Stay away from Mason

Chapter 39

"Ch... Chase? What the heck are you doing here?" He shrugged, his hands tucked inside his pockets.

"Is there anything wrong with coming to see my girlfriend?" He asked as he covered the distance between them, and she huffed unbelievably.

"Gir... girlfriend? I told you to stop addressing me like that, Chase. I'm not your girlfriend for fuck's sake. Stop coming to my house, please," She said to him sternly and walked past him, but he held her hand and pulled her back.

"Are you walking out on me, huh?" He scoffed unbelievably as he turned to face her, his eyes blazing with anger.

"You are not expecting me to stand here with you, right?"

"How much did he pay you?" He asked, his face holding a serious expression, and Charity's heart skipped for a moment. How did he know that she was paid for this? Is he stalking her? She asked herself and swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as she stared at him wordlessly, not knowing what to reply to him with.

"Is it because of the bea
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