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"What is going on with you?" she practically yelled. I looked at her and shrugged. "Seriously, Wolf. You're so damn confusing. One minute you act like you hate me the next you are defending me and acting like you love me. You make no sense" she ranted. She glared at me and I chuckled. "I didn't know what I wanted before. I do now" I said casually. "Really? And what is that?" She fumed. "You, baby." I smirked. Ruby, Scarlett, Sam and Wolf were all childhood best friends. As close as they could be. Ruby moved away years ago when her parents divorced. Her mother wanted a fresh start in New York. Everyone promised to keep in touch but, of course, they didn't. Only her cousin. Scarlett stuck by Ruby. Ruby survived though. She made new friends and her mother remarried making her new best friend Cassy her sister. Wolf was broken when Ruby left. Losing her changed him. As the years wore on, he became darker and cruel. He joined his Dad and ran the local MC and truly loved the lifestyle. Sam felt hollow since Ruby left. He distracted himself with football and girls and had earned himself quite a reputation. Ruby and Cassy became best friends while their mothers dated. They both embraced the New York party lifestyle. Ruby changed from a sweet, quiet girl to a bit of a wild child but kept her heart of gold. That is, until Ruby and Cassy have to move back to Rose Hills with their mothers. Wolf and Sam are shocked to see Ruby again. One of them view her as a challenge, the other as prey. Ruby has other ideas though. She's not the same girl that left and she's not about to let anyone hurt her again.

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Breanna Nickerson
when are the updates
2023-08-05 11:34:25
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Breanna Nickerson
great story
2023-08-01 01:53:12
31 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ruby used to live in Rose Hills. She was best friends with Wolf, Sam and her cousin Scarlett. Everything changed when her mother and father divorced. Ruby was in fourth grade and her mother decided to pack them up along with her sister Cerise and move to New York for a fresh start.Ruby was heartbroken but so were her friends, especially Wolf. He had always loved Ruby and on the day she left, he kissed her when no one was looking. It was the first kiss for both of them."Promise you wont forget me, Wolfie?" she pleaded."How could I forget you, Rubes?" he asked and she smiled. He truly meant it at the time.All of them texted, emailed and messaged each other constantly in the weeks and months that followed but eventually, it dwindled off. Ruby made new friends in New York. Sam became a jock, Scarlett became a popular girl and Wolf became a member of the Riders of Fenrir. His father was the leader after all. Sam became a self centered player. Wolf became dark and ruthless. Gone were th
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Chapter 2
POV RubyThey were having a great time at The Spot despite all the stares and strange looks they were receiving. It was bound to happen. Rose Hills was a fairly small town. Not only were they a new family, the fact that their mothers were holding hands had not gone unnoticed.Ruby rolled her eyes as she glanced at two guys that were obviously staring at them. She looked back when she realized that she recognized one of them. It was Clive. He was in Ruby's grade when she lived here. She froze for a moment but then relaxed that he probably wouldnt even recognize her. She was a far cry from the pony tails and pink sweaters that she used to wear."The whole family is hot." she heard him mumble to his friend. She shook her head and went back to her burger."You're right. This place is so good." Cassy said to her as their mothers chatted."The Spot is an institution in Rose Hills." I explained to her and she nodded. We finished our dinners and went out to the car right as a motorcycle pulle
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Chapter 3
POV WolfI couldn't believe it when Scarlett introduced her. Suddenly I knew who Foxy had seen at The Spot last night. Why didn't she call me to let me know? I fumed for a moment. Of course, I don't know if she even could if she wanted to and why would she want to? I had ghosted her years ago. She had gotten even more beautiful in those years. I smiled when I finally saw her on the stage. She was breathtaking. I grinned as she scanned the crowd, knowing that she was looking for me. I saw her pause and look at Sam but was relieved when she rolled her eyes and kept looking.When she saw me, I remembered everything and the smile dropped from my face. This was the girl that left me. She destroyed me. Made me the shell of a person I am today. I stared into her eyes as I thought."Ruby, your first mistake was leaving and destroying me, your second was coming back." I thought. Her eyes looked confused and then sad for a moment but then her friend took her attention. I glared at her and then
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Chapter 4
POV CassyI hurried after Ruby and found her outside, making out with bartender. I smirked when Wolf came crashing out a minute later. He stared at the couple, dumbfounded."What? You didn't believe me?" I asked him and he glared. I was surprised to see his fists clench and the rage in his eyes."Why are you mad? She isn't your girl" I asked but he only answered with more glaring."I don't know what you did to make her like this but you will pay!" he promised. I looked at him in confusion."You think I changed Ruby? Um... no, that was you. She was broken when you ghosted her and she vowed to never let anyone treat her that badly again. She hasn't either. She is even better than I am about avoiding relationships." I explained as his face grew darker and darker."You are lying!" Wolf burst out but I just shrugged."Believe what you want but listen to me. I love that girl. She is the nicest, kindest person in the world. She's both my best friend and my sister. If you mess with her and hu
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Chapter 5
POV RubyI shook my head and walked out of the theater. Of course I had noticed Wolf lurking toward the back of the lobby after we walked in to get our tickets. I was expecting this. He was so sadly predictable. I sighed as I looked for my friends. I realized that the movie they were in wasn't out yet so I sat in the lounge and waited. Of course, Wolf followed me and sat next to me."So you figured that out, huh? Why did you let me sit with you anyway?" He asked and I chuckled."I wanted to see if there was anything of the boy I used to know still in there." I explained and he frowned."So? What's the verdict?" he asked after a pause."I'm not sure but I'm beginning to lose hope" I replied softly. I wasn't prepared to see the sad look pass over his face. It disappeared quickly and he shook his head."Hmm..." He replied and I smirked."Oh... I hit a nerve!" I teased with my eyebrows up. He rolled his eyes. He looked like he was about to snap at me but stopped himself.After a breath, h
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Chapter 6
POV Ruby"We thought that we should welcome our sister back home!" Varg boomed. "Crap" I said and Wolf smiled at me. I looked over and Cassy and Silvia. They both looked as worried as I felt. "Varg." Mom sighed. "In the flesh." he grinned. "Sorry to stop by unannounced but when Wolf here told me you were back we just wanted to welcome you and let you know that you and your family are always invited to come get a drink at the Den. We still see you as under the protection of the Riders. I know you left us but you still have a place with us if you ever want it." Varg went on to say as he handed my mom a plant. Mom looked confused but then smiled. "Thank you, Varg. I would invite you in but the house is a mess" she replied and he nodded. "We understand. Moving is a pain. Wolf and I just wanted to say hi and introduce or reintroduce you and your family to some of the guys. In case you run into any problems or need anything." Varg explained. "This is Jackal, Hound, and my son Wolf. C
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Chapter 7
POV RubyI giggled with Don and Cassy as we walked through the halls to our first class. I glanced over at Scarlett and noticed that she looked worried."What's wrong?" I asked her."Did you see how upset he looked?" she asked and I shook my head."Not really, why? Don't tell me that you feel bad for him" I replied."Of course not. He just looked so mad. It was a little scary" she explained."I think that you should stop messing with him and just avoid him for a while. He's dangerous" she added.I shrugged and said, "Alright. I'll try but only for you" I gave her big eyes and she laughed at me. I hugged her and she hugged me back."I'm so glad that you're here. I missed you so much" she said."I missed you too." I replied. We walked into our class and sat together next to Don and Cassy. The rest of the morning went well and soon it was lunchtime.POV WolfI was annoyed. First by what Ruby had the guts to say to me this morning and again because she was ALWAYS with one of her friends.
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Chapter 8
POV RubyI didn't like the way that Wolf was looking at me. He looked deep in thought and it made me nervous. He shook his head and then looked at me. I swear that all the anger and rage left his eyes and was replace with something else. Something that I used to see in his eyes when we were kids. I gasped in confusion. I felt unnerved and I wished that he would go back to looking angry. This new look was scary and made me uncertain. Suddenly, I felt a large hand on my shoulder and Wolf looked up at someone behind me. Immediately his eyes changed to anger but I knew that it wasn't directed at me for once. I turned and was met with Sam standing over me and Pete behind him."Hey, Ruby!" Sam said, keeping his hand on my shoulder. I looked at Cassy and she glared at him. All the conversation at our table stopped and everyone looked at us."Hi, Sammy. What's up?" I asked, trying to keep the smile on my face even though I really didn't want him to touch me. I moved my shoulder in an attempt
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Chapter 9
POV RubyTrigger Warning violence, harassment, threat of sexual assault, Homophobia"That was quite a performance" someone said from a dark corner as I hurried back into the gym. I looked to see who was speaking."Chad? Is that you?" I asked and was unnerved. Chad and I were never friends. I never trusted him and Scarlett had told me all the awful things he had done in the last years."Ruby. What happened to you? You used to be so sweet and pure. Now look at you, making out with your sister in front of the whole school." he said in a voice laced with venom. As he spoke he walked closer to me.I shrugged, trying to not to show how nervous I felt. I scanned the dark hallway but it was deserted. I tried to figure out if anyone would hear me if I screamed but I realized that we were too far and the gym was too loud."It was just a kiss, I would hardly call that making out" I smiled trying to joke. He glared as he grabbed my arm."I don't know what it was like in New York but here in Rose
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Chapter 10
POV WolfI was nervously waiting in the hall for Ruby with Hound, Foxy and Jackal."What happened to you guys? You all disappeared. Ruby and Cassy both made the squad." Don asked as he walked toward us. The others looked at me and I shook my head slightly."Just some club business..." Hound covered but Don looked suspicious."Is it ok if we all go to the Spot with you and the girls to celebrate?" Hound asked to change the subject."I'll have to check with my ladies but it's ok with me... as long as you all behave." he added looking at me. I nodded and he seemed to relax then.I checked my hands to make sure that I had gotten all the blood off them and then I did the a quick scan of the rest of me and my crew. I didn't want Ruby to see anything that would bother her. I rolled my eyes. I sounded whipped already.When I saw Ruby's scared face and heard what Chad did and was going to do, I almost broke. In that moment, I realized that Ruby meant way more to me than any other girl had. I w
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