Caged By The King Of Alphas

Caged By The King Of Alphas

By:  Caramel Xo  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Alpha, p- please.” I whispered breathlessly while clutching on his shirt, entire body trembling. He let out a ragged breath. “Do you know what it does to me when you call me that? Do you even know what your lewd sounds do to me? His fingers dug deeper into my bare skin, and when he pinched the skin of my neck between his teeth and sucked, a shaky whimper spilled past my lips. ~~~ Twenty five year old Leonie Goeldin is someone who believes life should be in black and white, with no grey in between, but that was before she unknowingly landed in a world of the supernaturals, and worse, she gets imprisoned– completely trapped in a world where she stood out horrifyingly as the only existing human. Alpha Gunnolf Royale, King of the Twilight Pack is well respected and immensely feared by everyone. He ruled with an iron fist and has a deep-rooted hatred for the humans. On realizing she was his sought after mate, he got so angry, and had her locked up. Not all roses are thorny, and neither are all monsters born a beast. Leonie and Alpha Gun started off with so much hate for one another, but that was before they got different chances to know each other. It’s a bumpy ride filled with ups, downs, rivals, witches, misunderstandings and so many secrets. Read to find out how the dark romance between Leonie and her alpha turns out.

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83 Chapters
Chapter 1
LEONIEI sat at one of the chairs provided at the eight seater table, I knew what the meeting was about but I wanted to hear it, I knew I’d be the chosen one to go on this mission as I’d heard some of my colleagues talk about it.Everything was always a mystery to the Sand and Dunes archeology institute and today wasn’t an exception. I watched as one of the colleagues pitched his idea and the leader himself picked me to go on the mission.“Leonie?” he called as he tapped on the table, jolting me out of my thought that I was already lost in.“Yes, Sir.” I answered with the biggest smile on my face, I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say next.“You’ve been chosen to actually be the one to carry out the research, the truth behind the northern Lineage.” He finished and my eyes widened in shock.I knew I was going to be sent somewhere but I had no idea it was going to be where there was a curse lurking around, no one had really occupied a home there because of that.“But, Sir. I’ve hea
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Chapter 2
LEONIEEverything here looked entirely different from what I was used to seeing in situations like this– situations that warranted me to wander around for research purposes.But, right now, I saw things that I barely recognize, things I’m very certain I’ve only seen in my dreams, and frankly, they were never this beautiful or vivid in my dreams. The sky gleamed like an artist had splashed a whole lot of a few colors together to achieve this final look, along with sprinkling a lot of glitter over it.But, that was about where the fairy tale look ended.Scattered around were a lots of tunic and cloaks and not only that, I noticed some painted terracotta slabs, and carved funerary monuments, it all seemed unreal and extremely old.Right around me, was a very wide expanse of forest that honestly looked too scary for me to get an excited trill from.I felt something brush against y leg and I looked to see what it was as something else caught my attention, the color of the sand on the grou
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Chapter 3
LEONIE I watched in confusion and cries helplessly as they yanked me up and pulled me so I was following them, I didn’t have much of a choice than to follow their lead, feeling like w sacrificial lamb.We got to a building and I could immediately tell that it was a palace as it looked very magnificent and had a very beautiful structure. The interior was designed brilliantly too with sculptures and beautiful gems.I looked around in awe although I was still terrified as one of them had talked about burning me as a form of sacrifice to some sort of moon goddess, everything looked confusing to me and I could only hope I made it out alive.I was thrown on the floor as I lifted my gaze to see a man seated on what seemed like a throne, he must be the king of these animals.“Here is the intruder, Alpha.” One of them spoke as he attempted to kick me but my terrified whimper made the man whom they’d referred to as the Alpha raise a finger, causing him to stop.“Where did you find her?” He
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4I watched as the woman who had shattered the only pride I have left was taken away per my orders. There was no way in hell that woman would be my mate. It was a mistake. A costly mistake.I would not accept this!“Alpha…”I turned to one of my able guards standing beside me in rage. How dare he call my name? I shoved him off, and he staggered to get to his feet. The fear and panic appeased me slightly, but it was not good enough.Turning to the guards that had lined my palace, I glared at each of them, sparing none. “I do not want to hear a word of wha went down in here to the rest of our people. You know how I am, and I believe you understand that if anyone goes against me, it won’t be deemed funny. I will destroy that person completely, and leave his skulls hanging in one of the spots in my palace,” I threatened lowly.They all shivered, and could barely look me in the eye. I didn’t care about that. I only wanted one thing, and that was for someone to fall in my trap, and
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Chapter 5
“Please, Alpha, let me go,” Leonie’s voice pulled into my ears.I glared down at her, standing in my throne room. The guards pinned her down to submission. I could see the veins in her hands as she fought against the brutal force that they exerted on her.It gave me some sort of sadistic pleasure seeing her suffer. She deserved it because her kind had done nothing, but bring me complete pain. She didn’t deserve to stay a foot where I was.“I’m researcher, and I honestly lost my way, and found myself in your territory. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she cried out.“Enough!” I held my hand out, tired of her pathetic whining. “I will not spare you no matter how hard you try.”She visibly whimpered, and her disposition changed visibly. The guards held her down even more, making a whimper to escape her lips, and it pleased me so much.“Let me go, Alpha Gunnolf Royale,” she cried.Her tears increased in tempo and before long the structure of her face caved in on itself, and weeds and weirdly
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Chapter 6
I stared at her.The expression on her face changed from impassiveness to that of shock. It seemed she had finally registered who I was, and I was here to make her life a living hell. That made me feel so good.She mustn’t feel less hurt than what I was feeling now. I wouldn’t let that happen. Whatever I was feeling, she was going to feel it even worse than I did.Subconsciously, I licked my lips. Looking at the human was driving me insane, and I wanted to stare at her till I couldn’t think of anything else. She was so desirable.What the fuck was I thinking?I glared at her. “What do you want here, human?”She said nothing.I frowned slightly. I hated it so much when I was ignored. I was the Alpha, and no-one had ever ignored me when I asked them a question. I almost slammed my hand on the cell rod, but I remembered it was laced with iron, and then controlled my impulse.“I believe you can heat me perfectly, human. Why are you here? And, what do you want from our people?” I snapped.
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Chapter 7
LEONIEMy hands hurt from the impact of the fall. I let the tears flow through my eye in current. Everything was just too much. I had no idea what I had done to deserve this.I slowly pulled my hands back, examining the bruise on my arm. It was not that awful. I had gotten worse during my research across the globe, but it was more petrifying.It meant one thing, that I was indeed in trouble. I looked out of the cell, and noticed that the guards had positioned themselves right in front of the cell like I was strong enough to break the cell rods, beat them up, and escape. These people were definitely paranoid. There was no two ways about it.I took a deep breath. I needed to control my emotions here. I needed to think on what to do. But, I couldn’t figure out anything despite trying hard to focus. I robbed at my hands through my clothes. It was so chilly here, and I really needed to get some decent outfit to wear. But, I knew that they won’t give me my things if I asked for it. I would
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Chapter 8
ALPHA GUNNOLFI didn’t have the answer to that question. To me, it was a stupid question, and it wasn’t worth paying attention to. When my wolf was done, he would rest.I took a walk into the pack’s library, and was greeted by my people. They seemed so flustered to see me around, and it made me happy. Though, I never hurt them, but still they had to fear me as their leader. A leader must never be too down to earth, or it may breed room for disrespect.I called one of the library boys, and asked him to give me very book on mating that he could find. His name was Tennessee, and he was green eyed, and calm. He had not gotten his wolf yet, and therefore, he hid in the safety of the library to avoid being bullied by his peers. I knew he would definitely get it. But, maybe, he was doing something wrong. That made me think of what I may have done wrong to get punished by the moon goddess in such a way. I didn’t like how much I had been pushed down by being a human’s mate.Though, I had told
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Chapter 9
ALPHA GUNNOLF Leonie was naked, as she rode me to oblivion. The bed seemed to shake as I held onto her for support. She was so intense, and it almost drove me wild just looking at her. Her body seemed to be in sync with mind, and she let out little moans that sounded like a whimper. My hands threw down the staff, and in that moment, I woke up from sleep. I was sweating profusely. The heat of her body was still on me, and it took me a moment to realise that it was all a dream. It had not happened at all. I was still where I was, in my bedroom, and on my damn bed. I sighed as I tried to stand, only for my legs to bump together on my dick. This always happened anytime I was hard. I was huge and sometimes, it was a huge disadvantage to me. I couldn’t do anything in this state, and I had to satisfy myself. Going out there to find release wasn’t an option either. I was the Alpha, and I needed to have some class. My fingers slowly encircled the top of my shaft, and it barely took me tim
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Chapter 10
ALPHA GUNNOLFI couldn’t believe the crap I had done earlier. What the fuck was wrong with me? How could I do something like that? I walked over to a spot at the other side of the cell, and glared at nothing. It was so annoying what the mate bond did to me. I couldn’t even control myself at all, and it made me feel like a beast half of the time.This had never happened to me, and I didn’t like it. It was not like I had a shortage of women at my disposal, so what exactly was the colour of my problem?I was so angry with myself, and I didn’t even know what to do. The mate bond connection was making me loose control of my senses. I was acting like I was sex-crazed now, and I didn’t like it one bit. Why the fuck does this have to happen to me?I stared down at myself, and I was painfully hard. I had no idea what I was going to do to bring the desire down a bit. I hated feeling so weak and having next to no control.It hurt me so much. I wish I could have been better at keeping my inhibiti
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