Chapter 35 - When it ended

Lilly's POV

He walked me down the stairs and into our backyard. He stopped right by the loungers positioned by the pool. My gaze went from them and to him, I smiled, I had to smile, "I kissed you right here, that very first time."

He nodded, "You took me way off guard that day, I gotta admit that," He said, his eyes lingered over the spot where it all started and I still could read nothing of his expression, "I always learned to expect the unexpected from you," He looked back at me, "You're relentless, you're wild at times," He smiled, finally giving me his beautiful smile, "And you're so very dangerous, Lilly."

His eyes caressed my face and he added, "You have the courage to lose yourself in the things you truly want and I really love that about you," He added and my heartbeat accelerated.

"I am the total opposite of you," I said, yet somehow, I feel like we're one and the same. I am the rush in his calmness, and he's the calm in my storm. The perfect puzzle.

He nodded, "That's so tr
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