Bonded to the Exiled Alpha

Bonded to the Exiled Alpha

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Drenched in tragedies of war and exile, damned to wander alone, the Alpha of blood and gore. Rough edges, rusted hands and a heart twisted with time. Will his only chance at salvation leave him too? ... Dinah Ashford does not believe in super-naturals. But when she falls face-first in a world where Lycans are normal and humans are not, she's desperate for help to find a way home. But being roped into pretending to be a defamed Alpha's soulmate was not on the top of her list. Specially if that Alpha was going to get assigned to a mission that's basically a death sentence. Lycan polities, blood feuds, buried secrets, forbidden feelings and a curse that keeps growing. Will Dinah ever make it back home? Or will her fragile human life end before it can even truly begin?

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207 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Scholarship. Exam. Those two words echo in my head as I scan the paper that appears on my phone screen. I tally up the questions that I do know right now, but they're few and far in between. The majority of the paper is hard for me, and tension increases in my frame with every question I don't kno
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Chapter 0002
Everything hurts. I let out a groan that could raise the dead as I turn to my side, dull pain coursing through my frame. Breathing in and out, I tentatively push myself into a sitting position. At least nothing seems to be broken. Likely because the well is almost filled, and the earth underneath
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Chapter 0003
Every time I came home after a fist fight in middle school, Dad used to tell me any fight can be solved with calm, composed conversation. I register my lungs straining for breath as I remember those words. Be calm. Be composed. Slowly, carefully, I turn my head around to stare at the person curren
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Chapter 0004
3 hours ago... The smell of blood disgusts me. It paints the forest a gory wet, limbs and innards scattered in the fifty meter radius. I flick the broad sword in my hand, attempting to clean it of the blood that clings to it. If another were to hear me voice that thought, they would curl their li
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Chapter 0005
Either this place is haunted, or too technologically advance. I turn another corridor that looks exactly like the last three, and the lamps light up upon my arrival. Does this mansion have motion sensors or sound sensors everywhere except for the front hallway? And how am I supposed to know if I’m
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Chapter 0006
Recalling the map in my mind, I walk along the edge of the forest, breath clouding in front of my mouth. I'm glad I took the cloak. If nothing else, this cold will kill me. I've been walking for at least twenty minutes when the sound of footsteps reaches me. I still in my tracks, one hand going to
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Chapter 0007
“Do we have to do this here?” “Yes. Now stay behind that line.” Its been a good twenty minutes since I convinced Sigmond to make a vow with me. I’m now wearing his coat, and even though my wet clothes are getting increasingly annoying, my insides are no longer shivering in cold. Ten steps from wh
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Chapter 0008
“I’m not sick,” I wave a dismissive hand, trying to ingore our proximity “Just soggy and tired.” “And running on stubbornness,” He sighs aloofly “You might want to hold on, My Lady. Unless you enjoy falling on your face.” i narrow my eyes at him “You— He starts moving before I can say anything. I
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Chapter 0009
This place is a lot bigger than I originally thought. “Alright then,” I get to my feet “Let’s go.” At this, Sigmond— Zen, raises his brows at me “Are you sure you do not wish to tend to yourself first, My Lady? You might want to wash your face with cold water to avoid more swelling.” I grimace. W
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Chapter 0010
By the time I wake up, it’s dark. I scramble out of bed, blinking bewildered at the window. Did I just sleep through the entire day?! Slightly disheveled and definitely disoriented, I open the bolts of the room and hurry down the stairs. This time, I easily find the kitchen— dining room! From the
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