Bound By The Erstwhile Chains

Bound By The Erstwhile Chains

By:  _Laramie_  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You can't handle it. If you try too hard to understand me, what you'll unbosom, that is if you're able to uncover anything, will drive you mad. Because my mind is a dark labyrinth, never understood". “Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind”.——Dean Roontz. A dark, lonely, numb soul wanders the face of the Earth in search of peace. Running and hiding from her hunters and her captives. She's trying all she can to feel something, anything, at all as proof that she's living but all to no avail. She's neither human nor werewolf, Satyr nor mermaid, she doesn't seem to have a place to fit in. Her only mission and the goal that drives her very being is how to get rid of the curse she was born with. A curse that seems to spread its wings of death over any one she dares to care about. A curse that doesn't hesitate to suck the happiness out of all beings of close proximity to her. Will her strive to break this curse be fruitful or futile? Will she be able to protect others from getting consumed by this curse that plagues her very existence? Will she thrive over this seemingly unbreakable curse?

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Author's Note
Welcome guys, this is another story of mine. So this book is basically a paranormal-ish story. It may contain werewolves, demi-gods, mermaids, titans, fairies, satyr and other supernatural beings as we move on. If you've read my first story, A Beautiful Secret, and have been there through Galaxia and Xavier's bumpy and bittersweet journey, then you'll love this one. And if you've not read it, pls check it out.First things first, I just wanna say thank you to all of you who read and/or left reviews on my story, A Beautiful Secret, I'll forever be grateful to you, even my silent readers. Though the book is still going on, I'm planning on completing it because I wouldn't want you guys to miss out on the amazing journey of Xavier and Galaxia's.Proceeding to my new story, I just wanted to say that I've loved all these supernatural stuff and for years now, I've been fantasizing about having powers, even dreaming of flying and
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Camp Arietis is about to have a new unusual member. A member like no other ever seen before. No one knew her identity. They were not even cognizant of her gender detail. She was known only as the mysterious camp member with a very cold aura around her, even colder than that of the frost princess.Alaria Seraphina DoomTwo simple words to describe her, Cimmerian and Mysterious. She has a morbid ambience that gave not even a glimpse of the stygian blackness of her heart and empty soul. Some might say she was a walking dead, but I don't think Alaria's reaction to trespassers was anything like that of the walking dead.She keeps herself hidden from the world but at the same time, she was conspicuous everywhere she went. Her presence filled the whole place and people with a natural sense of fear, her authority commanded rapt attention.With all these striking features, you'd think no one would ever want to cross her path, but she has enemies, people hunting her do
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"Fear and darkness loomed over the whole United Kingdom. For about twelve years now, after the monstrous event that shook the whole of the United Kingdom occurred, the weather had been oddly very cold and gloomy. The day was almost as dark as night as though every source of light had been obliterated. Parents locked their children up in the house for fear of being consumed by the darkness lurking in every corner of the place.People, young and old, male and female, lived in fear every millisecond of their lives. The formerly cheery, happy and bustling streets of England, previously filled with laughters and exultant cries of males and females was now a hollow shell of what it used to be.A natural curfew appeared to have been set upon every nook and cranny of the country, causing every lingering being to rush to the safety of their homes once the sun set. Multiple door locks, hushes and whisperings are what was heard after, before complete silence befell ever
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What other good first impression is there than breaking the unbreakable protective seal set around the camp on your arrival. Yeah, exactly, no other entrance could be considered to be as grandiose as that. That is definitely sure to be forever imprinted in the minds of the members. Who knows, it might even make it to the historical records of ‘never been seen before’ events.It seems none of you know the gravity of the seal's powers, allow me to expatiate. The seal had been around the camp for decades, maybe even milleniums. It was placed there together with an invisible magical dome by the seven elders of Arietis called The Stanchion in order to protect the camp from any threat whatsoever. The camp used to face attacks and the founders, The Stanchion had thought of a way to protect the camp from intruders, thereby merging their powers to forge what we now know as the seal.The camp had been found for years now, precisely it had been in existence
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“There's no one else here but you and I. Are you going to tell me who you are and your purpose for being here or not?”. Dean Lee asked impatiently. They both had been in the dean's office for a while now but the intruder had not shown any sign of wanting to divulge any information whatsoever and he was growing impatient.They had been sitting in silence and the stretching stillness and sedentary act of the intruder was becoming very irksome.She knew she had to say something as soon as possible but she couldn't seem to come to terms with the idea of telling him anything. She  was a person very chary and circumspect in her dealings with people. Whether he might be able to help her or not, she couldn't take the chances of leaving hints about her life because like everyone else, he was also a lackey serving under the reign of the powerful. No one could be trusted, that was the harsh truth she had grown to know and live with all her life.The dean sat, lookin
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"What?! Never, that, that...thing cannot stay in this camp. We can't possibly allow him to stay. If he insists on staying, then he'll be locked up in the dungeon. There's no way he's going to be a camp member. No way!". Professor Ethan, the hand-to-hand combat/obstacle course teacher shouted.A meeting was being held by the dean alongside the other camp staff regarding the acceptance of the intruder and his conditions and demands. The meeting had been going on for about an hour now as the dean had been trying to convince the staff members but the arguments between the staff didn't wane one bit. The teachers, especially Professor Ethan, were bent and strongly inclined on not giving this intruder a chance to stay at the camp.“Dean Lee, professor Ethan is right. We can't risk letting an intruder, someone we know nothing about, into our camp grounds. Not only are the lives of the students in jeopardy but the entirety of the camp as we know it. If we allow this to happen, we
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She was awoken by the same ear-piercing shrill that haunted her both in reality and unconsciousness. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she took deep gasps of breaths. She remembered the strident tone in her voice and her cries of anguish that had always revealed her endless pain and agony. Because she could hear her broken voice, the only thing she couldn't control, revealing her pains to attract unwanted pity or sympathy like moths drawn to a source of light. Every other thing she could mask but her broken voice was uncontrollable, it was the one thing that could give her away. The pain and unrelenting agony she had gone through all her life, continued to seep through her voice, endlessly. Therefore, she had chosen to sacrifice her right to speech and the last words that had left her mouth were “Mom! Dad! No!!!” from that tragic day.Getting up from the strong, wooden mahogany bed frame supporting an extremely soft bed foam coated in deep blue b
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><><><><>~♥♥~<><><><><“But really, you've got to admit yesterday's unforeseen event was scary; terrifying even!”. Fiorella whisper–yelled as she leaned closer to Leigh's ear.“Fiorella! You're going to make me deaf. And yes we all know about yesterday, we were there, remember?”. Leigh replied annoyedly as she glared at Fiorella who didn't seem to notice the glare as she continued to gush about what had happened the previous day.“It was so surprising to find out that the seal of the gods was broken, totally destroyed. I was stupefied!”. She shouted again, making the group of friends walking together to begin the first activity of the day, sigh frustratedly.Leigh, rather than complaining, had resulted to pinching the bridge of her nose with her fingers as she shook her head tiredly, Hunter kept his usually sto
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><><><><>~♥♥~<><><><><Very light and fast running footsteps pattered through the field followed by rapid heavy ones, desperate to catch up with the owner of the light ones.The giggles coming from the little girl were so contagious, euphonious and mellifluous as she continued to run through the fields, leaving the man that ran behind her in astonishment.He had gone to pick up his four year old daughter from school and she had asked him to race her home. He had gladly obliged with the notion of running really slow to meet her toddler steps but the surprise she had just shown him was indeed astonishing. He had been stunned motionless when she took off running and for a few moments, he stood still and watched her tiny legs as they lightly bo
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><><><><>~♥♥~<><><><>< “Ahh! Ahh! Ouch! Yeah, yeah! Oh my gosh, you got it! That's the spot. Hit it, hit it hard!”.  “Blayze! Will you shut the fu–frost up? Quit with the moans!”. Leigh shouted exasperatedly as her eyes darted momentarily towards Fiorella, who in return, rolled her eyes with a chuckle. She had noticed Leigh's slip–up. Fiorella hated cuss words and she had constantly been admonishing them against it. It was easier with Amaury because he rarely used them, it was also fairly easy with Hunter or she thinks so because well, he only talked occasionally, only when he was interested in the topic being discussed and that rarely
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