Captivated By My Wolfless Mate

Captivated By My Wolfless Mate

By:  Liz Gray  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning: This is an erotic novel that contains a possessive alpha male who can't keep his hands off his woman. "Trying to escape?" a voice boomed from the hall, causing me to freeze at the familiar voice. I spun around to see Giovanni's gaze fixed on me as he leaned out of the wall, a huge cigarette in his mouth. My heart raced, but I maintained a stoic expression, "I was going to the restroom." Giovanni raised an eyebrow, not believing me. "The restroom is on the left, while you're taking the right leading to a back exit," his tone laced with suspicion. I faked a shocked expression. "I didn't know," I lied. Giovanni neared me, slowly backing me against the door. "You see, I haven't marked you, and I would be terrified if you got lost," he said, his voice filled with an unsettling threat and amusement. He began peeling off the tiny straps of my dress from my shoulders, his eyes growing darker. "Do you have another pair of underwear?" I trembled, "Yes, Why?" "Because, my darling, I'm about to rip this one," he replied, his eyes glinting darkly.

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Randy Carera
very very good
2024-06-18 08:59:32
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Randy Carera
very very good
2024-06-18 09:00:03
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Krystal Phillips
Warning.... if you don't like cheating, don't read this. Would have been nice to see a cheating warning. Also, names keep changing.
2024-06-09 16:08:44
user avatar
Gayle Ecklund
Nyaj, book is ok, but you'd think that with 15 stories under your belt, you could remember the characters names???
2024-06-09 05:47:59
93 Chapters
Chapter 1 Penelope, I never loved you.
PENELOPE~I sat alone in the shadows, my thoughts filled with anguish and desolation. I hated myself. I didn't know why I was being born. I kept asking myself that for several years.I stared at my skin filled with glaring bloody claw marks, they were stinging as hell. I stared at my reflection, I was a mess.With shaking hands, I took the old cloth and carefully wiped the dry blood from my forehead. The cloth was rough and scratchy, and it hurt to touch the cut. I felt the sting of the wound, the sharp pain radiating through my head.Damn! These pack members were so cruel. They indeed clawed me deep. Even though I was the daughter of ALPHA, they still considered me inferior to omega. Because my alpha family resented me more than any of them. They enjoyed seeing the wounds in my body.I gritted my teeth, trying to stay calm, but it was difficult. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I continued to wipe away the blood, revealing a deep gash on my forehead. I could feel the warmth
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Chapter 2 Penelope is a wolfless waste
PENELOPE~My wedding day arrived three days after the incident. Despite how much and how long I had spent on praying to the moon goddess to make this unreal, to make my marriage to the said ruthless man not to hold, everything had gone in vain.I stood and then sat in front of the mirror, my wedding dress, a plain white dress, hanging from my frame like a shroud.I felt the hot tears pricking at my eyes, the pain of betrayal of everyone around me, threatening to consume me. I tried to keep my focus on my reflection, but I couldn't help but notice the two figures in the corner of the room.My now ex-boyfriend, Logan and my sister, Violetta whispered and laughed, their bodies close to each other, their eyes full of mischief, occasionally stealing kisses from each other and touching each other in places others weren't supposed to see.My heart was breaking, the pain too much to bear. I felt like my world was ending, right in front of my eyes.As I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt l
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Chapter 3 A Luna in name
GIOVANNI~I turned to stare at the petite figure who had dared to scream at me, and then order me. And for the first time in my life, my body had reacted on its own. To a weak wolfless female.I was both shocked and furious.Her eyes were red, her legs were shaking, betraying the fear despite the strong facade she was putting on. My eyes narrowed and I bared my fangs at her to snap, instead my wolf wouldn't cooperate.It snarled, and growled. Daring me to attack their mate. I was pissed.Taking my eyes away from her, I directed it to the useless man who had tricked me. I hated liars, and tricksters."Listen carefully." His heart hitched and I crouched down again to point my claw at him. "I'm taking your land as compensation, failure to do so marks your death, Angus! This would be a lesson for everyone else." I rose and then turned back to the petite figure.Penelope.How strange, her name tasted so smooth and sweet to call. Her eyes were shut. Her chest heaving. An urge to embrace her
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Chapter 4 Never wanted a mate!
GIOVANNI'S POV~I stormed down the hallway, fists clenched, unable to think of anything but the anger and frustration boiling inside me.My steps were heavy, each one fueled by the fire of my emotions. I was breathing hard, my breath coming in short, sharp bursts.My eyes were narrowed, and my whole body was rigid with tension. I felt like I was about to explode. To destroy something.Once I slammed open the door to my office again, my eyes landed on the figure on my chair, I slowly straightened and glared.I snapped. "Stand!"And she did, but there was mischief in her eyes, a sly smile tugging on her lips, but it only made my jaw tighten.For a sexual partner, Jannie was extra clingy, and she was the perfect distraction. Used and then thrown aside, then to be used again.My eyes roamed across Jannie's body as she sashayed toward me, her heels clicking on the tiles."Hello Gio–"I didn't let her speak before I slammed my lips on hers angrily, turning her over so her back could forcefu
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Chapter 5 Who is she?
GIOVANNI'S POV`~~As the first rays of sunlight streamed through my window, I heard the familiar sounds of cars starting up in the distance. I stretched and let out a big yawn, still feeling a little groggy from sleep. Then, I heard the loud banging on my door.Slightly startled, I sat up quickly and ran a hand through my tousled hair. I wasn't expecting anyone to be at my door at this hour, as I've already ruled out not to be disturbed till after a few hours of the sun setting.This jolted me fully awake. I snapped out of my drowsy state, anger bubbling up inside me at the rude interruption.I stomped to the door, ready to give the person on the other side a piece of my mind. My fists were clenched and my expression was stormy as I yanked open the door, ready to let loose.Once I pulled the door open, my expression stilled on seeing my younger sister, her expression murderous."What?" I barked, blocking the door and not wanting her inside the guest room I'd slept in.A mocking smile
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Chapter 6 He's just like a brother
PENELOPE'S POV~Jannie, like Iris had called, began to sashay her way into the kitchen, her heels clicking loudly on the tiles.The atmosphere in the kitchen froze. The lady looked like she didn't even notice, like she had something to say to me, but was cut off by Alice."Jenny, please get out of here." Iris said coldly.She gave Iris a scornful look, turned to Catherine who was glaring daggers at her. Jannie straightened, her expression simply turning dull.I kept staring at this strange woman, who was making the atmosphere seem tense. Her murderous look returned once she pinned me with a look."Hi."She muttered, and in a matter of seconds, her murderous look was gone, replaced with a soft expression which made me blink twice in astonishment.It was as though she was suddenly another person."Well, your hi isn't welcome. Can you get out now?" Iris interrupted, taking a step, blocking Janie's view on me."I just want to talk to her–""Get lost, Jannie. Don't you dare try to cause an
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Chapter 7 Bad premonition
GIOVANNI'S POV~Several days passed by and yet I couldn't recall when I last had enough rest.From the information given, I was told how Jannie was strangely going close to Penelope, and always asking her to hang out, making me slightly uncomfortable but I didn't bother to probe her intentions because I was so preoccupied with the latest situation in the pack, as we had been attacked yet again. Jannie knew she was going to get it from me if she dares to fucking misbehave.Past 3pm, I was already back at the office, entirely spent.To my surprise, Jannie was already there, sitting in my chair with a transparent crop top and a short gown that displayed her thick thighs. My eyes darkened."You need something?" I grated out, unbuttoning one button on my shirt as I poured myself some water.Her eyes darkened with lust as she licked her lips. "I'm here to serve you, Daddy."Disgust filled me with the tone she used, I glared at her. "We made it clear that—""Shh… let me do the talking. Penel
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Chapter 8 Reject your rejection
GIOVANNI'S POV~For the first time in my life, I was frozen in place, my mind racing.I tasted metallic and then swallowed it. My dangerous glare moved from Penelope to Leon who had punched me.I couldn't even believe what I had just heard, my mouth slightly hanging open in shock. My eyes moved back to Penelope. My jaw clenched and my eyes narrowed.I tried to form words, but nothing came out. My thoughts were jumbled, my brain trying to process what had just happened. I felt like I was in a dream, unable to speak or move. All I could do was stare at Penelope. Her nerve of rejecting me.I wanted to lash at her. I wanted to ask her who the fuck she was to reject me.For the first time in my life, I felt worthless, that someone had rejected me. Not just someone but a fragile female, who had deceived me.I had rejected so many women in the past, played with many, they ended up kissing the ground I walked on, rejected so many marriage proposals and yet this fragile lady had in turn reject
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Chapter 9 Accept my rejection
PENELOPE'S POV~I am leaving.FinallyI looked at my reflection in the mirror, and I barely recognized the person looking back at me.My skin was pale, my eyes hollow and dull. There was a bruise on my left cheek, a reminder of the pain I had endured.My right arm was bandaged, a small red stain on the white fabric. I felt like a ghost of my former self, a shell without substance.I couldn't remember the last time I looked in the mirror and smiled at the person looking back at me. I was tired, broken, defeated. I felt like a failure, and I hated myself for it.My wounds were slow to heal but who was I to blame?Me!I was so pathetic that I couldn't even morph with my wolf. I was aching with so much pain.I stared around the room I was in. I was back in Giovanni's mansion after two more days of being hospitalized.None of my family members had contacted me. I would never be surprised if my father said to my face that he wanted me dead.I only agreed to return back here to pack my thing
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Chapter 10 Sense of foreboding
GIOVANNI'S POV~I was dumbfounded!Shocked!A mere fragile woman had slapped me, not just slapped me but slapped me into silence. And for the first time in my life, I found it extremely amusing.Who would have thought a day would come when a woman would hit someone as ruthless as I am and wouldn't have her fucking neck detached from her body.I would even kill the seer who would dare try to foretell this bullshit.I blinked and re-blinked but it was no dream.Penelope had fucking slapped me and it had strangely stung.My mother hadn't even raised her hands on me but this fragile looking woman did, fearlessly.Her eyes were blazing with fire and I found it oddly cute.My head was spinning as her scent kept hitting my sense of smell. I couldn't even think straight.I wanted to snarl, snap at her, yell and probably teach her a lesson but all my head could think of were the nasty, filthy things I wanted to do to her while pinning her against this wall.I felt my muscles tighten as a hot n
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