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Chapter- [ 1 ]

My life had been a downward spiral, for the world, I lived a life that most of people can only dream but they never knew that it’s my golden cage. I couldn’t break through it even if my soul bled. I had no scarcity of money, everything was served at my feet but having everything I had nothing.

I had been living a married life in which my husband abandoned me two and a half years ago but when had my life went wrong? I still ask myself this question. I married the man whom I gave my heart the very first time I collided with him in the same café. Our love story started since then and within six months of dating, we got married.

Sebestian Blackwood, my husband, my love. 

“Ma’am, your bill.” The young waiter’s voice brought me back in the present. I looked up at him who was smiling warmly at me. he knew me as I was their regular customer and I left change for him to keep.

“Please keep the change.” I handed him a hundred dollar note and he looked at the money and then at me in surprise.

“I think you’re in very good mood today, Mrs. Blackwood.” He said with a broad smile as he thrusted the money in his pocket.

My stomach churned as I stared down at the piece of paper which would change my life forever. My Sebestian would be mine again. He stopped caring for me since the moment he heard the loss of our baby. He didn’t look after me when I was grieving our loss.

“Yes, it’s one of the happiest days of my life.” I replied pushing the papers in my handbag and prepared to leave.

I had to call my husband to come home tonight to share the good news with him. He stopped to my calls or texts long ago, his secretory mostly do.

I was pregnant!

I was pregnant again and this time I’d not let the history repeat itself.

I sat inside the car that was waiting outside the café and dialled Sebestian’s personal number in a hope, he’d respond this time. He had to because we created this new life together.

“Hello.” His deep masculine voice came from the other side as he picked up the call. My heartbeats quickened, he never answered my calls in last two months.

“Seb, it’s me, Charlotte. I want to ask you if you can come home tonight or may I visit your office. I have to tell you something, it’s really important.” I said with crossed fingers.

“I am at the mansion actually. Come here, we must have an urgent talk.” He said in an icy tone and before I could say another word, he disconnected the call. My heart sank, he never talked to me in such monotone before.

I just prayed the rumour I had been hearing about him for a long time might not turn out to be true. I trusted my husband with everything in me. He was cold towards me but he never looked at other women either except his best friend, besides me, he only  showed  his tenderness to her even when he stopped looking at me. She still had his time. Those rumours stabbed my hopes brutally but I didn’t believe them, my heart couldn’t be comforted. The ride back to home was agonizing. I climbed out of the car and walked inside as soon as the driver pulled the brakes. I spotted his black vintage car parked in the porch. I took a deep breath and made my way inside the house.

“Madam, Mr. Blackwood is expecting you inside his home office. He ordered us to send you there as soon as you return.” One of the maids informed me.

“Okay, thanks, Maria.” I nodded and about to leave but stopped imagining the upcoming hours .”Maria, please tell the kitchen staff to prepare Sebestian’s favourite dishes tonight. He’ll be staying for the dinner.” I said to her with a big smile.

She stared at me with what I assumed, sympathy. I was used to such treatment from my house staff for more than two years. She bowed and left while I made my way towards his home office. I wasn’t allowed to enter inside unless he wanted me there. He was very strict when it came to separate business and personal life.

My nervousness grew as his office came into the view. It was harder than the first time. I vividly remembered the day when I broke the news of my pregnancy and he practically danced in the whole house with me in his arms. With positive thoughts running inside my head, I was about to knock the door when I heard some muffled voices. He wasn’t alone there. I heard another voice and it was feminine. My heart raced.

“We can’t tell her, Bastian.” I heard her voice and my heart clenched.

Victorine Baxter, his business partner and close friend. He was rumoured to date her secretly when we grew distanced in past one year but I didn’t pay any heed to those bullshit.

“She has to face the truth, Vic. I can’t live this life full of deception anymore. Let her come, I have to give her this myself.” I heard Sebestian’s angered voice.

My heart dropped and with a silent push, I opened the door just to peek inside to see what they were doing behind my back. My heart scolded me for not trusting my husband but my mind advised opposite.

The sight I saw, broke my heart into million pieces. There was my husband in the arms of his best friend, she was standing between his legs precisely, in a very intimate position and she was rubbing his back seductively. He didn’t seem to mind it at all.

Her eyes fell on me and she nudged him to turn. He swiftly turned back and our eyes met. I wanted to see guilt, regret or shock but I found none. In fact, his pale blue eyes turned dark and jaws clenched as he saw me.

“Oh, the queen is finally here.” He said in a very deep and dangerous voice.

“First you tell me what the hell was going on here?” I asked them as I stepped inside, my anger was reaching on it’s peak. I had been bearing his coldness thinking it was my fault that I let him go but he was actually cheating behind my back.

“You have the audacity to ask me this, Charlotte when you are whoring behind my back and acting here like I have cheated on you. Bravo! Charlotte.” He laughed sarcastically and his accusations left me speechless.

I came here to share the news of my pregnancy but he took the pain to come back home just to throw irreverent accusations on me.

“Bastian, please don’t lose your patience. We can talk in a civil way.” Victorine rubbed his shoulder to calm him down, her over sweetness made me nauseous. She was touching my husband like she owned him.

“No, Vic, she has to hear it from me today and explain me why she had to go behind my back to fuck her friend. Was I not enough for her or he’s richer than me? I pity myself for falling in love with a woman like her.” He spat with so much venom.

This man hated me. He wasn’t my husband anymore but he doubted me with my distant cousin. He never liked Liam but he’d fall to this level, I never imagined.

“Watch your tongue when you speak about my relationship with Liam when you are doing the same with this cheap slut.” I glared Victorine murderously.

“Enough! You can’t talk to her in such way, Charlotte Richards.” He shouted in anger and picked an envelope from the table. Storming towards me menacingly, he threw the pictures which were inside the envelope.

“Here are the proof of your disloyalty, Charlotte. Now tell me who is a slut here?” He mocked me and my eyes fell on those pictures which had me and Liam. The photos were taken when we were on a trip to Greece six months ago, his girlfriend was also there.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

“It’s not true, Seb. I swear on the God, they are fake. I wasn’t alone with him.” I tried to prove myself but he showed me his palm.

“I won’t believe a word you say, Charlotte. I have more evidence of your infidelity. I was a fool to fall in love with you but not anymore.” He said with so much hatred and gestured Victorine to fetch him something.

My heart practically wanted to explode.

“Here are the divorce papers, sign them and get the hell out of my life for God’s sake.” He declared.

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