Billionaire's Obsession

Billionaire's Obsession

By:  AyuShoni  Updated just now
Language: English
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Rain Agarwal, a financial analyst, who only believes in Numbers and not in Love, when her own parents could not love her, why would anyone? But she doesn't know that Jay Goyanka, the billionaire and the CEO of ZJ Group, loves her like a maniac and is also obsessed with anything Rain. Will she be able to accept him or his love will scare her away? *** "I DON'T WANT TO MARRY LIKE EVER!" I declared in front of my friends but what did I know Faith had some other twists and turns for me and the biggest was Jay Goyanka

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55 Chapters
RainCommon common I have to hurry! I just have to stop him! Before it's too late I need to stop the guy!please god please I don't wanna be late!finally, I was able to see the car I was looking for I quickly intersected it and got downand gestured for the persons in the car to get down as well!"no Mama Papa you don't need to get down I'll handle this, " the guy whose name is Alec I think well who careshe comes to me and asks me my problem"you really should not go to that house the family is not so good and the girl Rain you are going to see is ugly I mean like really ugly and she is fat as well and not even sweet to compensate "I said"Who are you and why are you telling me all this ? " said a bit flustered and confused Alec"I am just your well wisher I have known Rain all my life trust me you don't wanna marry her," I said trying my best to look honest"Look missy don't know who you are and I don't have time for this," he saidoh god he is more difficult than the rest of the
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RainOkay now I know why my "family " selected himHE IS MAD!"oh, Mr.I don't know who you are and don't care ""well you'll have to as I'll be your husband," he said with a very serious expressionI don't know why I have this uncontrollable urge to laugh whenever he tries to be serious with me, because the poor thing thinks I care, I thought rolling my eyes"Look Mr. I don't know why my family thought they'd fix marriage for me and I'll say yes but I am telling you this I won't marry you so if you are desperate for you to know ahem ahem ... I'll say find some other unsuspecting girl who will ask 'how high?' when you say jump," I said to him and a range of emotions crossed his facewhile I went into my room I heard a shocked chorus of "rain"and I just opened my favorite story to read while plugging earphones in my ears and increasing the volume to maximumafter some hours....."I don't wanna get married like ever!"I said in front of Hope and Raisin."you know right you have to get m
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RainI am currently standing in front of me. arrogant's house and deciding whether I should knock or run from there because apparently he IS the owner of that JZ company and can actually remove my jiju but seriously don't know why I am doing this for my family who cares least about methat's right because you are not a bitchI was busy in my pep talk when the door suddenly opened and Mr. Arrogant stood in front of me"Are you going to stand here the whole night ?" he asked with a smirk"you wish " I scoffed"oh I do wish, now come on in we have lots to discuss"he said clapping his hands like a cute child nonono like a chimpanzee, yes, that's more like itwe went inside the house it was very beautiful the walls were pale yellow, the furniture had a wood finish even the floor gave the feeling of wooden planks, the sofas were arranged in a round shape and were covered with luxurious white covers and there were lots of pillowsthe room looked super comfy"This can be your house," he sai
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I am sitting currently in a very opulent room in a very expensive hotel well it belongs to Hope my best friend her dad they are fucking loaded like"soo rainy never thought this day would come might I say I am pleased!!!" Hope said with a silly grin on her faceand I being the mature person I am flipped the bird to herHope and Raisin chuckledsome friends are chuckling at their friend's dilemmaI gave them my best glare but they were looking at me amused as if it was the best day of their lives !!!I and my family I are currently staying in 'HOPE INTERNATIONAL ' It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city and only for extremely rich people and for Mr. Arrogant nothing is better than the best!he never thought how the fuck we are going to pay for a hotel for his 300 guests though Hope is my friend I don't like to mix friendship with moneyhowever my jiju somehow paid for it and I have no idea how ! he said he won some lottery but I know that is bullshit, but this is why I don't
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I never thought I'd be sitting and getting ready for my 'so-called marriage ' and my friends would be giggling and buzzing around me like irritating bees!flashback"oh god Mom what happened, " I asked my mom as soon as I reached her room"What will happen to your mother you silly girl why can't you just concentrate on your marriage! " my dad said as always in a dominating tone I hate how he talks to us like someone should tell him it's his fault if we are girls the male decides the gender but ah!"Look, dad-""Just shut up you stupid girl go and concentrate on your marriage least 1 time you are doing something worthy ""I didn't ask your opinion, Dad""how dare you talk to me like that you ungrateful child !" he shouted at meI don't know why I even try talking to him!"Mom said you had an asthma attack you fine ?" I asked"Yeah yeah your sis worries too much such a sweet child she is you must learn something from her, " my mother saidif she is back to taunting me she is alright, I
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Jay Goyanka POVIt was fun to see how her face started becoming red first it was normal slightly irritated but normal then it started turning yellow and then pink and then finally red!she looked like a tomatoif she was a cartoon character I am sure her ears would be blowing smoke now!I know what I did was wrong but when she understands what I did and why I did am sure she'll love me back! I'll make sure my wife loves me the way I love her!But right now her reaction is priceless my girl has spunk! she is reading the document thrice now I guess as if she wants to burn the paper with her eyesand then slowly her face changed she started to smile, my girl has a beautiful smile, and then she started laughing full-blown laughter!I was confused now shouldn't she be kicking me or somethingI know I have to tame her from her wild ways but right now it's looking as if she has gotten the shock of her life why else would she be laughing like that?then she looked at me and smiled evilly"tsk
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RainI slowly got up in a sitting position, after realizing I was in a moving car when I looked down I was still in my night clothes, okay this was weird and scary, what if I was going to be murdered"So Flower you got up, you want coffee or tea maybe some breakfast?"There it is the most annoying voice in the world, his voice is like molten chocolate .... get a grip Rain his voice is annoying, yes annoying! at least I was not going to get murdered today"where the hell are you taking me ?" I asked no I shouted kind of, why was he kidnapping me? That too without waking me up?Wait a minute, how did I end up in his car"Did... did you carry me?" I got angry, How dare he"No I did Abra ka Dabra and teleported you in my car," he said sarcasticallydid he not understand, that I was angry "I meant that how dare-""I can dare, I am your husband, Flower, in-fact I can dare to do that and much more than that, or have you forgotten about the agreement Flower?""So coffee it is... I always thou
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RainWe stopped in front of a small cozy house!how can there be a house in a city?but I guess super-rich spoiled brats get what they want"so how do you like our new abode Flower ?" he asked with a grin"small and pathetic like you," I said with a smirkhis grin dropped, he looked sadwhy do you care Rain, if he looks sad! he forced you into this don't forget!"I just thought you'd like something small and cozy but if you want we can change it, anything you want Flower," he said with the same sad expression with a very low toneDon't melt Rain! don't melt Rain! dammit!"It's good Jay, I was just being difficult I love small and cozy houses," I said trying to comfort to pacify himhis facial expressions changed he gave me a broad smile and his eyes held a wicked glint!Great! Just dance in his palm why don't you Rain?"I know Flower! just wanted you to say it " he said with a smirk.Dammit ! he played me that little no good -"Now stop cursing me in your mind and come check out the i
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RainI was seriously pissed at Mr. Arrogant he just had to spoil everything we could have been two strangers peacefully coexisting but noooo he just doesn't know the concept of personal space!all the furniture is soo damn small that we have to be practically squished together to bloody lie on the bed soo instead of going all angry at him and giving him the satisfaction to know that he got to meI did the smart thing and told him that he was welcome to sleep on the bed while I was sitting on the sofa watching tvand for the first time ever I am happy with my height as I can at least fit on the sofa though not comfortably but it wasn't either uncomfortable"Rain why don't you freshen up I'll cook food," Jay saidI looked at him did he actually offer to COOK FOOD ! for us, maybe he is not that badgreat just the thought of food is enough for me to question my highly esteemed judgment!I thought to myselfI quickly went to change and I wore my shorts and oversized top, which I tell you a
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JaySince morning my flower has been giving me the cold shoulder, I know I was a bit rude to her but she has to accept the fact that we are married NOW, and that, that is never going to changeI have already said in her office that these 6 months she won't be attending office, and already paid for compensation for itI have no problem with her job, but she will then try to avoid me as much as possible and I won't let that happen! I need all her attention on me, I crave it! I hope someday she will understand the depth of my need for her. Sigh.I don't know why my Flower is so cold but I'll get my answers soon!"Flower today we are going to dinner, so be ready by 7 pm," I told herstill I got no reaction from her"Rain enough of this tantrum, I'll not repeat myself! be ready by 7 ! Wear something beautiful! And dare you to defy me you know what I can do !" I got angry at her childish behaviorI left the house, and smiled, at her childish behavior though, this was the first time she was
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