Chase made delicious breakfast

Chapter 43

Just less than twenty-four hours and Charity felt like she was going to die anytime soon.

It was supposed to be a beautiful Tuesday morning, but with Chase under the same roof as her, no day would ever be beautiful for her.

Charity stood in front of the mirror and admired the beautiful woman who was looking back at her. It was her reflection. She was proud of herself for the strong and beautiful woman she had grown into, and the only thing she could at least do for herself was to smile.

"Yes! I'm good to go," she smiled at her reflection one more time, then reached for her backpack she left on the bed earlier and dashed out of her room. She left the house early as usual so she could get to school early.

A sweet aroma welcomed her as soon as she stepped into the living room, and her stomach grumbled hungrily, her mouth didn't fail to salivate and the only thing she wanted was to have a taste of the food that smelt so good. When she recalled that the food was made by Chase, s
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