Captivated by the Werewolves' Den

Captivated by the Werewolves' Den

By:  MarieJestically  Completed
Language: English
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Georgina Hidalgo had it rough when only she survived the tragic car accident leading both of her parents dead. Leaving her without anything, an old lady came claiming she is her grandma. She is forced to leave the metro as her grandma's order. They are set to live for good at Grimson town, a place she would never know that exist in the 21st century. Bound to find a fresh start in the new town and seek friends at Howling University, Gina wished nothing but good fortune, but something else came in. Upon learning that the school she's attending is controlled by an unjust ranking system, she is tortured by bullies that almost killed her. When she exceed her limits in enduring the pain, she decided to rebel against the University. And the only salvation she found is Casper Cross Roswell, the University's gorgeous SSG President. But the refuge she expected vanished when she learned that the University she is attending is a den for... werewolves. Captivated and nowhere to go in the monstrous Grimson town, can she still resolve the fate given to her?

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40 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 : Grimson Town
Chapter 1 Grimson Town   The moment I opened my eyes, I knew my world will never be the same again.   I let the time slip for seconds. The overflowing pain in my chest creep in with the silence as I tried to recall what happen last week. I force my memory to remember only to bring me too much pain that in swell unto my soul. It was burning me alive…   Mommy… and Daddy, they… they didn’t survive. They’ll never comeback, they’ll never have the chance to hug me once again. They’re too far away from my grip now. They finally welcome Heaven.   I squeezed my eyes shut that made the warm tear roll down. Another second passed before I decided to crawl up from the hospital bed. After the car accident me and my parents went through, I woke up in St. Luke Hospital located in the metro. What’s heart breaking is that I found myself alone in this room while my parents are
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CHAPTER 2 : Howling University
CHAPTER 2Howling University Grimson… is a little different from what I expected. It’s not that it brought a creepy vibes. My point is that-- am I inside a fairy tale book? This is beyond comparison from the metro! It left me a strayed the moment me and Imelda walk out the train station. Now we’re waiting for a cab that will deliver us straight to her house. And while waiting, the view left me breathless. I was like inside a medieval era kind of town. The houses are made in bricks that tells me that it was a century old one! Plus the factors that some cartage is roaming. I mean it’s 2021, who would use that vehicle? But Grimson is really a different scene. Imagine seeing things that is only found at the early era? The post, bookshop, store and coffee shop. It was filling my craving for a new start. Imelda was right, this feels like hom
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CHAPTER 3 : Prey
Chapter 3Prey I am such a mess! I kept on cursing under my breath inside the cubicle. I had fully clean myself, yet the shame didn’t leave me alone. It’s all over my head! Prof Dal being unreasonably mean and my classmates’ laughter! The way they make fun of me seems so overwhelming! Damn it! What now?! It was just like yesterday when I’m asking for an ordinary school year and have fun for a new fresh start. But I messed it all up. For sure even Nichy wouldn't dare to make friends of me! I grip my hair tightly and groan, I stop my drama when I remembered the earlier guy. I raised my hand to scan the handkerchief. I just had this suddenly urge to feel a little ease knowing that not everyone in this University is awful. I sighed then twitched my lips. Will it all be alright if I head back? Wait it’s not I have any choice, right? Either I like it or not
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CHAPTER 4 : The Superiors
Chapter 4The Superiors Nichy is acting all weird regarding this ranking system she mentioned. And I must admit it, it also felt interesting and dangerous. This will answer all my question about H.U’s unjust moral guidance. Nichy brought me here at the University’s veranda after cleaning myself for the second time. No one will surely noticed us in here since everyone is busy at the cafe. She still hasn’t started telling the story but I’m already fire up. “So? Care to explain?” I asked. She nodded erasing the hesitance. I think it’s going to be big. Geez, this day is really exhausting! Imagine encountering werewolves; wild bullies in your first day  in school! This is definitely my most memorable shit day. “Alpha Eugene Roswell, the handler of Howling University made this rule long ago.” 
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CHAPTER 5 : Searing Pain
Chapter 5 Searing Pain   “Kneel!”   “Plead now, kitty!”   “I have to record this! LOL!”   Everything is in chaos as I grip the grass and tried to stand, but another kick directed in my stomach. Jericho was too strong that made me fly to the other side. He wasn't just strong, he was a living Iron man! I winced from the pain, I was almost breathless. However they’re asking for more. Jericho let me sit when he reach my spot. He grip my hair to look at him, no one know how much anger I am feeling that time.   They hurt a weaponless woman! They kicked her, slap and smash her unto the ground! They are more than five guys! I am just a woman! Are they gays?!   “Georgina, right?” Jericho asked, I tired to struggle only to be choked by him. My vision is getting shak
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CHAPTER 6 : Punishment
Chapter 6Punishment A day had passed since our encounter at the Dean’s office. “Are you really all right?” I nod at Nichy and payed her a warm smile. “Yes, I am.” “Okay, but tell me if something’s bothering you.” “I will.” We ended our chat as she continued reading her book. Another library day for two of us. I also went back at reading but my mind was once carried by what happen last time. So he was the the SSG president, huh? Until now, I am at the shock state. That very day inside the Dean’s office, I met the most valuable person here at H.U, and he is named Casper Cross Roswell. Not just that he is entitled as the President but also, he is ranked-1 in our batch having the highest grade. And who would have that thought that with all the certificate, he’ll save from a noob like me from the punishmen
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CHAPTER 7 : Drowning
Chapter 7Drowning Why is everyone in a rush?  First thing in the morning and this all surprises me. I mean who wouldn’t? Student’s are acting weird coming out of their room for source of information I do not know. I glance at my back when I heard someone shouted. “The SSG members are now taking the cue to the forest, people!” A guy exclaimed making people run to him. “How was it?!” “How about news?!” “Are they coming back early?!” To much voices everywhere making me dumbfounded at the center, luckily I found Nichy still on her wanna-sleep face walking in the corridor. As soon she saw me she made a happy face and ran toward me clinging her arms on mine. “Good morning best friend!”
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CHAPTER 8 : Pushed
Chapter 8Pushed “H-Hey Casper?” Agatha felt feared looking at the one protecting me from her. “W-What’s with the heroine? Don’t act like you care-- I mean. Did you know who’s that girl?” “Pardon? Are you pointing that I am stupid?” She shakily shook her head and gulp. She's terrified for the man behind me. “No, of course. You’re the highest among the highest, b-but, did you know who that women just did?” I gritted my teeth and tried to stand on my own, but Casper didn’t let go of my arm as back up. “What did I done, huh?” I said husky from my pain. “All I done was study hard--” “Gosh! Stop pretending! You seduced him! Almost everyone at the higher rank!” My cheeks burn and ready to devour her when Casper stay me in put.
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CHAPTER 9 : Guilty
Chapter 9Guilty I squeezed my eyes doubting that the SSG President is really in here. But… nothing change in my vision, he’s really standing across the street. I pant not knowing why my chest is acting this way. “Hey, is that Harvin? Ow! He’s with Casper--!” I stop Nichy from getting their attention. I pulled her arm down shaking my head. “What’s wrong with you?” “I don’t wanna see… er.” “Who, Gina? Is there a problem?” “Just don’t call them.” “Why?” She said like she lost a lottery. “They’re nice, in addition they help you out last Friday. Why wont we treat them at least?” “Just please don’t do it Nichy. Let’s enjoy the day by ourselves.”
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CHAPTER 10 : Offer
Chapter 10Offer “W-What’s wrong with you?” I asked when Nichy started to act weird. A small part of her came back to sense and check the scene she made. She slowly turn to me then to Harvin who tried to check if she was all right. I stood and tried to reach her but she hurriedly shook her head. “I… I don’t want to.” So is this her idea with what Casper offered? Nichy’s forehead is dripping with her sweat, eyes trembling and would not let the guys finish the offer. “Hey easy… let us first clear this out--” “I’m done in here.” She quickly picked her baggage and head straight at the exit not waiting for me. I was confused. What is really wrong with her? I faced Casper, before anything else I still wanna clear the thing idea. “I&rs
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