Bizarre Wolf

Bizarre Wolf

By:  Sabrina Chorus  Ongoing
Language: English
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Part 1: completed. Sequel: ongoing Clara, a human born to werewolf parents, is a notorious member of the White Soul Pack. Everybody is troubled by her even the alpha. So when she finds her mate, everyone is ecstatic except her. But she never knew her mate would lead her to her family and its deep dark secrets which were buried for years.

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99 Chapters
Chapter 1: Voted for Punishment
 Clara POV Would you rather be a quiet student or a fierce warrior?Well, do I have a choice? It's something already been done.I stared at the fire erupting and burning down the nearest trees of the building. It was a horrible sight as the fire grew larger than before, refusing to subside.Humans and Werewolves, screamed, running away from the danger. It would no longer take time to consume others in the fire and burn them along as it spreads out.I couldn't do anything but jus
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Chapter 2: Mate?
 I would prefer drowning in the sea or the well or even under legos but not this!"Clara! Clara!! Where the heck are you?" My best friend, Jace opened the door to the laundry room, searching for me frantically.I have been trying to sort the pairs of socks which made me go deep in the pile of laundry. Yes, I am dirty and smelly now.I hate laundering. I took a deep breath and pushed myself out of the pile, "What is it? I'm trying to survive laundry games here."Jace stared at me wide-eyed and burst to laugh. Best Friends Right? Worst best friend ever.
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Chapter 3: Do I feel the sparks?
 The room was tensed as nobody spoke a word. Even the elders seemed shook with the recent information because who would've thought I'll rob McDonald’s.I clearly didn't but I did eat all those burgers on credit. Not my fault that the owner trusted me.But that wasn't the only matter which made them totally silent and not even communicating through the mind link."This is good, right? Clara finally got a mate." Janice said, breaking the silence and trying to shoo away the tension in the atmosphere.Alpha gray looked at her, signaling her to not talk. I, for the first time, felt wordless. For a fact, I hardly knew about my parents. The pack members did say a few things about them but it just didn't feel righ
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Chapter 4: I'm his unconfirmed mate
 "Think hard and tell me again," Janice said, persistent to make me say what she wanted to hear."No. Nada. Definitely not. I didn't feel any sparks, only warmth, and sweaty hands... also how do you know what spark feels like?" I asked to which alpha gray groaned and Janice slapped her forehead at my question."Honestly, is it some kind of electric spark or a pinch?" I continued."Can someone please kidnap her!?" Janice cried out in exasperation.She has a way of making things way dramatic than it’s supposed to be. I don't have a problem since I always sit back and watch her go crazy around me."How about a pull?" Alpha gray asked.
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Chapter 5: Escaping failed
 "Whaa?" Alpha Ivan asked, shoving a berry in his mouth as I kept staring at him in astonishment.One hour ago, he was a broad intimidating handsome man and now, a cute panda. Almost a panda because that tummy got abs instead of a big bouncy belly."Are you choking to death or you're just trying to eat everything at once because it's tasty?" I asked, still surprised and idle in movement.He held up his finger, indicating to wait as he munched on the strawberries he had them squished in his mouth. About a minute later, he gulped, shoving berries in his mouth."What? I eat when I'm stressed." He murmured, turning away back to the view of the balcony.I had to l
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Chapter 6: First impression of a drunk Luna
Clara POV"Farewell, my dear." Janice said, being dramatic as always.
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Chapter 7: I got into a fight the first day
"This is bad, this is bad- No, This is worse. Probably, the end of the world. More like the end of my world." I blabbered, pacing in my new room that wasn't appealing.It was black and the fact I was reminiscing my moments with my mother-in-law didn't help at all. It felt like the darkness was galloping me.
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Chapter 8: Getting Grounded by Alpha
"What does this mean? Getting in trouble on the first day, Luna!?" The principal shouted at me, annoyed, and wiping his sweat off. "I can explain," I said, hoping he would spare me. 
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Chapter 9: Twin?
It wasn't a shock that I saw a dream as strange my own unknown species specification but this one grew chills on my spine and I gasped, bolting upright. That only seemed to make my head spin. I groaned, hitting my forehead to smack away the dizziness.  
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Chapter 10: Game Night
So last night was horrible. I believed I would turn into pizza if I really thought about it. I tried thinking about something else and ended up with Cookies that everyone loves. After I shifted, I was feeling really uncomfortable and pleaded to my wolf to bring back my human form. Yes, I begged. I didn't know how to do any of the things my wolf knew about. 
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