Blood: Tears of Darkness

Blood: Tears of Darkness

By:  Varga Nurlela Blafire  Ongoing
Language: English
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Quan Durbysch, a Black from the Land of Rovega, held a grudge for years against the black robed people who killed her mother. The killers have eye color that typical of Blue people. The problem is people think that the Blue People are extinct. So, who are they? However, one day, finally, the girl accidentally found one of the killers and the next problem that happened was not as easy as she imagined. Zanxer. Quan doesn't know exactly what that thing is, but because of that, her life that was originally full of revenge became a little parted; starting from her meeting with Zurg, then Shodo and finally Osh. Her search for the gang in black robes requires the girl to face the Voice. They demanded that Quan have to carry on with her mother's unfinished duties. First, she must find Zanxer, the thing that her mother has hidden. If she doesn't find it soon, then the Land of Rovega will be on the verge of a war of blood. The battlefield will be full of white, black and silver blood. Even blue, if the nation is still exists.

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7 Chapters
Orda Rudochfie ordered his dark horse to stop for a moment with a watchful gaze. The surrounding trees were violet under the bluish moonlight. After listening to something for a while, Orda stomped his horse back on his way without haste. Many times his eyes darted to the edge of the path he was passing.The movement in the thickets brought Orda to a halt again, his horse grunting and neighing softly. Orda drew the double-edged ax he threw onto his back. The handle of the object was rather long and silvery in color. Each blade bears a sign of a roaring tiger.“Whoever you are, come out,” Orda said, his voice was firm yet still. Even so, a drop of sweat seemed to be dripping down his forehead.The scrub rustled again. There was a sound of broken branches and a few seconds later the bushes opened, revealing a large man in a black robe and a blue mask. Other figures with almost the same appearance began to appear one by one from behind the bush or trees
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Pain from the Past
Quan once committed a crime.Quan was only seven years old at the time. One night, Quan woke up to hear a noise downstairs. Quan thought they were her parents, but she was surprised because her mother suddenly sounded screaming like someone who was scared. Her parents had never fought before, so little Quan found it strange.Quan, who was curious, finally walked out of the room, which she had left it dark so as not to be caught. Quan closed the door carefully, then quietly peeked through the grille of the stairs.Little Quan then gave a soft breath. At that time she saw there were five people in black robes in the living room. They were holding some kind of dark pointed object. They surrounded her mother who was sitting terrified on a sofa. Quan wanted to help, but she was too scared. Her heart wondered where her father and two brothers were. The little girl bit her lip, holding back sobs and the urge to call for anyone to immediately help her mother.Sta
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Blurred Memories
“What do you want?” she shouted, trembling with the residue of a child's agitation.Someone heard laughing. Another said in a persuasive voice, “Sweet girl, how about you come with us? You must like it there. Your life will also not be wasted like your stepmother. Come on.”The man extended his hand to Quan within less than two fathoms. Quan hated their word. “I don't want to go with the person who killed my mother! Leave me alone!”There was a moment of silence. Only Quan's breath could be heard wheezing furiously as her head turned to and fro, trying to find an opening to escape.“Catch and take her to the base!”The order made Quan furious momentarily. The mist seemed to roll over the little girl's head and vision.Who are they to decide how she will live? Who are they to force her? Who could they have killed her mother just like that, even if she wasn't Quan's birth mother? For God's sake,
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It had been ten years since the incident, but Quan could still taste the rancid smell of white blood with the tip of her mind. Often times the girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath, so that at least the glint could be reduced. Quan thought time would cloud the memory, but she seemed to have her hopes up. At the very least, she had managed to fool herself into thinking that what she was doing was the right thing, or she thought so.Quan looked away. The teenager stared at the distant forest through the window beside her, wondered how her mother (she refused to think of Eva as a stepmother) could become Suuvoc's right hand man without the public knowing. Which then ended with a black weapon (which she later learned was called the Sword Stake) from… she forcibly stopped the memory.Quan took a deep breath, controlling herself.The Moa Forest that she stared at seemed so quiet and full of secrets. It's okay, no big deal, she thought. She goes i
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Dark Eclipse
One year after the tragedy of Mrs. Eva's murder, the abandoned family fled their burning home. They had moved just a few miles away, feeling they couldn't leave the memories too far, but little Quan was still annoyed. Memories of the killers she slaughtered were still vivid in her mind. Because of that, Mr. Adan then invited his family to move again, this time out of town.However, the move was only the beginning of another bad thing for Quan again.It was daytime. Everyone was in their homes, waiting for the total solar eclipse that was about to happen. The Durbysch family was no exception, who were also at their house, gathered in the family room.“Why don't we just try to take a look?” at that time, Quan had time to ask. “Wouldn't it be amazing if we saw this unusual sight?”Mr. Adan smiled as he looked at his daughter with a shady gaze. Quan' brothers seemed so focused on the book they were reading in a corner of the room.
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The Nations
Quan snapped out of her reverie when the bell struck twice. Mrs. Hilda left the room and a few moments later, another teacher entered the second grade.Mr. Kei is a friendly and humorous face, but even so, he remains firm. Quan liked this one teacher for his lesson: Dark History. Dark History is not always as dark as its name, but other students still like it because it is quite interesting. Sometimes the lessons learned are not always in public books outside of school.As the lesson started, Mr. Kei wrote “Blood & Secret” on the board and first looked back on last week's lesson for a few minutes as usual.“What causes us to be called White, Silver and Black People?” Mr. Kei asked the dozens of students in front of him in a loud voice, after discussing last week's material.The class suddenly thundered as all the students answered in unison while banging on the table (as they were considered lazy, Quan and Exan simply replied c
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Children of the Night
“That's exactly what the Firsts always said,” said Mr. Kei agreed, making Abara grin happily. “They still think it's a curse, but it's also a gift. The beginning states that in the second century, there was a large organization called the Security Order, which aimed to keep the world in balance. The organization experienced success in a period of about a hundred years, before the Bats came from behind the Mountains of Heaven.“They come in groups every year. Their faces were wild and violent, with fangs sticking out from between their sharp teeth. Even worse, they ate the blood of the Reds like beasts. Bats are difficult to kill or even injure. They were as fast as the wind, as solid as rocks and as evil as the Night God.“Only fire could defeat the Bats, but the Reds still couldn't beat their enemy's speed. Over the years, the Reds have tried to survive and fight back, but the number of Bats has continued to increase. The Red Nat
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