How To Tame You Demon Prince

How To Tame You Demon Prince

By:  TheMischievousHer  Ongoing
Language: English
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In an attempt to summon a strong familiar, Rubisviel Fyaril, Witch of The Dark Forest, created a spell to bring forth an otherworldly entity only to end up summoning a Demon Prince with no memories of his past. She managed to convince the demon to leave however they parted after he gave her an oddly familiar kiss. When she finally thought that her life was going back to its witchy normality, her visitor returned only to claim that he's going to reside with her due to a master-servant curse that bound them on his summoning. Ruby was forced to live with a very flirtatious demon who seemed to want to bed her so she tried finding a way to break their curse. But what if his presence only attracts trouble? And what if he's actually part of the past she wanted to forget? Watch out little witch you're not the only one brewing evil in her pot. A Demon Queen you've once vanquished is rising from her grave to get back to you and when she does you better sharpen your weapons and kiss your demon for the long nights about to come.

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Really enjoying this read. Brilliantly written too. Definitely a hidden gem in this app took me forever to find and I’m glad I did :)
2022-09-12 07:10:38
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Harriet Ifeanyi
haha, interesting read but what a rude demon, Prince or not, I'm the mistress and you're the slave, you overgrown pompous thing! ^_^
2021-11-19 22:05:54
user avatar
Julia Nora
keep going, i can't wait for the next chapter! 😆 if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thanks
2021-07-16 20:58:30
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توفيق العبدلي
2021-06-03 01:05:26
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cindy kocmich
great story
2021-02-26 06:20:05
default avatar
I love the book that's so confusing at the end that only thing I didn't like about it
2021-02-23 15:13:39
74 Chapters
Chapter 1: Summoning
Deep in the thickets of the forest stood a lonely cottage bathing under the silvery light of the full pearly moon. The cottage is small and bore not many decorations but it is lovely and peaceful, though it is not as grand as the extravagant houses down the village it has a homely feel to it and child-like charms making it radiate a comfortable aura. Inside the small home deep in the basement, certain oddities can be found littering about such as humanoid hands, blinking eyeballs, petrified pixies, and many more equally
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Chapter 2: Lost Opportunity
"Then... Can I eat you?"Aleister licked his lips and stared at her with curious eyes. Ruby gulped and quickly answered."Definitely not. But if you really want to, I can prepare a meal for you upstairs." Aleister seemed to contemplate this for a while.
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Chapter 3: A Meal with the Devil
After leaving a few stuff to let simmer, Ruby covered the exquisite dishes she made before going upstairs to change into more comfortable yet formal clothing as well as fix her appearance. She's not aiming to seduce the demon or anything, but of course, being clean and presentable is just common courtesy for hosts even if your guest is very unwelcome.Ruby faced her vanity after washing her face. Her eyes look tired and her lips are chapped. Her skin is paler and clearly dehydrated while her silver tresses are disheveled. She
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Chapter 4: A New Housemate
"From now on, I'm going to live here with you." Aleister declared as he sat opposite her on the breakfast table.The demon had suddenly popped back in after three days at four in the morning. He caused quite a ruckus downstairs that Ruby thought that he was a thief, so she went down only in her lavender slip with black laces and nearly sliced him with her scythe but he blocked the blade with his bare hand while eating a leftover sandwich, unfazed by her sudden attack.
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Chapter 5: The Ungrateful Patient
When they reached the heroes' housing unit, Phoebus immediately led Ruby to Heriette's room and informed her of the situation. Ruby found a girl with feline features gasping for breath sitting on a recliner chair. The girl had twitching white cat ears protruding from the top of her brown hair and a matching white tail. Her eyes were also non human since her irises were slits instead of rounds.This is the first time that Ruby met with Phoebus' faunus friend and it is truly fascinating to see her kind again. The fauna are inter
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Chapter 6: A Friend
"Rubisviel?" the said girl walking out of the building turned around to see who had addressed her and saw her auburn-haired mage friend waving enthusiastically at her after seeing her face. A smile graced her lips as she waved back to her friend."Morning, Geneva." she greeted as the mage walked closer to her.Geneva Violet Bellthorne is the second daughter of the Bellthorne House, one of the richest, most famous, noble familie
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Chapter 7: Daily Life With a Demon Prince
The sun rose above the horizon in the gentle comforting warmth of the morning. The birds perched on the tree branches sang songs of the day's glory while wild butterflies flutter playfully in the garden where myriads of flowers unfold their gorgeous petals to showcase to the world. Ruby's eyes slowly opened due to the sunlight passing through her window, rousing her from another wonderful dream with the prince whose face she can't remember.The witch sat up from her bed and checked the time from her bedside clock and saw that
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Chapter 8: Hollow Shell
Leanna Venice sat inside a cafe watching the people pass by outside the window. Her phone vibrated in her hand signaling a new text and she instantly opened it to see if it was from the person she was just thinking about. She closed her eyes for a bit, debating whether or not to still check it out if it was really from him or just a spam text from the service provider. She sighed before checking the message, curiosity finally getting to her."Hey sis, since ur out mind buying me and Heriette a piece of cake? Love u"
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Chapter 9: It's Not A Date He's My Pet
"Ugghh, do I really have to carry all these bags? Can't you take a few of them since most of them are yours?" Aleister complained before sitting on the bench."I basically paid for all of these and aren't you a strong and powerful demon? Also, the heavier ones are your sneakers." Ruby argued joining him on the bench.
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Chapter 10: Get Yourself a Tub of Ice Cream and Cry about it
After Gallen left Ruby didn't miss the sad look on Leanna's face as she watched him leave. She soon noticed tears pouring out of her eyes. The witch couldn't think of an insult to throw at her because she herself knew what it was like to see the man that you love happy with someone else. How he seemed happier with her more than he ever did with you and it makes you feel inadequate and pathetic. The feeling is crushing and it makes you feel hollow and empty like a pretty shell abandoned by the beach, being repeatedly hit by the harsh waves that slowly break you down and bury you under the rough sand deeper and deeper and deeper unless you pull yourself together and be just like the waves trying to destroy you. Waves are relentless and resilient regardless of
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