Blood moon Eclipse: tales of a lone wolf

Blood moon Eclipse: tales of a lone wolf

By:  Ninsiku  Ongoing
Language: English
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A young woman who bears the curse of wolfmen saves the mortal world from extinction when she battles a wolf clan set on world domination.

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Blood moon Eclipse: tales of a lone wolf is a fantasy novel by Ninsiku. It tells a story of a young woman born with a secret. She lives in a harsh, unforgiving world. One day, the secret leaks after a vicious war between wolfmen and humans. She realizes that her destiny was supposed to save man from extinction. This book has two main characters, Anathi and wolf prince (son of the moon goddess). If you enjoy a bit of mystery, you may want to read this epic novel.

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**Introduction** Atlantis;  Deep in the hallows of the sanctified land that birthed all life in flesh; is a place where  the greatness of monarchies, pharoahnic dynasties prevailed and dominated   the kingdoms  of the world, a place where the legendary creatures; dragons began their course of life on this earth to their untimely extinction, lies  my homeland Atlantis. Situated right in the west -north of the continent, it prospers, ruled by the indigenous pharoahs, the ruthless of them all. Not only has the kingdom perceived  multiple vicious   wars threatening to anhialate the essence of it's life source; it's people, it has survived droughts and other cruel acrimonious deeds that conquerers bring along but still , it has prevailed withstanding all forces and remaining, and  there is always good and positive in the most vilest of things. They even say, even the  foulest of poisons can bear a positive cause. This is what w
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As soon as we got home, I collapsed on my warm bed and lay there ruminating on the day's events. The evening was warm and I paced to open my window gazing at the moon  for a moment. The same lunar mother that had cursed me with this gift that would see my father going to all ends for it. I had seen it all and I was no longer willing to see how far my father was willing 5o go in order to have me transform. I sat on my bed. I had a horrible headache from smelling the smelly strange herbs the snake spirit  had blown in my face. I still shivered. I was still shaken by the day's events. And to think being a wolf blood and seeing my family transform still does not scare me as much as when I saw the woman  changing into a snake.  I lay in the bed as my back ached and my painful ankles and  joints tormented me from the long journey we had made back home. We had travelled the rest of the a
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I took a long bath. My body ached, I had deep marks and finger prints imprinted on me and the places he had viciously touched me were still painful. After my bath I went to my sister and cried as I hugged her and told her the story. She felt remorse for me. I did not even know about my first transformation until I went to school the next Monday. Rumour was circulating and I was popular and i did not know why. First people who never ever knew I existed where speaking to me as if we were long time friends the most popular guy in school wanted to have lunch with me. I agreed but he never showed up. Later I would find out he did not even know what I looked like so he sent his friends to talk to me and take a photo of me. My friend told me my previous date, had gone crazy and was telling eveybody that I had turned wolf on him, literally and ran away during our date. Had he seen me? I was scared. What if this story got out of hand and I ended up in a lab with scientists conducting experim
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For some, puberty was a beautiful transition from naivety, girlhood, candidness into, womanhood, into proficient independence, but for me it was all nothing except ugliness, pimples, hormonal changes and mood swings. Sometimes I always wished I could show my school mates how cool I was. I had visions were I would be bullied by my bully Carly and suddenly , I would morph into my wolf form and intimidate her in front of everybody and they would be amazed and they would cheer for me and would start loving me. I was never much of a dreamer when it came to popularity and all those high school social classifications. I liked the fact that I was different. I loved the fact that I was an introvert. I took pride in the fact that I was deep, deep in knowledge and i was wise. Deep in internal ambiances and I my silence was serene. My teacher called me wise beyond my years. An old soul in a seventeen year old's body.I was sort of considered a late bloomer in "wolf terms." Every body got
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This memory lingered within me, living in my mind that when ever I felt insecure about my self , about my body, it would refreshen. I lay awake all night gazing at the stars out side my window.His words kept on ringing in my head, "You're ugly, you should feel lucky that someone like me chose you." Dumuzi's words had cut deep into my heart, the way he had mercilessly judged my body as I twirled and twisted to the music right in front of him. I lay thinking about what would happen at school.Morning dawned in on the night and I still lay awake with no hint of drowsiness or fatigue. It's as if, my sadness had swallowed away all my sleep. I lay thinking about the boy who had taken my virginity. I wanted to get out of bed and start preparing for school but I found my self unable to find the zeal to perform that very simple action. My nerves were on edge. A certain embarrassment, fear, nervousness, unease or some similar feeling had settled in and lingered within me.
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When i arrived I was disappointed to find no one. I thought they were playing a joke on me. I wanted to burst into tears, but then from the corner of my eyes I noticed them. The woods were wet, from the drizzling rain. The smell of wet grass, leaves and wet mud filled the air. My wolf senses picked up the smell of daffodils that stood planted near to the burial shrine, miles away from were i waited. This shrine was a place that people in my town commemorated for it held an important place in their hearts. Great ancient Atlantic kings were buried there and the place was secluded and guarded. From were I was at, I could sense the woods spread miles away until reaching the ocean. First I sensed the sound of their paws against the wet ground as they approached. Then I saw them, large grey and black wolves heading in my direction. Their fangs hung out of their mouths causally. I was scared. I climbed the tree I had been leaning on screaming and they stooped right below me and I watched i
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My father had taken precaution in educating me about the types of werewolves there were. I noticed amongst Rydian's friends, one was a western wolf. Two were from southern clans. And the rest were northern wolves. They all differed in shapes, size colour and fur. That how one could tell. He layed it out on me easy , how Rydian had made a mistake by requesting me to come meet him. And one by one they all morphed into their wolf form they all left me as I watched them disappear on the horizon. Even my so called mate's best friend Caleb. He was disappointed by Rydian's behaviour so much as he had said he himself was when he gazed at my photo. He told me Rydian was angry, angry with me, angry with himself but mostly embarrassed that he ever considered someone like me and actually wanted me to be his girlfriend. He did not want anything to do with me. "You're not the kind of mate my friend was hoping to meet." He said. "The moment he layed eyes on a photo of yours we showed hi
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He doesn't matter, they all don't matter, your high school enemies don't matter because the real deal is you going to university." She paused and continued. "Anathi, one day, when the time is right, you're going to meet the perfect one. And you'll know he's the one," my sister had said. My sister was dear to me and Hanna was her name. Hanna was about seven years older than me. When she was born there was much rejoicing. Our father, the alpha of our pack made it his obligation to inform each member in our circle of friends and family and concil that he had, had his first born child, his princess. When I was born seven years later, it was a memory my father did his best to hide and forget forever. A memory frozen in his cold icy heart. A memory that brought forth a tone of raging emotions within him causing him to lash out on me that I'd find my self kneeling in pain after being beaten profusely for silly little mistakes. . When I was born, it was a full moon. My mother , the luna, th
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Welcome miss Kimuta!"She ushered me in with her hand. "Take a seat Anathi!"I sat hesitantly. I was scared. Deathly scared of what was to unfold before me. I sat shaking, oblivious to what she was about to utter. She sat ransacking the files on her desk."Well miss Kimuta, do you know why you're here! "She asked me with a serious look on her face."To le...lea...learn?!"I said in a shaky and intimidated voice. Even the Dumuzi who would have mocked me or chuckled at my discomfort sat obediently, without reaction at me stuttering in front of our academy's principal."I'm sorry what's that?"She said as if she didn't hear me! I was so scared I didn't dare repeat myself. She looked at me disappointed."You say you're here to learn yet I don't see you come to school to do what you are meant to do!"She said,"Pardon me ma'am, what do you mean by that?"I audaciously asked her. I was tired of being a pushover. I decided I wanted to be bold and confident. It was
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"Was a bit tough in there aye mate?"Dumuzi smirked gazing in my direction while doing his arrogant walk. He was mocking me. "Could tell you were about to burst into tears kid!"He continued."She really put you in a tough spot didn't she? "I ignored him as I paced ahead of him in the corridor. "I'm surprised you didn't dare utter my name!"He tried to catch up to me. I mean you could have if you wanted. Or do you still want to meet up with me for a good time?"I was almost running while hugging my books headed for my locker which was on the second floor hallway. I could feel the warmth of my tears soaking up my rosey cheeks which were probably changing colour in embarrassment. I was about to climb down the stairs when I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulDer and pinned against the wall."Listen bitch! It's a good thing you didn't snitch on me! I told her about it to test you to see what you would do! At one moment I thought you were going to tell her!"He said his ch
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