Bound by Fate: Mated to the Enemy

Bound by Fate: Mated to the Enemy

By:  JENNIFER REGINALD   Updated just now
Language: English
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FORMERLY TAMING THE MAD ALPHA. THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN. "I will do it!" I blurted. His gaze flicked to me, and a devilish smirk twitched a part of his face. His orbs danced with hatred. "Did you say something?" His voice dripped with mockery. I swallowed the rock in my throat and balled my hands into fists. I can do this. "I pledge myself to you, Alpha Blaise. I will give you as many heirs as possible, just as you wish." Cassie whimpered in his grip, her eyes pleading with me not to do something irrational. But I would be the last to watch her suffer because of me. "Let her go. Set her free, please." He let go of Cassie's hand, and she crumpled to the floor, wincing and sobbing silently. Alpha Blaise stalked towards me, and I had to cease my breath to stop his debilitating scent from wafting into my nostrils and muddling my senses. "Be ready and in bed tonight," he whispered in my ear and walked passed me. His words made the hair at the back of my neck stand, and goosebumps blanketed my skin. I do not know how he managed to make me feel these things when he was the man I hated the most. I had paid for my brother's sin for two years. I was a human wolf to top it all. The pack held me hostage, waiting for the Alpha to recover and mete out his punishment on me, but the Alpha surprised everyone when he said his punishment was for me to produce his heirs.

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hrllo, the chapters that are numbered are the nex ones right? but they go from 34 to 56.. the ones in between are not numbered.. so it doesnt line up
2023-11-20 04:00:16
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Goodluck Charm
From what I read so far the story is great. I will recommend. This author certainly knows how to captivate her readers and keep them yearning for more. But don't start now if you are not patient enough because the story is being rewritten and have two different stories for now.
2023-09-17 19:59:12
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it's one in the morning over here. stalking your page for update. Update!!!
2023-06-15 08:49:50
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Tara Cruse
it's 11/17/23.. The first 50ish chapters are great, but then at the end of chapter "By my side" the story does a 180... new plot, new scenes, even new characters, and the main characters relationship is even different. WTF.. can the author explain?
2023-11-17 18:49:25
88 Chapters
LILA The guard shoved me out of the dark, dank cell, and I staggered and almost fell face-flat, but Erick, one of the guards, caught and steadied me. My legs and hands were bound in fetters, a large chain was snaked around my neck, and it had an extension where the guards pulled me forward as if I was a plague. I was infected to them, and they did not know what to do. I did not defile The Alpha; neither am I a criminal. I was not even strong and had not even wolfed out. I am just a sister to Markus McKenna. Markus was my brother who almost raped the pack's Luna and killed her when she exposed him. Now, I am serving his punishment. "Move your lazy ass, you mutt!" one of the guards yelled at me while dragging me with him. The chain around my neck gnawed into my flesh, sending pain down my spine. Two years ago, I would have broken down. I would have fallen on my hands and knees, cried and begged for mercy, but two years of unending torture and pain only made me stronger and able t
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BLAISE I stared back at the men surrounding my bed. Their faces were long, and their eyes were down, refusing to meet mine. They all put their hands behind them, none daring to speak. When I awoke the previous day, I was told I had slept for two years, and this was like a second chance to live. I have not seen my Luna or my pup since yesterday. I knew Aurora would not hear I was awake and not come to me. She would stay by my side for the whole two years. My eyes scanned the men and rested on my beta. "Leo," I croaked. He stepped forward and bent on one knee, bowing his head. "Yes Alpha." "Tell my Luna that I am awake." His eyes looked uncertain, and his body movement was uncomfortable. I decided to ignore it and continued. "I want to see her and my pup immediately, and I want a huge banquet in the pack. The people need to celebrate the return of their king." "My lord, arrangements for a banquet are going on at the pack as I speak to you. The whole pac
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AUTHOR’S P.O.V. Lila’s eyes flared open at the distant noise. It was in her dream at first, but being wide awake, she could see it was real. The noise was coming from the south side of the pack, enthusiastic praises for someone beloved or feared. The cell was dark and reeked of urine and blood. She heard shuffling and low murmurs from other prisoners as they all moved to the bars of their cells to find out what was happening in the pack. But Lila did not need to get up and look. She already knew her nemesis was here. There was no point acknowledging his arrival when he was her sender to the afterlife. Even Cassie was standing by the bars of the cell, looking out of the cell. The throng drew near, chanted past the dungeons and soon, their voices became distant again. Lila watched Cassie as she walked back to the cell. “Lila, are you awake?” her voice was hoarse from so much weeping. Cassie and Lila had come to love each other and were like sisters. They we
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BLAISE I yanked my jacket away from me as I entered my study. I do not know what came over me, and I do not understand why I speared the Rogue that her brother killed my Luna. I had been filled with so much wrath that I never thought of a second chance, but what have I gone and done? The worst of it all was that she was my mate. How could the moon goddess make her my mate? Out of all the women, and after all these years, she chose to give me my supposed enemy as a mate. I yanked at my tie, too, and sat down. Not a minute longer, Agatha barged into my study, giving me a disapproving look. Her expression was a definition of disappointment. Slim nose upturned, lips twitching, and arms folded across her chest. She was the only one who dared barge in on me like that, especially when I was this mad and confused. Knowing what she was about to say, I raised my hand, stopping her. "I do not want to hear it." But Agatha has a reputation for being disobedient. She knew I wa
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BLAISE I stood by the floor-to-ceiling window in my room, clutching a glass of wine and looking out over the beautiful greenery of the pack lands. I had stood at this spot many times, but the difference today was that Aurora was not here to wrap her angelic arms around me to give me that spark of life. I miss her and Evangeline so much. Anger brewed in me at the thought of my little pup. She did nothing to deserve death, and here I was, sparing the sister of my enemy, who deserved to die a hundred times and more. I remember Markus very well. He was one of my warriors. I had viewed him as a good lad, and he was one of my trusted ones. I whirled the amber liquid in the glass and took a sip. I never knew he had other motions and intentions towards me. How dare he try to have his way with my Luna? And after that, he went ahead to kill her and my innocent pup. I squeezed my eyes, and the memories of the accident came back to me like cameos. I saw my Aurora's face; I heard
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LILA FLASH BACK... "Markus, tell me the truth. Did you do it?" Nana asked. Markus stared at her for a while before shaking his head. "Nana, you raised me well. How could I possibly do it?" "Why will the Luna accuse you like that? Did you do something to upset her before this? Even at that, accusing you of rape to get back is too much." "Nana, do not worry—" "But I am already worried. Our names are in the mud. I can no longer sell my produce in the pack market because every member treats me as an abomination." Markus approached Nana, bent down before her, and held her hands in his. "Listen, Nana. I want you to believe that I am innocent, and I will prove it." "How?" I asked, speaking for the first time since Markus returned. "You said Alpha Blaise does not want to hear you out at all. How will you prove you are innocent when his Luna has produced evidence? She had torn clothes, and you were seen fleeing her chambers." Markus si
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LILA I woke up when I heard the lock click. I must have slept off sometime after breaking the portraits. I blinked away the haze in my eyes and wiped my face. The door pushed back slowly, and I held my breath, waiting for the person at the other side of the door. Soon, Agatha came in, staring at the ruin I had done astonished, some female servants coming in beside her. "What have you done?" she asked. My stomach grumbled because of the lack of food and water. My throat was too parched to even produce a sound. I stared at her without saying a word. Agatha walked into the room and motioned for the girls to take me. The girls charged towards me. I was human and didn't have half the strength of these werewolf girls, and I knew that I could only be as stubborn as I wanted, but I would only succumb to their will. I will always do what they wanted from me, except for one thing— sleeping with the man who caused me all this misery. The girls grabbed me by the arms, and I d
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BLAISE I paced restlessly in the hall of the pack's infirmary, livid. What had just happened? Lila believed I was playing sick games with her. Fainting in my arms and making me carry her here was not how I had expected the night to end. This wasn't like me; I usually had clarity of purpose. But in this case, I was clueless, mainly because she turned out to be my mate. I had searched for years to find my mate and came up empty-handed. I had chosen Aurora as my mate because I needed to secure the Alpha position. My love for Aurora was genuine and strong, even though she wasn't my true mate. How could I find my mate in this complex situation, especially when she was supposed to be my enemy, someone I was meant to eliminate? It felt like the moon goddess was playing a cruel game with me. The door creaked open, and the pack doctor and my best friend stepped out of the room. I turned to face him, my frustration apparent. "I swear, I will strangle that woman with
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BLAISE I lay in bed, gazing at the ceiling throughout the night. The entire pack was quiet and dark. The absence of the moon denied our pack members the usual lunar transformation and basking under the moonlight. Yet, it wasn't the moonless night that kept me awake; it was the woman residing in one of the rooms in my mansion. She had found a way to infiltrate my thoughts, stubbornly clinging like a parasite, living rent-free within my mind and depriving me of sleep. I attempted to push her thoughts to the back of my mind, but somehow, she remained the sole occupant of my thoughts. She ignited a dangerous emotion within me that I did not like, yet I couldn't end it. I wanted to kill her as badly as I wanted to own her. I was faced with the arduous task of eliminating my mate, yet I couldn't muster the will to harm her. With a sigh, I shifted to lie on my side, reaching out to the empty space beside me where Aurora used to grace. I wanted to dwell on memories of Aurora, but Lila's th
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WARNING: This chapter contains contents that may trigger some readers. AUTHOUR'S P.O.V. Blaise was seething with anger and was horny after Lila had refused him sex. He stormed into his study as soon as he left the room, utterly frustrated. How someone as small as Lila could provoke such intense frustration baffled him. How could he be losing control to a rogue, the bloodline of an enemy who had murdered his happiness and hope? He slumped into his chair, shutting his eyes in exasperation, hoping his body would calm down. Yet, the swell between his thighs refused to yield. His cock was stiff and demanded release, and he couldn't recall the last time he had resorted to eating his own flesh, but every fibre of his being craved that release. Grabbing his leather jacket and hat, he left the study and drove out of the pack house without informing anyone. Within minutes, he parked his car in front of a club, observing the bustling nightlife scene and people trooping in and out
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