Stalking The Author

Stalking The Author

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't move," he trailed his kisses to my neck after saying it, his hands were grasping my hands, entwining his fingers with mine, putting them above my head. His woodsy scent of cologne invades my senses and I was aroused by the simple fact that his weight was slightly crushing me. ***** When a famous author keeps on receiving emails from his stalker, his agent says to let it go. She says it's good for his popularity. But when the stalker gets too close, will he run and call the police for help? Is it a thriller? Is it a comedy? Is it steamy romance? or... is it just a disaster waiting to happen? ***** Add the book to your library, read and find out as another townie gets his spotlight and hopefully his happy ever after 😘 ***** Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

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46 Chapters
1. Crazy Stalker
"I wish I'm a ghost." I slumped on the sofa while sipping my cold beer."Okay... I can be your genie, you got two more. Hit me with your best."I throw a pillow at her which she catches expertly. "Anyway, why would you want to wish that?" Gemma, my loyal cousin asked as she patiently stays by my side and listens to my crazy talk. "Why? so I can latch onto my honey bun bun, obviously!""You are one deranged woman." She laughed and continue mixing her vodka orange with a tint of lemon before she drinks it slowly. "Tell me you don't think he's hot!""I don't think he's hot." She said repeating the words within seconds, making me rolled my eyes at her. "Fuck you, Gemma. You're just jealous!""You're not even drunk Ella, and you're delusional already! your mom and dad will drag you back home if you kept on harassing the guy.""Oh! I missed mom and dad.""You missed her cooking." She teased knowing my belly is too weak for mom's homemade fried chicken."Erm, yeah mom's cooking for sure,
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2. Back to work
I should really stop reading his books and listened to Brenton. It was Wednesday when I was scheduled to meet the famous painter and do something with my life. And that mid-morning I decided that I was going to do just that. "Hey, woah... you're all dressed up. Are you stalking him again? damn, you even smell nice. Did you shower?" "Fuck you, Gemma."She giggled while putting toast on my plate and asked where I was going, again."I'm meeting Brenton, he's setting me up with his friend. She owns a gallery downtown.""Mm, that's good Ella. You should definitely meet her, I think your paintings are great. Look, know I love you right? but it's time to start rebuilding your life."Her last words hit me on the right spot. The guilt I feel for Gwen still hangs, Gemma knows that every time I try to start my sketches I kept on seeing her face. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Gwen. The last words I said was me telling her to take it easy and everything was going to be okay.
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3. Going back
It was almost a week since I saw Brenton. I was looking at my room, I got four unfinished sketches. All of them didn't feel right. I cried in frustration when trying to sketch the first canvas. Gemma was calming me down, but by the fourth failed attempt she was telling me to suck it up and leave me to type diligently back in her room before she ends her day.Then I was desperate when the week ended and Brenton called to check up on me."Why didn't you go back to your parents? I thought we agreed on that matter?""Well yeah, but the thing is... ehm, I have a thing...""Ella...""What? it's his book signing and I've jotted the event on my calendar since months ago." I whined and pouted while knowing that he wouldn't see me from the other line. "Tell me one thing, does he even notice you?""Well, with the long line of crowd it'll be tough, but..." "Ella, go to your parents. If you won't do this for me, do it for Gwen."The mentioning of her name made me, slumped back to my seat and I
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4. Disappointment
Gemma had just got back from work. It was dinner time and I had just finish plating mom's dish for our meal. "So, my mom said hi," I pointed to mom's cooking on our small dining table. "Oh my god, I miss you! and your mom is the best!"We laughed and start to eat our dinner while we talk about everything that we've been missing out from each other."Well, I can't believe you skipped the most awaited Brice Durant's book signing event.""Right?! I hope he's not upset that I decided not to go..."Gemma throws a napkin at me to stop me from continuing my words."Shut up before I throw a kitchen knife at you." She muttered while spooning mom's casserole in between her words."Jeez, cuz...didn't know you've become this bloodthirsty since I'm gone." She shrugged and continue eating mom's cooking. "...anyway, you looked like you've actually been working your ass off, can I see the paintings?" "It's still packed in my room. Why don't I show you in the morning, I want to sleep early tonigh
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5. Second chance
"Okay! I've been thinking about our dates last night. I think we need to arrange new strategies."I shook my head, silently telling myself not to go up against her when she gets excited. The best I can do is listen to her."Give me your phone." "Don't you have work to do?" "It's Saturday," "Gemma, I'm not sure I want to do the date thing two nights in a row. How about we do the traditional way and go have drinks and just stare at cute guys longingly?" She laughed at me but finally agreed. "Okay, but we're doing this my way. Let's do a spa day, shopping, do our hair, waxing..." she kept on listing our schedule while I decided to leave her and go to my room to stalk my honey bun bun on social media.I sighed when I look at his handsome face, it didn't take me long before my hands reach out for my sketchbook and start sketching him. Again. It has become an addiction, I should stop. That afternoon we had our spa day, we talked and relaxed all through our sauna and bath session, I
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6. Kissing Him
We've talked about the weather, the app, then venture to favorite food and drinks, up until it was getting too personal for a first date. Though he seemed to act casually about everything. "Tell me about yourself?""Uh..." He chuckled as I was crumbling on the inside while listening to his deep sexy laugh. I don't know what I did in my previous life to deserve to meet the handsome smart man in front of me. "Well, I'm a, well I try to be.""Yeah? I've always wanted someone to do a portrait of me." "You're really fond of yourself?" He laughed and my heart almost skipped a beat when he gets a clean napkin and gives me his pen."Please?" he plea adorably, making me want to do things to him. Breathe Ella..."Not my first choice of media, it'll look a bit cartoonish but let's try it out." I took his pen and started sketching on the napkin, I don't really have to look at him to draw his facial features, but I was not going to pass the chance of watching him actually pose
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7. Dating the author
"Ella...don't, I know you're happy but you don't have to drag me into it. I'm taking the day off.""What? this is Sunday. It is your day off." "Yeah, I mean tomorrow, just have fun. I don't feel so good. I want my blankie.""Is it because of Larry?" I tried to wake Gemma and have her join me for coffee but she was still cocooned under her blanket and not wanting to be disturbed. So, I gave up and have a cup of coffee while stalking Brice's Instagram feeds. I was trying to see if he mentioned anything about his mystery date with me last night. I was wishfully thinking that he actually liked me, so much so that he would let the world know. Get real, Ella...I sipped my coffee and decided to set up my easel and canvas on our small balcony. It was a perfect day for painting, and I suddenly felt the need to start doing so.It was a weird feeling, haven't had it for years. The strokes were easy, the lines, the shapes were effortlessly drawn. I was smiling like a kid in a candy store when
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8. Friends with issues
"Damn, someone looks like they had quite an orgasm." Jacqueline greeted me as I entered our apartment with a huge grin on my face. Benjamin was busy plating cupcakes from the oven while wearing Gemma's very pink apron with a huge 'Spank the Chef' writing on it. "I'm still wet, still horny, and still a freaking virgin!" "You should let me pop your cherry." Benji was to my back and kissed my shoulder while he offered me the chocolate chip cupcake. "I'm saving myself for my honey bun bun." I grinned and thank him for the cupcake, then let out a delicious moan as my teeth sink into the moist chocolaty heaven."Gemma has been telling us about that, I think you should write a memoir for all of your stalker friends out there. I can already see the outline, how to bed your object of desire." Jacqueline was quick to comment while scrolling on her phone.Ben laughed, taking off the apron and placed the fresh batch of cupcakes. Then he was back to busying himself by making the white Russian
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9. Ella, the stalker
It was almost noon when I finish sketching yet another Brice's perfect face. And remembering what Ann said yesterday, I decided to be the stalker that I am and snapped the sketch and post it on my Insta page.And being a true stalker and fangirl I tagged Brice's account and his fan page. Ann was the first to comment with lots of emojis and praising my impeccable sketching skill.My creative juice seems to flow easily when my Insta notification buzzed, I put down my brush and peek at my phone. I almost knocked down my easel when I saw that Brice commented on my sketches. He never commented, not ever, he would like my posts but never comments on any of them."Ella, are you okay? you look like you've seen a ghost.""A miracle to be precise!" I shouted like a deranged woman waving her my phone."Huh?""My honey bun bun, he commented on my Insta post!" I showed it to Gemma and she slowly shook her head."You're going on a date with him tonight, you should stop calling him bun bun."I put m
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10. The Date
Brice's POV"Brice, you know you're going to trigger your stalker by giving her the heart emoji."Clara Sherman, my agent was warning me not to poke the bear."But it is good work, I'm actually impressed. And she's not a bear, you should consider her as your little helper. She helped you with the fan group, right?"She sighed and reminded me about what happened last month when the woman sends me too many emails."I know I might overreact sometimes, but I was in a bad mood that day and her emails were bugging me,""Yeah, and who's fault is that? we have people for that, you don't
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