Daddy, meet my boyfriend.

Daddy, meet my boyfriend.

By:  Cendrillon1996  Completed
Language: English
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It’s not unknown for vampires to raise their own mates, it happens, they are immortals, they live forever. Anna is a kitten shifter, being raised by her own daddy, James, a vampire lord, he’s ancient, the master of his house and family. Mathew joined the coven newly, he belong to the family but been staying with his mother until now. Moving in, he knew nothing about the house, the rules, but he did find out his mate or maybe two. This is a ddlg/cgl/age regression. Whatever you wanna call it, you’ve been warned. Apologies for any misspellings and grammar mistakes. Enjoy!

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Amber Neal
This is a really good book. I really hope that there is going to be more to the story.
2022-11-19 05:15:18
33 Chapters
Mathew POV.I’m moving in, I’m gonna be strong, I won’t cry, I won’t start any trouble, so what if mom died, everyone’s die. I knew she’s human she’s die eventually, but she was young, hardly in her thirties, she wasn’t supposed to die yet.It was an accident, I wasn’t there, she was on her way to work, nothing too special, it was just another day, until she got in her car and drove off to work. A drunk driver hit her, she didn’t survive the crash while the fucker who’s a werewolf walked out, no problem. It’s me who was left motherless, I always stayed with my mother since she was a teen mom, she didn’t care raising me, vampire and all.I knew who my father was, I was invited over to his cover many times but I wanted to stay with mom, dad doesn’t stay in the coven either, he’s more of a traveler, but the coven doesn’t mind taking me in. They pay for my living with mom, I’m part of the family, even if I never stayed with them, they paid mom to take good care of me, they sent us blood
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Mathew POV. "Hiii you must be Mathew" a guy asks, he's longer than me, bulkier, and scarier, I just nod my head yes. I was waiting to get my bag, he must be the guy the family sent to pick me up, when I saw my bag coming, I got closer to get it but the guy beat me to it, he picked it up like it weight nothing. "Uhh yeah I am" I say remembering he asked me a question. "I'm Zach welcome home" the guy say with a giant smile before leading me out of the airport toward his car. "I'm sorry for your lost Mathew, but I'm sure we can be good friends, the whole coven is a big family, we're all here for you" Zach says, I just nod my head yes, and mumble a thank you. The rest of the ride was quiet, I didn't feel like talking and he respected that, we drove from the airport for about an hour before reaching what looks like a mansion, the place was huge, and I mean huge! It even had a backyard pool, my jaw must have dropped since Zach chuckled at me before adding. "Close your mouth, you're go
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Mathew POV. After finishing unpacking my room, grabbing a quick bite, Zach invited me over to his room, it's the one right next to mine, we even share a bathroom but the two of us. He said he didn't want to share it with some stranger, that's why he gave me it, but I knew he was really excited to have a cousin moving in. His room was the opposite of mine, it was messy, filled with DVDs, he got a PlayStation set connected to a flat screen in the room. I wasn't very big on video games, but I didn't mind playing with him, I sat down next to him and started a new match. I was losing terribly, that's when the door opened, a guy walked in, he had long black hair, grey eyes, he looked like a giant compared to me, even than dad, but he was beautiful he had the aura or authority. "Zach I need you to keep an eye on Anna" he says ordering the guy, in his arms was some kind of a bundle, all I could see was a blanked and a tail, this must be Anna. "Do I have to? Can't mom keep an eye on her, s
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Annalise POV. Hi there, the name is Annalise, Anna for short, I'm a kitten shifter as you can see, I have the ears and tail of a cat. I'm tanned with brown long hair but tail and ears are blond, daddy call me special and cute, my eyes are hazel colored. My daddy is James, the big guy sleeping next to me, he's like so tall! So tall, everyone is shorter than him, when he carries me no one can touch me up high. He's a vampire, he's also a bad guy, he's the one in charge of the whole family, he's been my daddy since day one. He explained to me that he's my daddy, like really my daddy, he used the word mate, that we are together forever. I just loved the part where he said together forever, he had to bite me one time, it hurt just a little bit, but then he said nothing else would happen, no one dares to touch me or say anything to me, they go to daddy and he mostly punish me for misbehaving. I had school today I've been going to school, well only this year, daddy wouldn't allow me to go
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Anna POV. School is something, I get to meet other people, some just coo at me, others are meanies, I loved school. But there's just this one teeny-tiny problem, I tend to get in fights, I can't sit still if someone is being mean to me, or my friends. I heard people talking with Mathew, we're having our vampire class now, next would be lunch, I couldn't wait to introduce Mathew to my friends. People still act all mean about me taking a vampire class, they say I don't need it but it's daddy, who's a lord orders. Mathew sat next to me, I could hear the words being said behind us, the tiny whispers but I have a great hearing. "What is she, his girlfriend or something?" someone asks."How does the lord allow two babies in" another one."Look a mouse and a cat. What a lovely couple" the words kept going I tried my best to ignore them. The class was over, we got our things and get ready to leave, I held Mathews hand again so he won't get lost, we almost made it to the cafeteria, that's
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Mathew POV. She called me her boyfriend, he's gonna kill me, James is going to kill me now for sure, I watched him send her out of the room. I wanted to run after her, I was ready to hide behind the kitten shifter. "What happened Mathew, who called you what?" James asks, he doesn't sound angry, he didn't sound angry while talking to Anna either. "Uhhh...he just called me" I say tear welling in my eyes again, I was about to cry. "Mathew, do you know who am I?" he asks, I look at him and nod my head yes, I know he's the lord of the house, he's the one in charge. "Mathew, eyes up here" he says, I didn't dare to look right away.This time, he came closer to where I'm sitting, he went down on one knee until we were on the same level now, he held my face in his hand making our eyes meet. "You know who I am?" he asks in a softer voice, I don't think I knew what he means. "I don't understand" I say this time, I don't think we're on the same page right now. "Mathew, I'm your mate" he s
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Mathew POV.The room we walked in was the room Anna stays in, there was a crib, a playpen, changing table, and tons of toys in one corner of the room. But the room also held some of James stuff, the desk, the giant bed with dark covers, the walk in closet, I could see some of his suits from my place in the door. In the bed, there was a small bundle hidden under the covers, her school uniform was discarded all over the bed, James just shook his head at her. "Let's wake her up" James says dragging me with him toward the bed, he pulled the kitten toward him messing with her hair making her whine."Didn't you tell me you don't want to nap?" James ask her but she just whines and go back to sleep, pushing his hand away. "Your boyfriend is here Annalise, don't you want to see him?" he asks rubbing her back this time trying to get her to wake up. "Matty?" she asks still half asleep, I couldn't help but smile at my new nickname. "Yes Matty is here" he says again getting her to wake up, sh
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Anna POV.Daddy said we can keep Matty, that he's now both our mate, that's awesome, although daddy haven't bitten Matty yet, I guess he'd do it later. I also got away without a punishment, I only tried to fight to keep Matty safe, it's not my fault, the other guy was being mean to us! "Matty I want juice" I tell him, we've been playing for the last hour, daddy went back to his work, I loved having someone to play with me, especially that daddy get buys most of the time. "Uhh..okay" he answer not knowing what to do, poor Matty, I go to him and hold his hand down toward the kitchen. I opened the fridge and stood up on my tiptoe to reach the juice box. "I'll get it" Mathew says, he's a bit taller than me, not by much, but he is, he got two juice box for us, we held hand while going back to our room, that's when we saw Zach. Me and Zach have a love-hate relation, mostly hate, he's a meanie who always yells at me, and I hate him. But he also get me chocolate sometimes, so I still like
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Mathew POV."Tell me everything! Now!" Zach was demanding me to answer him, we were now in his room, Anna went to see James, her daddy, my mate, our mate now. "He's my mate" I say blushing, "Both of them are" I say adding later. "But how! James! The head of the house and the kitten! Why haven't you said anything?" he asks, sounding hurt. "You know I would be on your side, like always, but still you hide having mates from me" he says sounding angrier now. "I didn't hide's just that...I didn't know" I say finally giving in, telling him the truth, why I didn't know they were my mates to begin with. "How could you not know! It's obvious! Every vampire is looking for his mate!" he says with frustration, every vampire is, but I was raised between humans, even with the classes I took in school, they weren't enough for me to know much about mates. "I didn't know! I just didn't know!" I say frustrated. "How could you not?" He asks me, I just didn't!"I wasn't born or raised as a
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James POV. I had Annalise, but now I also have Mathew, I knew he was mine the second I smelled him, I saw the way he looked at Anna. He didn't say a thing, I thought he was shy, I was too busy that night, I had a meeting with the other vampire lords, I felt more comfortable leaving Anna with her mate than Zach. Although she and Zach doesn't agree on many things, they are like siblings who'd fight all the time, he's the best one to leave her with during the night. She was already half asleep, he just had to keep an eye on her, Annalise moves too much during her sleep, she'd wake up in the middle of the night scared and looking around for me. Usually I'd leave her in her crib, but since I knew I'm going to be late, I was sure I won't be back until late hours of the night, early morning. It would be a safe bet to leave her with Zach, as expected I wasn't back until very late night. Anna was in deep sleep next to Zach, I picked her up and took her back to our room, she cuddled closer
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