You, Me & She in Love

You, Me & She in Love

By:  Shachi Seth  Updated just now
Language: English
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Edwin, loving and loyal husband is stuck with a prostitute in a cheap hotel room. Rosie's eyes prick and her heart is slaughtered when Edwin addresses her ""Fuck you bitch. You whore. How could you?" Rosie had trie dher best to woo him and to give hime the best of his nights, her only incentive being the cash that she could take home with her, but this guy was different. Edwin loved his wife Stella too much to even cheat on her in his dreams. After all Stella was his first love. But there was a lot of trouble in paradise. As fate could have it, Rosie and Edwin bumped into each other a lot of times and Rosie could not help but fall in love with a thorough gentleman, if life could be any less cruel for her love was a forbidden fruit. The home wrecker here works a reverse way out making her customer fall for his wife all over again. Join the journey to see how the home breaker turns into a home mender. Will there be another Love-Triangle? Whose heart is about to break Edwin, Rosie or Stella? Will there be pain , suffering or happy ending? Stay tuned to learn more

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1 Mistake
Chapter 1Mistake"So do you want me?""I guess""May I drive? You are drunk"."I am?"She went to the driver's seat and opened the door. Her dazzling black eyes highlighted with silver liner and mascara meeting his hazel greens. She widened her lips to a broad flirty smile."Can you shift ahead so I can drive?" she said sweetness pouring her words."Oh yes yes.." he was lost as if he was seeing something else something ecstatic and obediently shifted to the passenger's seat.Her perfectly manicured nails decked up with bold red polish on her fairly tanned hands and the couple of silver bracelets she was wearing had few hangings were twinkling and ringing sweetly making musical notes when she rested them on the steering wheel of the white Audi that she was about to drive. She rotated the keys with a diamond embedded keychain which was carving of a bird was hanging."Where to?" she asked ignorantly as to follow the directions mentioned by him."Wherever you like love" he mentioned and
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Chapter 2 Friends With Whore
Chapter 2 Friends With Whore Edwin woke up woke up disoriented. He took a turn, his hands searching for Stella, eyes closed. He desired to cuddle her like he did every single night. She fits so perfectly in his arms. 'I love her you much' he muttered half asleep. From the day he had seen her for the first time. It was love at first sight and he really had to work hard to win her and convince her to marry her. 'Now she's mine. I love to kiss her on her cheeks with her eyes closed in deep slumber.' He thought 'But where is she now? Oh she's not keeping emotionally good. She's angry and so she is at other end of the bed. I will grab her from there." She wasn't there too. Reality hit him like cold water on the face 'Wait! Wait! Where am I?? This isn't our room. The bed is different.' He slowly lifted his heavy eyelashes to find himself at an anonymous place. 'Am I dreaming? Am I actually alive? Why don't I remember anything?' He got up on his feet shocked. He panicked
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Chapter 3 Love At First Sight
Chapter 3 Love At First Sight "Sure you want to listen to my story?" he asked unsure "Till you don't mind sharing" Rosie replied as he was uncomfortable and fiddling with hands. She was seeing a nervous man for the first time. Otherwise she had only seen men in hollow darkness where she could only visualize the pitch dark sexual desires that vanishes in one night and they do prefer to leave before the sunshine as if brightness would erase their immoral deeds. She wondered if they even considered it immoral. For few it would be as casual and recreating as taking few shots of alcohol before going to bed.He said in a surprisingly humble tone, "Excuse me for a while" and went to the washroom. What a thorough gentleman he is. She thoughtHe was even completely dressed up before she woke her. She would have actually enjoyed his masculine abs tense in anger. Not that she was a perverted kind of whore but this man was special. He seemed to get her attention in a special way like
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Chapter 4 Crazy Love
Chapter 4 Crazy Love"I did not believe in love then. All I wanted was her and I was magnetized by her." Edwin said chuckling to himself and smiling a broad smile filled with love, real love"What you never realized that you fell. Fell madly, completely and totally in love with her?" Rosie spoke more excitedly than ever. All these years she had come to the conclusion that love is a vague feeling. "You think so?" he asked lost in his past still smiling like a love lost puppy."Yeah It's all over your face. It's in the glint of your eyes." she answered honestly.Rosie never believed in love till today but this guy in a short span of time has turned from dumb lost alcoholic to angry young man and now a cliché' youth lost in his memories of loveEdwin blushed and simply chuckled to it getting lost again as if he was back there living the moment all over again. "And then.." Rosie was now anxious about the entire thing. She was dying to know . "Oh yes then.." he said seemingly excited an
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Chapter 5 The Chosen One
Chapter 5The Chosen OneRosie straightened herself, “she must love you a lot, treasure you?”"You think so?" he asked, his jaw muscles tensing up all of a sudden as he remembered something."I positively do. I also envy her even if I haven't ever met her. What a fool she..." she was stopped mid-sentence by an annoyed looking Edwin. Edwin coughed, disappointment creeping his face. "Sorry just a weird thought" she defended myself"Remember she is my Stella. I cannot hear a word against her." He said possessively."By now I already know that" she said lifting her hands in surrender making both of them smile in unison. "Then....” she checked the waters making sure that they both were good she said “continue please" she could have begged him to continue with the remaining story, “I will die of suspense""Right where was I?" he asked more to himself amused to live those moments again as he narrated it to her."Basket ball tournament. You did win it right ?" she prompted for him."Yipes
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Chapter 6 Love? Only Love?
Chapter 6 Love? Only Love? Edwin's love story [flashback] I was chuckling at myself holding the hand of the most beautiful girl of the universe and I never ever wanted to let it go. I had missed her so much that I realized that it was love, only love. Only love can make you miss someone like crazy.. Today when she stands right in front of me I know I am in love '''''''''''''''''''''' “As you said madly, crazily and fondly in love” Rosie had hearts replaced by her balls like heart eyed smiley emoji '''''''''''''''''''''' "Edwin leave my hand." Stella pleaded feeling embarrassed of being centre of attraction as everybody started staring back at us. "Oops sorry. But promise me you'll come to watch all my matches." I asked smirking. I could feel goosebumps on her hands because of my touch. "Otherwise you'll go for starvation." She chuckled mockingly and I scratched my hair behind my neck in nervousness thinking what to reply so I decided to stop pretending and speak the truth.
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Chapter 7 Love- It Hurts
Chapter 7 Love- it hurts Bzzzrrrrr bzzzzrrrr Her mobile buzzed loudly with her panicking. "Time up let's leave. It's the safest now." Rosie straightened all of a sudden and was ready to leave as she picked all her belonging scattered everywhere and the small sling bag. Not really concerned about what she was saying Edwin got up, wore his shoes while she wrapped herself in one of the scarves, she was carrying in her bag to hide her flashy outfit that was more of a prostitute uniform. Edwin followed her to the door as if he was an alien in the planet Mars not knowing a bit about the place. He knew nothing about the place. He was unconscious when she brought him here. He wondered how a lean and delicate skinny girl could drag him here. It felt weird. But this girl is strong inside both physically and mentally. "Hurry up" she said pulling his hand. As soon as she opened the door wide, there was a tall, husky figure on the door passing by. "Holy shit" she spat, and then turned
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Chapter 8 Friends In Pain
Chapter 8Friends in pain "Stella Stella I am home honey. Where are you?" Edwin shouted longing to see the face of his beautiful wife She was not in the projector room where she normally waits for him whenever he is late, nor was she in the kitchen. 'She might have dozed off in our bedroom. She's not feeling well lately.' He deduced The receiver of the landline was unhooked. He kept it back on the cradle looking for her in their bedroom which was on the first floor. None of the workers were visible. He guessed she'd given them a day's off which she normally does to feel the freedom and satisfaction of maintaining things on her own. 'Thank goodness' he looked upwards praying 'she's feeling normal again.' She was neither in the bedroom, nor the pent house. He decided to check the washroom. Where else could she be?. "Stella, my love. Are you coming or shall I enter in." No response. "So I am coming". As he opened the bathroom door, he saw trail of blood flowing through the bathtu
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Chapter 9 Guilt & Copings
Chapter 9 Guilts and Copings "Why the fuck are you shouting. Can't I have peace after a day of hard work?" "Bloody you work hard and all I do is yell." Stella shouted even louder. "Honey please relax and let me watch this football league." he tried to stay calm "Go ahead with your football and ignore the living beings here as if they do not exist. They are dead. I wish I died with my dad." And she started crying. 'Holy shit' he murmured and went to her. "Sweety it's not like that. It's just that I am tired. The day was hectic. Stop crying." She continued with her crying. It was a regular routine. She would bring her father who just expired a month ago, relate things to it and start sobbing. He was loosing it. He couldn't see her cry but even after a month of his demise she was still grieving. "Not again Stella. Please. It's a month now." He said in frustration. He hated to see tears in her eyes. Why doesn't she understand? "So after a month of your dear one's death you st
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Chapter 10 Finals
Chapter 10FinalsI nodded my head smiling goofily like i had already won the trophy.I shifted my focus on the game, i needed to score a basket, 5 seconds to go and I gave a hit and not three but I did score 2 point leveling up the scores. "Hurray" we all shouted in unison. What a grand finish to the first half. This was the first time we equaled the scores and before that we were all lagging behind. In the time out, the coach was busy explaining the strategies where in my eyes were glued to the most attractive girl in the stadium who was jumping with excitement and thrill. Were all those rumors? I asked myself when my coach patted on my shoulders demanding me to focus back on the game. It was crucial and we were on equal scores."Edwin I want you to be straight. No missing three points now. The opponents are getting confident. Crush it, Thrash it. Just do it. Win it." My coach said and I winked with confirmation.The second half started with our same gesture of team spirit, standi
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