Frustrating her

Chapter 43

"Ch... Chase? What is going on here?" Charity could barely speak because she was still shocked by the sight of the living room, not to talk of the weird Chase standing in front of her. This couldn't be the chase Denver she knew. He was the last person to act like this around him.

"Nothing. Oh, the living room? I'm sorry I didn't inform you before I did this..." He paused and smiled at me.

"The couches were a bit work out, so I thought I should get a new one and also renovate this place. What do you think? Do you like them?" Charity felt like the world had turned upside down. Was something wrong with her eyes and ears because no way this could be Chase.

"What's wrong with you, Chase? Did something happen? You can talk to me. Did you get into an accident and hurt your head? What's going on?" She was forced to ask, scared of the way this guy was putting up an act.

"I'm perfectly fine, Charity. Come on, let's go to the dining room. The food is going to get cold," She was still
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