The Five Trait Stones

The Five Trait Stones

By:  darlindisguise  Completed
Language: English
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If you live in a world with special trait exist would you be the bad or the good one? Iris lives in a world where everything is not fair. When your district is poor your trait is not that good. Until one day, she was invited to enter the Iliaden Traits Academy. She then realized that their world must be changed. But her ambitions were stopped the moment someone stole the traits stone. The cold girl from district five then affiliated herself with a man who can catch the culprit and change the world.

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this is great story. definitely will be reading your another books. is there any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-22 17:52:37
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your story is good! can't wait to read it after you complete it!
2021-06-03 18:21:45
43 Chapters
Chapter 1
If you live in a world where there are special traits, will you be good, bad, or just be normal?I was born with a special character, so were my neighbors - the people of the city of Iliaden. History has said that we get our special traits from our gods and goddesses. They said their power was so great that they gave us a share of what they had.In this country, I cannot say we are equal. There is a level in society. Our country has five districts. Whose district number is the latest is also their highest power. And I was lucky to be born in district five. Or so they thought.We have different characteristics, different per district. And I can say we are more powerful because we are in the fifth district. We have key features.District four can control things and when I say things I can say everything including people. They look telekinetic, super cool really.District three has electrical properties. They can control as long as there is electricity.The district h
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Chapter 2
I am now riding in a carriage to that school. I still know very little and then I will also go to that school.“Are we there already?”I asked the man who was driving the horses. He’s a bit old in the fifties, maybe. I bet he's from the first district. In the way of dress, not that I’m judging in other districts because it’s bad to dress. Just like me, it's because we were told that appearance matters. Even if they said that don’t just a book by its cover we can’t help but judge them based on what we see.“It’s close, miss.” His answer was short. I don’t know where that school is. Apart from not letting me out of the house, the school is hidden, not that I care.A few minutes later the carriage stopped so I looked outside. Don’t tell me this is your academy? I could see nothing but the ocean. Is the academy underwater? Maybe after all it’s a boarding school, once you’re in there’s no way you can get out unless you have connections or if you’ve graduated.“Are we here yet?
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Chapter 3
“Aaron you dumbass! Take a look! “Aaron caught me before I fell to the ground. And now Hela’s so mad about Aaron and I can really tell that she’s concerned.“Tsk. She’ll get over it in a minute. It’s even worse in our training.“That’s all Aaron said and handed me to Hela.That idiot! He doesn’t have gentleness in his body. But truth to be told you just lost that odd feeling because Aaron was right our training was the worst.“Are you okay?! “Hela asked incredulously because we straightened up again. I just nodded at her and chased Aaron to punch him in the face.“You jerk! You didn’t even say there was such a thing! Idiot! ““Hey! It hurts! “I rolled my eyes at him and stopped him. He wasn’t hurt maybe a little. I hope we get hurt.“If I told you would anything change? It’ll be the same anyway.”I just stared at him because he had a point and he also caught me so maybe that’s okay.“You guys are cute.”Hela said suddenly and laughed. My cou
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Chapter 4
“Don’t tell me you’re a virgin ?!”I covered my face because we were looking at each other. Her mouth! Very no brakes.I did not answer her and hastened to walk.I cried out when I suddenly floated away.“Sorry about that, did I make you uncomfortable?”“Well honestly yes, I’m not used to kinds of stuff like that and actually I don’t care about it not until you mentioned it.”“Oh sorry I really thought you were okay. You know your cousin’s reputation right?“ I nodded.“But I’m not like him.”“Yeah.”We arrived at the girl’s dormitory and it was very awkward because people were looking at us.Hela just led me to my room.“Here’s our room.”“You’re my roommate?”“Yup.”Thank god, I might have a hard time when other people are with me.“My roommate graduated last year.”I nodded.I looked in the cabinet and saw that my clothes were already there. So their faculty is really efficient. Our’s.“Can I take a nap?”“Sure. Just be sure to be a
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Chapter 5
I woke up to the noise around me it’s as if someone is walking back and forth. I groaned. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that almost all of Hela’s dress are on the air.“Sorry did I wake you up?”“Yes.” I don’t want to lie and it’s not like she’ll get offended.“Sorry someone asked me out so I’m nervous and I don’t have anything to wear. What do you think? “At once she floated the green dress towards me.“It’s okay. You’re pretty so everything you wear is for you.“ she smiled at me.“But I think you should choose the red one? It suits you.“ she nodded and returned all the belongings to her closet.I looked at the side table and there was a letter there. “Who did this come from?”“Must be from the school, you know they like giving students a head up.” My forehead frowned at the letter.Good day student!Today is the first day of class, please wear the most comfortable outfit.P.S. Girls, don’t wear dress as for boys don’t wear shorts.“Why do
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Chapter 6
The food was ready so I was not surprised to see them floating. I still can’t help but be amazed, I’m used to seeing other people besides my district so I’m really a bit amazed at the traits of other districts.After we ate, a faculty followed us. He said that it’s our first class and it’s on station 1. I saw the men laughing. And then I saw a girl maybe a freshman too who tried to take off her dress because the wind was blowing. It’s not windy today, is it? It was there that I realized that the man from our district was working then. He’s manipulating the wind. I was chosen. So this is the reason why we can’t wear dress. People here are assholes.“Will the faculty do nothing?”I asked Larissa the woman earlier.He shook his head. “You’ll find out maybe later too.”I could have done nothing but nod. This school is really something. It’s strict but sometimes I don’t understand.We arrived at a classroom full of butterflies. But they also left as soon as they saw us. They ar
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Chapter 7
We walked to the training ground at station 2. Just getting there was tiring. What if your training has already started? We might kill you tired.When we got there was no teacher so I sat down first. I was just surprised when I suddenly floated. I immediately turned my chin and saw a woman lifting me. I couldn’t see her face but I know who exactly she is.You turned my body and went down. Then I rushed her but she was able to dodge it. She then kicked my stomach causing me to fall on the floor. I’m just going to eat! We were already on the floor and rumbling as I pinched his neck.“Good job miss, I’m so glad that you learned something from me.”I smiled at her and let go of her. Her name is Shekina my former training buddy. I held out my hand to him and he immediately accepted.When I looked at my classmates, almost all of them were gaping. I even saw Rio the same, he was staring at me I raised an eyebrow at him so he avoided. Pfft pussy.“Lesson number one always pay
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Chapter 8
Dinner came but I don't feel like walking and eating so I chose not to go to the dining hall. I can't be punished for not having breakfast. But I might just die of hunger too. I'm not used to being hungry. Even if I train so hard before then I can eat.So this feels different. It's really different here in the academy. No one will serve you. You only have yourself. At least at home I was with someone.I sighed.I got up in the bed to hear the knock. It's not Hela because she doesn't knock that way.I opened it and what I was looking at was a floating food tray.‘If you don't want to collect again eat this.’My eyebrows were raised. He even sent me food but he's still insulting me. Damn Rio. Tsk he could have done it to me personally and he chose to use his trait to deliver the food.I couldn't do anything, and just eat what he gave. I wish there was no poison.He was right if I didn't want to collapse again I shouldn't miss eating. We need a strong stamina fo
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Chapter 9
Ma'am returned that afternoon. Someone delivered our food. Or should I say there is floating food again. That's your forte people here. Flying food."Does everyone knows how to swim already?" she smiled. Others of my classmates were thrilled. We were soaked in water eh.No one answered her."Okay let's test if you learn anything. Everyone goes to the river and if everyone should get to that red flag." She pointed the red flag a little further.I looked at my partner and so did I. We smirked. We immediately advanced to the water and began to swim.After a few minutes we reached the red flag. There is a big rock there that we can stand for. Miss clapped at us and signaled that we could go home.Thank god, we'll be fine too.And because there was a bridge in the part, we went there."You're a fast learner." I smirked. "Or maybe you' really know how in the first place?"he added. Instead of being annoyed I just laughed at him and shrugged. I no longer care of what
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Chapter 10
The academy is busy. The students are busy choosing what to wear while the faculties are busy decorating the area. It seems to me that this isn't just a welcoming ball it feels like they have an important visitor. I shrugged maybe this is how they prepare.Some male students are asking the girls. The men had a surprised prepared. It seems to me that they're asking the girl to be their girlfriend than to be ball's date. If I Rio asked me in the same way, I might have agreed.His way of asking me seems to be forced.Some time later a man suddenly approached me."Uh ... hi! Iris right?" he asked with one hand on the other. "Yes.""Can you go to the ball with me?" he said a little bit hopeful. He's a junior I know that.I tapped him on the shoulder. "I'll think about it." He nodded and suddenly blushed.He is handsome and tall. That's why I don't seem to want to. Let me choose first. Either him or Rio. Well, it's just like a quiz. Maybe I'll just teach. Never mind.
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