuries ago tries to explain. But still, everything points out to a powerful being called God in every end and conclusion.In my case, traveling to another body of a different time was a big box of mystery.To decades ago, I wanted to be the most popular writer even after ages will wilt off. Researching too much and filling my brain with facts and ideas, I didn't even enjoyed my school life, because every now and then, acceleration program will always be on my side. I never thought that environment, almost everything, would change highly in just the interval of twenty years. I saw random names of writers and scientis
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