Two Brothers. One Soulmate

Two Brothers. One Soulmate

By:  Pink-Butterfly  Completed
Language: English
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Soulmates. Everyone, between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, would have the names of their soulmates appear on their left or right wrist in a light grey ink that turned red when you meet them. Should your soulmates die then their name would turn white. *** *** Luca stood staring down at the water below him as he stood on the thick cement railing of the bridge. Looking down at his wrists he traced the names Williams Roswell and Jedidiah Roswell, the names of his soulmates who he had yet to meet. “I’m sorry,” He sobbed. “I can’t do it anymore. You both will be better off without me, you don’t need me… I’m nothing…”. “Goodbye.” He dropped his hands to his sides and took a deep breath then jumped in.

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61 Chapters
Two Best-friends, One Soulmate .Prologue: . The night air was cool against his skin, seeping through his thin jacket and a chill ran down his spine. Luca Knights stood staring down at the black water below him as he stood on the thick cement railing of the bridge. The bridge had to have been at least a hundred feet high in the air or more. Hot tears streamed down the boy’s face as soft sobs wracked his body. It was nearing midnight and there was hardly any cars on the bridge and even less pedestrians, no one to stop him from what he was bound to do. Looking down at both his wrists, he traced the names Williams Roswell and Jedidiah Roswell, the names of his soulmates who he had yet to meet.“I’m sorry,” He sobbed. “I can’t do it anymore. You both will be better off without me, you don’t need me… I’m nothing…” Luca sobbed more as he pressed the names to his forehead, his father’s words echoing in his mind.'You’re a good for nothing brat,' His father had said at him only hours b
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beautiful boys exist
Two Brothers. One Soulmate Chapter 1: beautiful boys exist . One week prior…—Luca covered his ears with his pillow trying to drown out the sounds coming from his father’s bedroom next door. For the last month the man had been bringing home the woman he was currently fucking into his mattress which, to Luca’s relief, left him off the hook of being the man’s nightly plaything. It was only when his father was between partners the he deemed it necessary to rape his son because, in his mind, Luca looked too much like his dead mother. Course, that was also the reason for many of his beatings.Luca shivered at the thought and curled in on himself. It hadn’t always been like that. Up until six months ago all his father had ever done was abuse him mentally and physically with verbal lashings everyday and weekly beatings. It wasn’t until his father lost his job and his girlfriend all in the same day that the sexual abuse started. Luca hated it and felt sick just thinking about it.Neve
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18 isn’t that far
Two Brothers. One Soulmate .Chapter 2: 18 isn’t that far .Almond shaped eyes defined by black liner and soft pink full lips. Sweat dripped down the tan flawlessly looking smooth skin of his cheeks. Luca watched the muscles in the boy’s arms and back flexed as he moved, his sleeveless shirt with a shear back leaving nothing to the imagination. From what Luca could tell his body looked to be in perfect shape. A warm feeling spread throughout Luca’s body spreading to every fiber of his being, a warmth he’d never felt before, not that it felt bad.“I hear he’s only going to be here for two weeks,” whispered a girl beside him.The boy next to her chuckled lightly. “I heard he’s already signed for one of those big singing agencies.”Similar whispers spread throughout the crowd as they watch the boy dance. Luca’s eyes were glued to the boy, his mouth hanging open slightly. As the routine ended the crowd began clapping causing the boy to turn and smile. Luca felt his knees go weak at t
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Let go
Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 3: Let go .The rest of the week passed by with little to no abuse except a small beating on Wednesday when Luca got home too late from school and dinner wasn’t ready. At art school he did his best to avoid the new boy, mostly. That didn’t stop him from sneaking a peak here or there because let’s face it, the new boy was pretty hot. It wasn’t until Sunday when something out of the ordinary happened.It was the end of the day around five o’clock and Luca was standing in the supply closet getting his things ready when he heard a voice behind him.“Hi there.” Confused, Luca turned around to see who it was that was talking to him, no one ever talked to him.His eyes locked with bright orange hair, almond eyes, dimples, and the widest grin he’d ever seen.Luca, shell shocked that the new kid he’d been crushing on was talking to him let alone near him, wasn’t paying attention to his actions as the supplies he was getting down came crashing on his he
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the dark hole exists
Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 4: the dark hole exists .Luca didn’t know how long it had been since his father started his abuse but it felt like hours as the man took him anyway he knew possible. By the time he was done he left an exhausted Luca on the floor of his room, voice hoarse from screaming as much as he could hoping someone would hear and help him. The boy sobbed and curled in on himself as his father left his room slamming the door behind him. Too tired and too sore to move to his bed, Luca fell asleep where he laid.By the time he woke up the apartment was quiet and the clock at his bedside read nine forty five. Wincing, Luca sat up and cringed as he felt a sticky substance running down his thighs, he wanted to throw up. Using his desk chair as leverage, his pulled himself up and used the walls as a crutch to get him to the bathroom. Turning on the shower, Luca took off what remained of his clothes and got in under the hot water. Not having his toiletries he
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what if his name turns white?
Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 5: what if his name turns white? . **One week prior…** . Jedidiah Roswell bounced in his seat, wide smile across his face as he looked out the car window. His orange hair fluttered in the breeze that came from the open window. He was excited to be back in New York after their parents left for France about 7 years ago. He and his friends were finally able to get a small vacation from school so he took advantage of it to go to his home city specifically their beach house with his brother and their friends, maybe even visit some surrounding sites. His parents had moved back to France a couple of years ago after which they enrolled Jedidiah in a dance academy there while Williams was more interested in Arts. A tap on his shoulder made him turn to stare at the brunet beside him.“So what do you want to do first?” The boy asked him.Jedidiah grinned as he immediately became more excited than before. “Well I really want to check out this art sch
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Ours. Not Yours. Not Mine
Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 6: Ours. Not Yours. Not Mine . Williams rubbed his brother’s back in an attempt to comfort him and kissed his hair. “I know Jedi, I know and we will, we just have to be patient that’s all.”“And what if we run out of time, what if we’re too late and his name turns white?” Jedi asked fearfully as he looked up at Williams. “What do we do then?.” He felt like crying but he did his best to hold them back.“It’s only Saturday, we have a month in New York for our vacation, don’t we?,” replied Williams. “We’ll search until our toes bleed till we find him okay?”. Jedi finally cracked a small smile and leaned up to hug his brother even more. It wasn’t often that they got chances to be alone always getting held up by their different classes and schedules, they barely even had time to talk together while they were on campus. They didn’t want to reveal that they were brothers although students on campus knew for a fact that they were indeed close but t
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oh who is he?
Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 7: oh who is he? . He shot a quick text message to Williams.To: Liam ♡ 10:57am I may or may not have found our Luca. He waited a couple minutes but nothing came back immediately meaning Williams was still sleeping, lazy butt. As the teacher walked into the room, Jedidiah sighed and slipped his phone back in his bag before getting off the floor and starting warm-ups. The class was an hour and half long and the first fifteen minutes were spent doing stretches and a warm-up routine which Jedidiah picked up on quickly. At the end of the warm-up, the teacher introduced him to the rest of the class.“Everyone we have a new student,” The teacher who had introduced himself as Mr. Samuel said. “Jedidiah Roswell, step forward please.” Jedidiah did his best not to groan as he walked to the front of the class. “Why don’t you introduce yourself.”He looked at the class who were giving him curious looks and he smiled a little nervous. It’s not that
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a search come to an end
. Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 8: a search come to an end . Jedidiah spotted Luca again standing in line to get lunch, warm feeling was back. Soon as their eyes met he smiled and was about to get out of his seat when the boy walked quickly out the door.'Like hell you are,' Jedidiah thought as he got out of his seat.“Where are you going?” asked Jay.“Bathroom,” replied Jedidiah not missing a beat. He moved his way as quickly as possible through the crowd and out the door. Once he finally made it into the hall he looked around and couldn’t spot the boy anywhere. “Shit.” He moved down the hall searching and even went back up to the second floor and still didn’t see him. ‘Where is he?' Jedidiah checked the third floor and then the fifth floor lounge yet still no luck. Even though Mr. Christopher said he only took dance and music classes, Jedidiah checked the art rooms on his way back down. Not finding him there, he scratched his head in confusion and sighed. “Willi
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is it too late?
Two Brothers. One Soulmate . Chapter 9: is it too late? . Taking a deep breath and fixing his hair and clothes, Jedidiah made his was down the hall. “Hi there.” ‘Well that as dumb, how about calling his name first. Crap he’s turning around. God he’s so cute.' Jedidiah was having too much of an internal monologue that he didn’t see the boy’s shocked expression nor the items that decided to fall off the shelf on top of him till it was too late and the boy was on the floor.“Hey are you okay?” Jedidiah asked as he reached his hand out, worried that he might have hurt himself. He watched as Luca reached for him and just as their fingers touched the boy jerked back. Jedidiah did as well as a shock ran up his arm and traveled through his body, a feeling he’s only ever felt once before. ‘It is him,' He thought as he stared wide eyed at the boy, a smile creeping on his face. Luca however looked terrified and it took about ten seconds for Jedidiah to realize that he was running past h
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