Between the angel and the demon: TILL I DIE

Between the angel and the demon: TILL I DIE

By:  Fortune June  Ongoing
Language: English
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It all changed after I met him.. Who am I?....A reincarnation?, a ghost? .... 18 years ago, Ivy Medina Hathway died, yet she was alive... Born out of her mother's dead womb, it was a miracle, yet it was a curse.. She was born as a monster, it wasn't her fault, she wanted vengeance Vengeance over everyone that had wronged her dead mother, it turned into obsession, yet she would do anything But again, fate had other plans for her... She met him... The one and only Ryan Stones, the demon to everybody nightmare It was a mistake, a grave mistake to cross part with him, but it was too late.. He flipped her life upside down and wrote a new story for her.. I OWN you... With no shame, he said that clearly to her red boiling face But what happens when she falls madly in love with the demon's brother..An Abomination! He would kill her, yet her heart chose to rebel, but the demon would never accept defeat, it was obsession, it was madness, he threatens to kill and take the little thing she had left, she was in trouble.. ....... How far would you go to save someone that you love?... Would you give up your dignity?, your body?, your heart and fall flat in your face, all because of that person?.... I did and it crushed me completely.... He says he owns me, but I don't want to think it's true... He likes to hurt me and I love to let him.... I hate him for everything he had done, he'd pay, but that's the lie I tell myself everyday, cause sadly I was defenceless, so he became my god..

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30 Chapters
Deadly desires
....."Is she alive...."I think so..."But what about the woman, her mother...."Am afraid she's dead, absolutely lifeless..."Christ lord, Does anyone knows about this..."Am afraid not..."The child...."What!...."I'll keep the poor child..."You are making a big mistake, how would you cope..."I don't know and don't care....."Esther...."Stay out of it...."Your purity will lead you to your grave..."Out I say, OUT!......"Are you my real mum?..."Why are you asking this question child...."Please answer me...""No you are not...."What!...."You are me..."No am not, please don't cry child...."Stay away from me...."I.....I will go find my real mum, cause you look nothing like me...."Please stop..."Tell me where she is..."She's not coming us..."You are lying...."No am not...."I will find her...."Just stop...."No I won't, you are lying and I will find her.."No am sorry but you won't ever see her again..."What?...."Am sorry, but sh
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Queen of the world
..."While seeking revenge, it's better to dig two graves, one for the prey and one for yourself".....I laid down on my bed, closing my eyes to rest of a while, but gosh it look like I never actually did, as the door kept on banging with my aunt angry voice, as she kept on yelling on top of her lungs...."Damn, am already on my feet" I screamed back, as I massaged my forehead with my palms frustratedly, before lazily dragging my legs out of the bed, heading irritatedly to the bathroom to have a quick shower.Only to stop halfway as my eyes slowly drifted to the figure standing right there.."How on earth did you manage to get inside" I asked, hissing and rolling my eyes at her, still so pissed off.."The door wasn't actually locked" She replied, staring at me, still with a cool head like always...Damn!, I wonder how on earth she manages to keep up with my crazy mood swinging attitude, I thought staring at her with a curious angry look...."Do you mind leaving, I want to take a show
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Strange new faces
..."My tongue will tell of the rage in my heart, or my heart concealing it will break.....You kill my dog, you better hide your cat"........."Good job me" I whispered to myself, before finally barging into the principal's darn office..."My man I...." I yelled out happily, as I quickly walked inside, looking at the principal with a grin on my face, but all he had was a obvious displease frown in his, as he pressed his lips together dumbly...."For goodness sake Ivy, what have I told you about knocking first before barging in" He said, still staring at me angrily with those brown eyes of his, but I didn't darn care, as my eyes drifted around the office...Before finally landing on two morons that kept on standing there like some kind of dumb trees, awkwardly staring at me both....Geez what the hell is wrong with them, I thought angrily, as I glared back at them angrily, slowly looking at them from top to bottom irritatedly...The first clearly had hazel eyes, with brown short hair,
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I can help you
....The next day was school obviously and like usual I was forced by my absurd stubborn aunt to go, even know I had literally begged on my knees to stay, still she didn't listen....Gosh, she can really get on my nerves sometimes, I mumbled frustratedly, as I angrily walk down the hallway leading to my shitty class...Damn!, this is really so frustrating, I thought angrily as I pressed my lips together frustratedly, before finally walking into that dumb class that I just had to attend....I walked into the class, still dragging my legs lazily as my eyes drifted around, looking at all those dummies, before finally landing on the blondie, because his hair just sadly do keep on catching my attention....My angrily eyes paused at him, examining him from head to toe, as he sat down there next to the window side, but obviously not at my spot cause I bet he wouldn't dare let the lion loose..I guess those bloody gossipers must have already told him about what's going to be the fate of anyon
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Dark nights, Strange days
..."Stare at the dark too long and you will eventually see what isn't there"........My eyes slowly drifted to something, as fear clenched on my soul a whole lot tighter than before, as I slowly look at the blurry thingAn object, a figure, a dark silhouette..... I really don't know what it was, as I slowly moved forward, with beams of sweat around my forehead to have a closer at the object....That I presumed to be a threat and danger, only to discover a note?, that was glued firmly on the fridge written in red.."Blood?" I thought for a brief moment as my heart flew to my mouth, without wasting any more time to open the letter, as my eyes quickly glued on the content.............Waffles in the fridge, this really came so soon, so I couldn't say on timeAm off to attend my niece's house warming, already took some clothes, could have ask you to come along, but I knew too well, you would just keep on ranting all day long...Who knows, you might just end up in a fight as usual, but
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50 Shades of Blood
..."Hell is empty, cause all the devils are here".........Mr Eugene's class was hell or should I say a whole lot worst than I could have ever imagined, I thought frustratedly, as I held my book sluggishly on my hand to attend the next class, but my stomach seems not be through with me just yet, now causing it's own drama..."Damn" I cursed under my breath, as I clutch my stomach tightly, groaning painfully, as I slowly dumped my books on my locker, still groaning in pain.....Damn, I shouldn't have ate those bastards street food before coming to school, I mumbled in pain, as I place curses under my breathe, before slowly heading to the damn females bathroom...I really hate this place, but now I have ran out of choices, I spat disgustingly, as I stepped into the bathroom......."It's really not my day".... I thought frustratedly, as I stared at my stressed reflection on the mirror sighing, before eventually turning around to leave, only to be pulled back by someone?....i could ha
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Roses and Thorns
..."Everybody is a book of blood, once we are opened, we're red.........The last few weeks have been nothing but disappointment, real shitty disappointment....Nothing ever did happened, cause all I was ever searching for, I never did find, but instead all I got was bullshit and nothing more...Everything seems crumbling before my very eyes and there was no any shitty thing I could do about it...I curse myself every darn day, that I get to live this shitty nightmare, I so much hate my existence so very much, it really worst than hell...No clues for where those bastards could possibly be hiding, to finally seek revenge, school irritates me every fucking day... Aunt doesn't want me to avenge the only one I ever cared about and oh!, to top it all up, those darn fools keeps irritating me every single moment of my life, and where am I in this whole madness...Am right in the middle, trapped completely..."Damn, how did my life end up falling apart so easily" I thought frustratedly, c
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Is this the end?
....."We should forgive those who had wronged us, but not before they are hanged".........The last few hours wasn't so great after all, I kept on staring anxiously at the clock, over and over again, for the damn clock to finally ring, indicating that's it was lunch time, but no it didn't....It's actually looked like the clock wasn't also on my side either, as it kept on going so slow, making me a whole lot anxious..."What if she decided not to tell me her full name again" I thought, still fiddling with my hands anxiously...."No she wouldn't do that, and she obviously looks so naive to lie" Another thought can running in, as I massage my forehead still so tensed up...."She would lie, in order to save those shitty fools" I thought frustratedly, as my head kept on spinning, only to finally look up, discovering that I was the only one left in class...It was lunch time and my plan finally starts now, I thought for a brief second, as I quickly stood up, leaving the class to my desti
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Rebel with a cause
..."The dark lonely nights, do seems a whole lot longer than the bright days"........"Where am I?" I blurted out weakly, as my eyes slowly squeezed opened, before weakly sitting up properly, adjusting the little bed I laid on, as the whole incidence flooded back into my head....."That scum" I mumbled angrily with grit teeth, as I could feel my blood already boiling once again...."Oh she's awake" A faint voice called out from a little corner, as I quickly braced myself to see who it actually was...."Are you feeling any better" The school nurse said softly, before handing me a little cup of coffee, as I slowly calmed down, before having a little sip of it...."Am fine now" I blurted out weakly staring straight into her eyes, as my heart kept on screaming happily, as a result of gratitude..."Thank you for saving me, I really do owe you a lot" I blurted out, staring straight into her eyes, with a little smile on my face, slowly realizing that this was actually the first time I smil
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Three feet apart
...."Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated....All worth it......My eyes slowly wondered around as we finally arrived at his house, or should I say mansion now, as strange nervousness and inconvenience slowly creeped up to me...."Oh c'mon girl, You are a strong fearless lady" I mumbled quietly to myself, as my eyes kept on staring at the mansion, that was really enough to contain like a hundred people....Well I guess maybe that was just an exaggeration, but the fact was that it was so huge, compared to the little apartment I stayed with my aunt....."Are you scared?" His warm voice slowly creeped up to my ears, as I swiftly turned around to his direction, before looking at him right on the eyes ..."You wish" I blurted out, rolling my eyes blankly, even though as much as I hate to admit it, I was indeed so terrified....I don't have any friends, so I've never been in another person's house before, even though I really don't care, I like my zone an
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