Spent time with Mason's family

Chapter 38

Charity POV

"You are welcome to my humble abode. It's nice to have you here," I wasn't expecting his Mom to be as welcoming and accommodating as this, but she amazed me. I thought all wealthy people were arrogant, but she has given me a new picture to hold on to.

"Don't conclude yet. She doesn't know that you are a poor girl, Ms.," My subconscious mind reminded me, and I sighed briefly, giving my decision a second thought.

"Thank you, ma'am," I bowed slightly.

"You can call me Mom, please. My son is going to marry you soon, so you shouldn't be so formal with me," I almost choked on my spit when she said that, and I was forced to look at Mason, but the idiot turned his face away and left me to smile like a fool. I just hope this woman doesn't mistake this as something serious. How the heck will I explain to her that I was a hired girlfriend?

"Hmm," I smiled at her nervously.

"I made this especially for you. I took my time to make it myself. You should try it," She uttered as
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