Chapter 36

Ten days later...

Lilly's POV

"My wild heart longs for you; Every part of me is crying out and begging for your return. Your leaving me alone is like some reflex of my bad karma, I had committed years ago. Now that you have left, it's like I am dying a hundred deaths each moment." I read the lines written over the piece of paper out loud, and my heart clenched so tight in my chest.

My gaze drifted up for one mere second and I looked into the crowd of people, all seated down in their assigned places, all of their eyes on me.

I am not the type to have a stage-fright or to get uncomfortable under people's gazes but today, at this moment, I wished to just run away.

Physically, I am in pain. Mentally, I am exhausted.

This play is not doing me any good either. It reminds me of him, in every way there is. We practiced these lines together once. We stood over this same stage and read them out loud.

"My eyes go numb when reminded of you. It hurts, It really hurts. What has happened to me;
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