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Lucian is the crown prince of the kingdom of Virtus. His father, King Ayaan the Second is on the deathbed, and his only wish before dying is that his son finds a wife or a husband as soon as possible. For this purpose, starts selection among all the young singles of the kingdom. Axel is a poor peasant, living only with his mother, who suffers from an illness. To help her get cured, he leaves his lover and his work to himself to the selection, hoping to be among the royal family. Once Lucian chooses him to be his husband, his life changes as well as his feelings. Will their marriage be successful? And what happens once Axel's lover gets involved?

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Margarita Cruz Santiago
Really good reading. Loved the couples and the story line. Hope you do a sequel for Noah and the rest of the kids.
2023-10-28 21:19:35
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This is truly an incredible story... I love each couple and their individual story and how they grew... hopefully their will be a story of the their kids Noah already seems interesting. Thank you Author you are an amazing writer...
2021-08-30 02:58:07
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Brownlarryj Brownlarryj
very enjoyable
2021-08-04 23:36:18
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Isaac Madden
I love your novel and read it twice and planning on reading it again and wish you would continue it or right a second book and please keep up the fantastic work you are doin you are a wonderful author 😀🙂🙃
2021-07-06 11:09:47
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Chris W
Great story
2021-05-21 12:01:17
user avatar
Breanne Souilliere
what a wonderful story
2021-05-14 05:14:24
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Jay Khimlee Cacal
First of all, I would like to thank the author who made this story possible. Thank you for your dedication and determination to finish this one. I can say that this is a truly a masterpiece. This drove me super crazy and fulfill all my fantasies. I hope someday, I will also find my true love.
2021-03-22 06:01:12
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janet wickman
Wonderful story
2021-03-03 09:46:27
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
Started reading and living it so far. the writer has a way with words and I'll be back for more😁♥️
2021-02-20 00:41:03
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I like the author wording. it's very clear and not over description like most authors I found in this apps. But, I found a Marry Sue syndrome in the main character, Axel Eastoft. the setting of the story is a little bit unclear. is it alternative world? How about the time setting?
2021-06-09 21:04:14
58 Chapters
Virtus. Meaning the taste or love for curious of works of fine art. It also carries connotations of valour, manliness, excellence, courage, character, and worth, perceived as masculine strength.The late King Ayaan I named the kingdom Virtus because he wanted his people to be brave warriors, good parents and strong lovers.After his death, his son Ayaan the S
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Chapter I
“Mother, do you need anything else?” Axel asked after preparing breakfast.“No, my dear.” She smiled softly to her son. “I have got everything I wanted, thanks to you darling.” She patted the brown haired's head.“How are you feeling? Does your head still hurt you a lot?” Axel asked.
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Chapter II
“Do I look alright darling? I am afraid my dress would not be enough to impress the others.” Mrs Wraith asked, checking herself in front of the tall mirror.“Yes mother, you look good. Why are you giving this too much importance?” Erik rolled his eyes.“Erik, darling, this is the prince's wedding. How is it not important?” Mrs Wrait
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Chapter III
“Congratulations on your wedding my princes!” Leon hugged both grooms after all the guests finally left the castle. “The dinner is served in your room.”“Our room?” Axel gulped.“Of course yours,” Nathan smirked. “You are married after all.”
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Chapter IV
Andry was brushing a white horse's hair when Daniel appeared in front of him, a smirk on his face. “Good morning, sir Andry.” He said with his deep voice.“Your Majesty.” Andry bowed.“The weather is very nice today,” Daniel said while staring at the blue sky.
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Chapter V
“Good morning my prince.” Lucian kissed his husband’s hair. He could not stop smiling, remembering each moment they had the night before. They were maybe still strangers, but it felt like they knew each other for a very long time.“Good morning.” Axel smiled back.“It is late. Leon will kill us for being late for breakfast.”
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Chapter VI
“Mother!” Andry ran to hug his mother.“Oh, my dear son how much I have missed you!” Eve hugged him back and kissed his cheek. She spotted the black-haired man and asked, “Who is this gentleman?”“It is Daniel, king of Agustus.”
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Chapter VII
“My prince,” Lucian found his husband lying on their bed, staring at a few draws he found in a flower book.“Lucian,” Axel closed the book and hugged his husband, his hands around his neck, and resting his head on his chest. “Are you feeling better?”“Much better now that I am in your arms.” Lucian smiled and kissed his head.
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Chapter VIII
Politicians, noble families and some foreign men were present at the palace's main hall. They were invited to attend the king's coronation. Leon was once again stressed with the buffet, and he spent the whole night and day cooking and decorating, making sure everything is perfect to impress the guests.Nathan was giving orders to the palace employees to help the gues
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Chapter IX
“Come back to me, Axel,” Erik whispered, approaching his face closer to the prince.“No.”Lucian bit his lip and clenched his fists. He wanted to punch Erik so hard until he would understand that he could not touch what belonged to him. He heard him whispering something to Axel before he leaned to kiss his lips.
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