Billionaire's Wife For Revenge

Billionaire's Wife For Revenge

By:  KheiceeBlueWrites  Ongoing
Language: English
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Athena suffered deep emotional pain upon learning about the betrayal from her boyfriend and her stepsister. She had given all her love to the man and all her understanding to her stepsister, yet they still managed to hurt her. Because of that, she then approaches Euwenn, whom her stepsister wants to marry. Euwenn Cervantes is the grandson of Prime Global's founder. He is smart, handsome, and known for being a successful young businessman. Athena wants to enter into a contract marriage with Euwenn, and he willingly accepts. But he wants the contract marriage to become a real marriage.

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I liked it so far.
2024-04-02 22:05:38
3 Chapters
Athena has been repeatedly trying to call her boyfriend on his cellphone, but she cannot reach him. She has been standing outside the automobile shop where she works while continuously attempting to contact him. They had an agreement that he would pick her up after her work, and then they would have dinner together because it was their second anniversary as a couple."Oh, Athena, you're still here. I thought you had already gone home," Morgan approached Athena after a while, glancing around. "Where's Egon?" Morgan asked Athena. Athena and Morgan are close friends who both work at an automobile shop."Huh? Um... he's not here yet," Athena replied gently to Morgan, simultaneously expressing her disappointment as she gave up trying to call her boyfriend on the phone."Huh? Where is he supposed to be?""That's the thing. I've been calling him for a while now, but he's not answering, so... I don't know where he is.""Is that so? How about you just ride with me on the way home? Then yo
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Chapter 1:
Athena merely gazes at the large portrait of her father in front of her. She doesn't know how many hours she's been staring at it because, for her, time seems to have stood still since he left her. Until now, she still can't fully believe, and she repeatedly prays to God that all of this is just a bad dream.Athena's mother passed away early due to a serious illness. After ten years, her father found a new love with someone named Rowena. He married Rowena, and Athena warmly accepted both the woman and her daughter, Tierney. She loved her stepmother and stepsister, treating Rowena like a real mother and Tierney like a true sibling. However, over the course of six years, she felt that she wasn't completely accepted by the two. It seemed as if her father was the only one they truly loved, not her."Athena, why don't you eat first? You haven't had anything since yesterday. You might get sick with what you're doing," Morgan said beside her as she approached. Morgan carried a tray with fo
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Chapter 2:
"M-Mr. Cervantes, what are you doing here?" Egon asked in surprise to the man in front of them. Athena remembered who the man was. He was the one she accidentally bumped into on the night she went to Egon's workplace to look for him. He was the man whose iced coffee she accidentally spilled on his clothes because of her.Athena noticed that the man wasn't alone; there were two other men behind him who seemed to be his companions. The man didn't answer Egon's question, and instead, his gaze focused on her. "Ms. Athena Ferrer?" he asked."Yes? That's me."The man was about to speak again when suddenly, Athena's stepmother arrived, accompanied by some business colleagues of her late father. "Mr. Euwenn Cervantes! You're here already," her stepmother greeted the man joyfully. The man turned his gaze to her stepmother, and she introduced herself, "I'm Mrs. Ferrer, Oliver Ferrer's widow.""Oh, Mrs. Ferrer," the man said, and he shook hands with her stepmother. "My condolences for what h
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