CEO and Me

CEO and Me

By:  1stClass_Chimera  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mortani Bartolome is a lovely, small, but cool woman. She doesn't care if it's a guy or a woman; if they collide on her road without a settlement, her fist will be the judge. Even her boyfriend's lover, Clyde Louis Contreras, CEO of a well-known corporation and grandson of a billionaire, is vulnerable to her toxic hands. Will her fist help her if she realizes she is destined to marry the person she despises the most? And this guy is none other than the man who became her ex-boyfriend's lover. Is there anything she can do to avert this disaster? Or will she fall in love with a Clyde Contreras instead of avoiding him?

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1: Cheaters
Third Person's POVMortani is frantically putting together gifts, decorations, and food for her and her boyfriend's fifth anniversary. The heart-shaped foils hanging from the ceiling sparkled brightly, but the large banner with a printed picture of them hugging and the words "Happy 5th Anniversary" stood out more.Everything is prepared, the food is cooked and still warm, and it is presented on a round but tiny table covered with red roses and two candles that provide light all around. She took out her phone and called her boyfriend. She contacted him several times but he didn't answer; she assumed he was too busy with his job, so Mortani decided to go to his workplace and wait for him. She put the food away before leaving. She took a taxi to the Maquillaje Corporation building, the city's most well-known make-up brand. She jumped out of the car, ecstatic. But then she inadvertently turned to the building's opposite coffee shop. She noticed her lover comforting and conversing with an
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Chapter 2: Arrange Marriage
Third Person's POVMortana sat on her bed, stunned, her head leaning against the edge of the window, her eyes peering out. It's been two days since she and Ely split up, and the events of that time are constantly replaying in her memory.Flashback~After she posed the question, the entire room fell silent, and the man was unable to answer. Ely instantly knelt in front of Mortani and caressed her palm on his broad face."B-bhie, I'm so sorry... Please let me explain," he pleaded.Mortani began to cry as she witnessed the shocking revelation: her lover is gay. "You two are such pigs!" she exclaimed, her voice breaking with emotion."Bhie, listen to me first," Ely urged as she held his hands."Listen? For what? To give you a chance to lie to me and flip my head?" she laughed."Bhie, it's not like that," he murmured, kissing her hand."What the hell! Stop it!" she yelled, releasing her grip on Ely's hands. "And don't ever call me bhie!! Because from now on, we're breaking up! Go to hell
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Chapter 3: The Attempt
Third Person's POVThe sound of the bell and the people's yells rang forth. This is accompanied by the opening of the door and the flight of pigeons."Long live the newlyweds!" exclaimed the guests as Mortani and Clyde exited the church."Did you think you were beautiful, waving and smiling in front of people?" Clyde demanded angrily, beaming at the guests."Look who's talking! You think you're handsome? No! You look so stupid, using that plastic smile!" Mortani exclaimed. "Are you jealous because you're not the one wearing the wedding gown?" she asked, turning to face the man. Their gazes met, and their expressions revealed loathing for each other, which they quickly covered with a lovely smile so no one would see."Me? Jealous of you? Only in your dreams! You don't even have a class... even if you wear an expensive gown and put a lot of make-up on your awful face, I will never be jealous of you! I don't even want to touch you!" the man said, yanking his arm away from his wife, who
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