Chapter 12 - Sugarcoated Truth

Lilly's POV

My gaze flickered from the passport in my hand and anxiously, I glanced at the long wooden door separating us from the footsteps nearing and the voices getting closer by the second.

"I think someone is in the house," Chase mumbled from my side, stating the obvious.

Anxiety retched me one degree higher at the possible ways this could go wrong. I immediately placed the passport back in its place and grabbed the phone inside and shoved it down my pocket. I don't know how I managed to close the box and push it inside the safe this fast.

The moment I returned my attention to the door, the knob was being twisted from the outside. Knowing for sure there is no escape from this now, I did the first thing on my mind, the one thing that could divert their attention away from what I was actually doing.

I turned around so fast, my fingers wrapped over Chase's shirt and I pulled him down, pressing my lips against his.

Only one second later, I heard the door open before their footsteps h
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