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Ayeleen was a passionate doctor, who had a complete life, including a man whom she loved for 7 years and wanted to marry him. It was the time when she was about to tell her parents about him, but her life changed upside down when she met Umer as her patient. He was a dominant, rich CEO, owned several companies in Dubai and in Pakistan, inherited by his parents. As he saw her, his lust awake within him. His ego got hurt when she rejected him and disrespected him and for the revenge, he manipulated her parents and forcefully married her and took her to Dubai. Where she remained as his faithful and obedient wife. He assaulted her, abused her and whenever she tried to raise her voice for her rights, he ruined her. Within a while she became pregnant, but instead of getting happy, he asked her to immediately abort it. That's when she took a stand and ran to Pakistan for sake of her child. And started a new life as single parent in the city of Islamabad. He searched her in every corner, but fate decided something else. And after years when he found her, what he saw, blew his senses....

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usman shafiq
Brilliant writing. This story feel like its my own. I love someone I cannot marry and I am afraid that she might experience similar situations in future, I pray that she doesn’t. Its so ... and this story I felt like its mine. She hasn’t married anyone yet…
2022-05-30 08:25:36
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Chanderika Sharma
Very Good Story.
2022-03-15 00:59:24
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sonia gill
interesting story... update soon
2021-09-16 23:41:06
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I don't understand those saying it's a good story. the ending is beyond frustrating why would she go back to umer who treated her in a appalling way both mentally and physically she also said she'd never love him so why is she there. this book puts down women in every sense.
2023-04-11 09:49:58
70 Chapters
Chapter 1
"mama where is my coat? You did laundry yesterday!" Ayeleen called out from her room."Look on the iron stand, it must be there, I pressed it yesterday" her mother replied from the kitchen where she was making breakfast for her. She ran to the iron stand and found her white coat hanging on a hanger. She immediately took it and came back into her room to wear it in front of the mirror. Then she settled her dupatta, and touch up her makeup again which she kept minimal as possible. She picked up her bag from the bed, in which she checked again all her cards and accessories. Satisfied with the last look, she got out of the room and sat on the dining table. "Eat your breakfast in peace and don't be in hurry" her mother advised her while placing the breakfast in front of her. "Mama you always tell me, but you already know that if I'll get late to the hospital, it will create a problem for me, it's my last year of house job" she explained."I know
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Chapter 2
"can I come in?" He asked with a smirk. "I guess you have already entered without knock, please sit" she pointed at the chair opposite to her on the other side of the table.He gave her another smirk and sat on the chair. "So tell me, what symptoms you are experiencing?" She asked in a professional manner."Well I just came from Dubai, and I didn't had any symptoms before. I came to Pakistan since a week to my parents and I started having flu, fever and breathing problems along with cough for two days" he said while looking at her face, while she was writing symptoms on her note pad."I see, you'll need to go through some tests and after that I can tell you what major reason is behind that but in my opinion I think it's homesickness or just some allergy" she replied getting up from her chair and picking up the stethoscope from the table."But I'll need to check your chest, to determine your current condition" she continued while co
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Chapter 3
It was Tuesday and as usual she was sitting with Dr.Samantha in the hospital room, checking patients and writing down the diseases and some important points. While Dr.Samantha was explaining her that how infant growth is highly disturbed by unbalanced diet and intake of unhealthy food can cause which deficiencies and diseases, the nurse knocked the door."Dr.Samantha you have an unexpected special patient" she said after opening the door."Who?" She asked curiously."Mr Umer" she replied hurriedly."Ohh what happened to him? Send him right away" she replied while a joy filled her face at the mention of unusual name."Yes mam" she went away.In a moment the door opened and the same handsome appeared before Ayeleen's eyes with whom she had a unpleasant meeting yesterday night. Her instincts told her that something is wrong with this man and she had bad feelings about him. As he stepped in, his burning gaze fell straight a
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Chapter 4
One week passed in peace and she didn't get to see Umer. He never came to hospital after that. And she was glad that the load was unloaded without anyone's help. She spend her days in full happiness, and started to enjoy her life again. Although she was worried that her parents are now really looking for her match and she'll have to marry someone sooner or later.Her day was off in 6 in the evening, due to some extra work, Dr.Samantha gave her and extra time she spent with her friends. But she was glad after all, it was some quality time she had with them after so long and their memories of childhood rewinded.She was holding her car keys in her one hand and her bag on her shoulder. She entered the parking lot and reached her car. As she opened the car door and sat in, from nowhere her opposite door seat door was also opened by someone and in matter of seconds he got in and sat beside her. To her shock she wanted to scream, and get out of the car but he leaned in and shu
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Chapter 5
The moment she lifted her face and looked at him, she felt so dead. He was looking like a perfect gentleman wearing white shirt, a black blazer and his hair, fully combed to side, leaving some strands on his face making him look so hot and innocent at same time. For a moment, his handsome face and looks impressed her but she recovered from the trance quickly and realized how a devil he is. She was wearing a maroon dress, along a with a net dupatta on her head, her straight hair with wavy loose curls at end, falling on her shoulders, bangs shaping the face and rest covering her back. He was constantly looking at her, she tried to remain calm and neutralized her expressions so he couldn't see what she was really feeling inside. Despite ignoring him, she could feel his burning gaze digging holes in her and how his eyes were scanning her body and how his eyes were trying to make a contact with her. While she only sighed at his behavior and was so frustra
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Chapter 6
"mama I want to say something" she hesitated."Yes say it" her mother replied while stacking the clothes in cupboard."Why didn't you ask me before calling them? You didn't even bother to tell me that you're marrying me?" She asked with a broken and weak tone." So what? After all you have to marry someone, you didn't tell us if you had someone in mind. And your brother and other siblings are in line too, we have to look for them after you'll go. And we can't let you stay your whole life here. We need to think about other kids too" she replied in a unpleasant tone."That's what you all want? To just throw me? I don't depend on you guys, I do a job and afford my own expenses, I'm your daughter and you can't just let me live?" She asked almost getting emotional."Look Ayeleen, you have to marry someday, we wanted you to be a doctor so you can have a better match. And now he's already here, he loves you and wants to marry you willingly. Now please jus
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Chapter 7
"why are you so hot?" asked Amar as she pulled herself from the hug. Then he touched her forehead to check. "You're having high temperature Ayeleen! And your lip is hurt so badly, it's swollen!" He panicked. "Keep it low! Or they will wake up. It's just a little temperature, I'll take medicine and it will go away. And I'll apply antibiotic on lip, don't worry" she calmed him. They both ate pizza, and then she went to sleep. As Ayan turned off the lights and went back to his room.  In morning, despite feeling unwell and having high fever, she got ready for hospital and after eating breakfast alone, in silence. She went off. Although she was not in state of driving, and looked pale but nobody noticed and didn't even talked to her. She reached the hospital at 8 am. She took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air of morning to relax a bit. Then she went to staff room and took her medicines, as she wanted to stay stable duri
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Chapter 8
The door opened by his sinewy arm, and he entered carrying a paper bag with 3 bottles of juice. While she got alarmed by his sudden appearance, and settled her dupatta again, as she was already sitting on the couch. She was feeling fine now but she was dehydrated due to extreme perspiration. She lifted her face and looked his way, who already had fixed his eyes on her. He came towards her and sat beside her, close. It made her uncomfortable and she moved a little further on the edge of couch. Watching her getting conscious of closeness with him, he moved towards her more. "What are you doing Umer? Please keep your distance with me!" She said getting extreme angry. "And do you think I'll listen to you? So shut your mouth! You are fucking wearing a ring of my name in your hand! You are engaged to me! And I can get close as much as I want" he spat out leaning towards her more. Due to the extreme proximity between thei
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Chapter 9
The door was opened by Amar. And he greeted her with a warm smile.  "How are you feeling?" He asked her as she stepped forward.  "I'm fine" she replied and went inside.Following her, he noticed the bouquet in her hand but kept quite. In case he will make her uncomfortable at the sudden question, as she is already not feeling well. Her face was pale and he couldn't help noticing that only few depressing days affected her this much. He never saw Ayeleen in this state. She always had been a cheerful and lively girl, who liked to laugh alot. This was not his sister whom he always knew. Ayeleen silently went inside her room, as her mother who was in kitchen preparing dinner for her ignored her presence. And thankfully she didn't had to face her father, who was already in lounge watching news. Her sisters were not in room and it was also a good thing for her.Aysel was the second sister after Ayeleen. She was busy in kitchen with her mother, helpi
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Chapter 10
She felt her heart beating very fast and she was having difficulty in breathing. She was hyperventilating. She couldn't process her condition and the people around her, continuously calling her name, checking her forehead made her more uncomfortable. She realized that she was having a panic attack, and immediately she tried to sat up and started taking long breaths. It was the first time that her anxiety became worse and she had severe anxiety attack. She always dealt with anxiety, from her teenage but never took it serious. She always had some minor attacks which never even affected her.As she got normal, she heard voices around her more clearly. Her mother was now worried and her brother was offering her a glass of water. Without giving any attention to them she got up and ran to the bathroom. She splashed water on her face several times. She looked at herself in bathroom mirror. Her eyes were swollen and once again everything rewinded in her mind.That regre
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