Fought back

 Chapter 5

Charity POV

“How dare you, bitch!” I cringed when Chase slapped me, and trust me, that has to be the biggest mistake he ever made in his life. How could he even raise his hand on me?

“Fuck! You shouldn’t really have done that, Chase… you shouldn’t have,” I shook my head as I pushed him roughly, and he staggered back, but quickly maintained his balance.

“Did you just push me?” he raised his eyebrows in shock.

“You better expect the worse, because that is not all I’m going to do to you,” I uttered before I grabbed his shirt by the collar, slamming him hard against the wall, and I heard gasps from the students. I knew I was making a mess, touching him, but this bastard really needed someone to fucking teach him a lesson, and I’m going to fucking do that, regardless of the outcome of my action later.

“Get your hands off me!” he yelled at the top of his voice as he pushed me back roughly until I fell on my butt, and realization dawned on me that I was right in front of the remaining four members who didn’t even look like this was a big deal.

I tried to stand up and fight him, but something landed on my face. Someone just threw a hamburger at me. That was all it took for the others to join them in throwing their food at me. Tears brimmed in my eyes, not because I was weak, but because I was in rage. Yes, I really wanted to fight back, I couldn’t take the pain anymore, but what if I was expelled from the school? Where the heck will I go from here, especially knowing that no school will ever admit me ever again? With all these going on in my mind, I found the reason to endure the pain.

“How dare you push Chase like that?”

“You are just a pauper that doesn’t even deserve to be here. You don’t belong here, so why don’t you just leave?”

“Die, pauper. Die!” the students kept throwing their food at me, while I sat on the floor and stared into space. Yes, I wanted to break down in tears, I wanted to scream at them to stop, but that was only going to make me look weak, that will never stop anything even though I decided to do that. They were never going to change their mind from bullying me. I thought handling this was never going to be a problem for me, but turned out that I was mistaken. I was torn between fighting for myself to get my freedom and enduring the pain if I wanted to stay here.

As he squatted in front of me and stared at me, all I felt was disgust and hatred. I wanted to pounce on him, but I was handicapped.

“One week… You have only one week to leave the school, and if by then you are still hesitating, trust me, you won't like what will happen,” he threatened me, and I gulped down the lump that formed in my throat. I knew that he really meant business, and trust me, I couldn’t deny being scared of what will happen if I ended up getting thrown out of the school.

“You won't want to mess with me, Charity… No school will ever accept you in LA if I throw you out myself,” he smirked at me, emphasizing his last words, which scared the guts out of me.

I watched as he stood up to his feet and strode out of the canteen with the other boys, while I sat on the cold floor, staring at them until they were out of my sight.

“Are you ok? Come on, let me help you up,” I raised my gaze to find Enny looking at me sadly.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I smiled at her as I managed to stand up to my feet, and droplets of water fell from my body, which I ignored. Showing these bastards that I was hurt, was the last thing I was going to do.

“I will go to the washroom to clean the mess up. Can you help me get some snacks so I can eat when I get back to the class?” I asked her, and she quickly nodded her head. I gave her some money before I left for the washroom. The students I ran into on my way to the washroom kept glaring at me in disgust, some of them were covering their noses as I walked past them, but that wasn’t really my problem for now. I just wanted to clean up this mess.

I finally arrived at the washroom later, and I stripped out of my uniform when I was sure that I was the only one inside. Of course, I locked the door, so someone won't barge in on me naked. I had a quick bath after I was done washing off the dirt in my uniform, and I wore them afterward, even though they were not yet dried.

I was finally done, and I turned to leave for my class since I was already getting late, and the lunch break must've been over by now, but I realized that the door was locked from outside when I wanted to open it.

“Not again, please,” I groaned as I took a breath breath. Of course, I knew that it was the handwork of the students.

“Is anybody there?” I banged on the door as if they will even answer me even though someone was really outside.

“Open the door, please!” I banged the door for the second time, with the hope of getting attention. I was already getting choked by the awful smell of soap here, since I was allergic to soap smell.

“Is anybody there, please? Please open the door!” I banged the door hard for the umpteenth time. The light suddenly went off, and fear gripped me. I am nyctophobic, and can't even stand the sight of darkness.

“Please open the door… It’s scary here,” I felt my cheeks wet as I banged on the door. My heart was already beating fast, my body was trembling fearfully, and I could feel the hair at the back of my neck almost standing. My legs wobbled on the floor, so I crashed against the wall to stop myself from falling to the ground. This had to be the cruelest thing I have ever experienced in my life. These students were demons, heartless ones at that.

I wasn’t with my phone, and even if I was, I didn’t even know who I was going to call to come to my aid. I spent twenty minutes in the washroom, wallowing in fear, until I heard the clicking sounds of keys from outside. I wanted to stand up to my feet, but my legs were weak and couldn't even carry me anymore.

The door finally opened, and the least expected person walked in. It was Knoxville Brooklyn… one of the members of The K5...

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