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In 1934, an American musician created a song called "Terrifying" that was very famous in the United States of America. Not because it was a good song, but because it was known as a cursed song. Anyone who sing or heard that song would die tragically. Rumor has it that the composer, Jack Miller, and vocalist, Anne Stewart, were members of the Illuminati who sacrificed their lives in a deal with the Devil for the sake of popularity. The US government has warned all media to stop playing the song. The Terrifying compact cassette was burned on a massive scale and the recording studio was sentenced to prison. Even anyone who dared to sing it would be punished. Finally, over time, the song has been forgotten. In October 2023 on Halloween night, a group of teenagers break into an old house to trick or treat. They find a compact cassette containing the song Terrifying and bring back the long-lost terror!

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Glow Peridote
I like it. Awesome!
2021-12-15 11:49:32
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it's about thriller, so exciting
2021-06-26 20:13:43
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Joy Jdr Rizaldo
Nice start...very interesting
2020-10-07 09:57:32
user avatar
Nice. Good job author??
2020-10-06 19:43:46
user avatar
I kind of like mystery crime novles so you nailed it right. I only read the first two chapters but it has potential so keep updating. Good job author!
2020-10-06 19:05:54
user avatar
omg this is a combination of death and life hahahaha goosebumps!
2020-10-06 18:26:50
25 Chapters
Franklin who was possessed by the devil gripped the knife in his hand tightly with a terrifying gaze. There was something he couldn't control inside of him to hurt Maria, his wife. The night of the honeymoon, which was supposed to be a happy one for the newlyweds, turned into a disaster. Lightning flashed in the sky and rain soaked the ground, making the atmosphere even more tense. Maria, who realized that her life was in danger, immediately ran up to the second floor. She went into the room and locked it. It wasn't her husband, she kept repeating to herself as she cried. Maria took her cell phone and was about to call 911. Unfortunately, her phone suddenly died. "Oh, come on! Come on, goddammit!" cursed Maria as she kept trying to turn on her cell phone. Franklin banged on the door and tried to break in. Maria, who saw this, felt even more panicked. She was thinking hard, the door wouldn't hold Franklin for much longer. She wasn't sure she could hide either, as Franklin would sure
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Chapter 1
Six teenagers parked their car in front of an abandoned house in Minnesota. They were a group of streamers who often created horror-themed live streaming content. According to rumors, anyone who occupied this house would meet a tragic end. Whether it was real or just gossip, the fact remained that everyone who lived in this house always died in horrifying ways. "Here we go!" said Max enthusiastically. "Eiden, are you sure we're going to go live here?" Elly asked hesitantly from the backseat. "Yes! I've read many articles on the internet discussing this house," Eiden replied with great excitement. He was a bookworm and a walking Wikipedia. "Well, we're going inside now," Sean said, "Max, get your phone and tripod ready." "All set!" replied Max. They got out of the car, except for Luna. She felt something strange about the place. "Hey, Luna. What are you doing? Come on, girl!" Tania urged. "Come on, Luna. Don't be a coward, hahaha!" teased Max. "You fucking shut up, Max!" Luna s
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Chapter 2
A truck was speeding towards them. Sean, who saw it, quickly swerved to the right, causing the car to collide with a tree. Luckily, no one was injured, only Sean's car bumper was damaged. As they were still trying to calm themselves from the shock, someone suddenly knocked on the car window. It was a man. "Oh, god! Are you okay?" he exclaimed with concern as he saw them stepping out of the car. "Yeah, I think... is someone hurt?" Max asked. "No, I am okay," Luna replied. "Yeah, me too," added Elly. "I am... I am so sorry, guys! I didn't mean for that to happen. I don't know why suddenly it felt like something was controlling the steering wheel," the man apologized. "It's okay, Sir. We are fine," Eiden said. "Great. I just want to make sure no one got injured. Glad all of you are fine. It looks like your car is damaged, do you need a tow truck?" Sean looked at his car, "No, I think it's just the exterior.” The man gave them his phone number and asked them to contact him if anyt
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Chapter 3
The kitchen was bustling this morning. "Corrine, stop playing with your phone! Can you help me take care your little sister?" Maura shouted as she made pancakes, while Emily was crying because of a wet diaper. "Mom, I'm busy. I have a lot of tasks today," Corrine replied. "Elise, then help your sister!" Elise grumbled in annoyance, "Fine!" Elise put down her book and picked up Emily. "Good morning, honey!" Harry kissed his wife's cheek as he grabbed a piece of bread and ate it. "Where's Eiden?" "Ugh, he must be still sleeping. Corrine, wake him up!" "Mom-" "I know you're busy, but can't you help me just a little bit?" Corrine rolled her eyes, "Okay." She put her phone down and went upstairs. Corrine knocked on Eiden's door and called him several times, but there’s no answer. She opened the door and entered the room. Eiden was no longer there. Corrine felt relieved that she didn't have to go through the trouble of waking up her brother. As she was about to leave the room, he
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Chapter 4
The school hall looks bright with slightly yellow lights.  All the students were silent and gathered there to celebrate the school anniversary.  They wore informal dresses and gowns for this evening's celebration.  Mr.  Edison, as the principal of the school, gave a speech and invited the students to continue learning and excel to improve the good name of the school.  At the end of Mr. Edison's fired party poppers, all the students cheered and applauded.    Mr.  Edison gave the microphone to one of the crew and got off the stage.  A well-known DJ in Los Angeles took the stage in place of the principal.  All the students shouted again happily.  He signaled to the multimedia technician.  The main light was turned off and turned into a disco light that illuminated the entire room.    Music began to sound as soon as his nimble hands played on the turntable.  All the student
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Chapter 5
Quickly Mr.  Edison told his brother to hide.    "Come in!"    The door slowly opened revealing a woman who was one of the teachers at the school.  Mrs. Karina Nelson is a Mathematics teacher of Indonesian-American descent.    "Hi, Mr. Edison."    "Hi. Oh, it's you."  Mr.  Edison tried to smile to cover his panic.    "I thought you were home."    "Oh, not yet. I still have a little work to do."    "Did I bother you, sir?"    "No. Not at all."    It's hard to cover up panic.  But he had to get over it so that Mrs.  Nelson did not suspect Marco's whereabouts.    "I think I overheard you talking to someone?"    "Yes. I was talking t
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Chapter 6
Just as the officer was about to take it.  Marco snatched it up quickly.    "Hey! What the hell, Dude?"    Ignoring the officer, Marco rummaged through the trash.  His hand touched a black package that was quite hard in the shape of a square.  He was sure it was.  Marco took it and quickly carried the package away.    He returned to the apartment.  Don't forget to return Kevin's car and thank him.  Marco also called his brother, saying he had received the payment.    ***    Mr.  Edison took a deep breath.  He looked at Alex who was sitting in front of him, tapping his pen on the table.  He didn't expect his little brother's ball to do something as reckless and stupid as this.    "I don't want to mean anything bad. I just don't want Marco to be caught by the police."  
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Chapter 7
"What's going on?"   Jean showed a small pack of white powder in his hand.    "Heroin," Jean said.      "What?" Caesar doesn't believe.   "This girl looks for her."   How can girls who are still in school use heroin?      "Where do you get this thing?" Jean said while showing objects in his hand. The girl was still silent and instead looked away.   "I said, where do you get this?!" Jean began to be angry.   The girl in front of him glanced with a feeling of fear.    "From my friend."    "Who?"   "Alebra from the twelfth grade."   "Show me!" Jean took over the girl, holding his right hand.   "You forward to my investigatio
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Chapter 8
Joe immediately contacted Jean using the code through the walkie-talkie on the left-back. Saying that suspended ran over the fence behind the school. Joe quickly ran down. They immediately entered the car and headed behind the school.   They walked along the road and the alley behind the school. Jean's eyes did not stop looking around and hoped to find the boys who escaped. After an hour around, there are still no signs of his existence. They have lost traces.   "It's better if we go back to school and hope that the teacher hasn't come home," Jean advises.   Joe immediately turned around back to school.   Right when they get at the gate, Mrs. Carey's Car just wanted to come out. Seeing the two police officers back, Mrs. Carey rushed down from the car and approached them.   "How's Going?"   "We can't find him. Can I ask his address?" Jo
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Chapter 9
Marco sat in the interrogation room with handcuffs tied to his hands.  He smiled disdainfully at the two policemen in front of him.  The time he couldn't dodge it at all, all the evidence was on him.  Starting from the evidence found in the anonymous e-mail to the testimony given by his brother.    "Then what? You want to imprison me?"    "Absolutely! You've killed a teenager. And that means you're in trouble with the law," Alex replied.    "I did it because I needed the money!"    "I won't blame you if you're in debt with the bookies. But eliminating someone for money is a crime," Tom said.    "I know. But I can't do anything! I need that money to pay my loan! A cop like you won't know what it's like to be terrorized all the time. He threatened to hurt my girlfriend if I didn't pay the debt. I just took the opportunity.
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