Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

By:  Karishma CM  Ongoing
Language: English
7 ratings
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I thought I was happy. I thought my life was perfect. I realised how wrong I was when I met her.~~~Melody started a new school 3 years ago and since then she's had a near-perfect life. An amazing group of friends, top grades and a loving, caring boyfriend. But when Thalia shows up and their paths collide her whole world starts to come crashing down.Now only one question is standing in her way. Are you happy?

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I love it so far!!
2022-07-25 15:05:42
default avatar
Cindy s
Was a very good read! Only meant to sit down for a moment, but ended up reading the whole book!
2021-06-01 01:19:53
default avatar
Great story
2021-05-04 01:02:53
user avatar
Brandi Shultz
loved the book did not care for the ending. would of liked more
2021-04-06 01:55:40
user avatar
Brandon Young
please tell me that your going to make another book? 😭💙 this was so beautiful and I couldn't stop my tears and my heart breaking
2021-03-03 10:40:53
user avatar
Jordan Coker
great story how.long for more chapters
2020-10-16 10:09:12
user avatar
Claudia K. Kaspa
Such a cute story :)
2020-06-16 16:13:18
33 Chapters
Chapter 1- The Last Day
I thought I was happy. I thought that my life couldn't get better. It was near perfect. Brie and May, my amazing (sometimes annoying) younger sister Ali and Kye. The boy that kept me going, the first face that I had seen when I first entered high school. The one who cared for me when I thought I was nothing.I realised how wrong I was when I met her.We'll go back to the last day of summer counting down to our last year at high school. We had driven Kye's car up the hill at the far end of our small town and I was sat next to him on the bonnet, my head resting on his shoulder. Beside us, Brie had opened the strawberries, and everyone was crowded around her. And by everyone, I meant Taylor, Kye's best friend and May. May and Brie had known each other years before I moved here at the start of high school (Freshman year). However, they had welcomed me into their little gr
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Chapter 2- Thalia
The first day of Senior Year started off different from any other. Normally, I would jump in the car with Kye, we'd laugh and sing to the radio, then part to reach our lockers which were on opposite sides of the school. However, this time there was an air of awkward silence as if both of us were holding our breaths, scared of the truths that might be offered up had we not."Hi…" I muttered as I sat in the passenger's seat."Hey…" He murmured back, his face erased of all of the happiness and joy that he was known for."I… I'm sorry…" I said shyly, biting down on my lip. He just closed his eyes and stared the engine in silence. I wasn't sure how long we drove before he broke the veil of awkwardness that had been set upon us."Why…" He said almost i
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Chapter 3- Do You Sing?
 "So… did you move here this year?" I asked as we sat down in the studio."Yeah… my mum got remarried this summer and we moved here from Manhattan…" She replied, smiling slightly."What do you think? Must be really different…" I questioned as I positioned the guitar under my arm."It is… quieter and… calmer…" She seemed to linger on the words, intertwining her fingers in her lap. There was a moment of silence, the air filling with tension. I wanted to say something- comfort her. I just… couldn't. Although I had grown my confidence over these past few years, I was still quite a closed-off person. I normally kept to myself but something about the allure of this girl made me want to open up to her- to tell her all my secrets.
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Chapter 4- In Too Deep
"Kye. Is he your... boyfriend?" Thalia asked as we sat in the music room the next day. It seemed to be the only time we could spend together without the others around. I did love them all but sometimes it was too much. I nodded, pulling out the notes we'd made last time."You look happy together." I looked up at her, narrowing my eyes,
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Chapter 5- Pretences
School had been hell that day. There was just so much going in my head and once I got home, I just seemed to collapse onto the bed. My heart had been racing, my brow sweaty and my head boiling with all these thoughts. I just wished I could find a way to just shut them all out. I turned my playlist on and turned the phone up to full volume, lying flat on my bed. I do this sometimes. When I get so caught up in life, I take a minute to just sit and calm myself. Just worry about nothing. However, this time it didn't work. I didn't understand why I was so upset. I just was. Every part of me felt broken and damaged yet, this past week, my life had been the best it ever had. So why was I feeling like this?
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Chapter 6- A Single Tear
I mean, don't get me wrong, I was worried, but she said she didn't want to talk so I didn't push it. I should've. We did have fun that weekend. First, we saw Lion King in the cinema then we went for dinner at McDonald's. After, all of us being pretty stuffed, we decided against bowling and went back to May's instead for a sleepover."Hey… let’s play truth or dare!" May said, turning around to us. I smiled as we moved to form a circle, May taking a bite of the chocolate bar in her hand. Brie used the moment to her advantage,
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Chapter 7- All I Knew
Once everyone had woken up on Sunday, we had picked up Ali and taken her bowling with us. After we had parted ways, most of us wanted to get a fairly early night because of school the next day.Kye was quite quiet the next morning. He had driven up to the house in his car, ready to pick me up, however, had not gotten out of the car as usual. Instead, he sat, parked up outside and sent me a text.
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Chapter 8- Recovery
My eyes fluttered open and I took in my surroundings. I was home. You know when you have stared at one thing for so long that you just instantly know when you come across it again? It was like that. That one patch of off-tone white on my ceiling told me everything I needed to know. I sat up, my head groggy and clouded by a layer of dust and placed my head in my hands, sighing. After a few seconds, I noticed how strangely bright it is outside and reach over wearily to pick up my phone from where I'd previously spotted it on my bedside table. The screen blared and my eyes began to sting. I closed them and opened them again, hearing an unusual silence echo through the house.
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Chapter 9- Vulnerability
At the soft knock on the door, I heaved my weak limbs off my bed, my legs tingling as I placed them on the floor. I hadn't walked for at least a day and a half. As I walked, I started to get my pace back, the nerves in my brain once again strengthening their loose connections. The stairs creaked under my weight, the anticipation building with every step I took. Opening the door, I admired the face I'd longed to see for the past two days (Asleep or not). She was breathtaking. Her stunning auburn hair, curled loosely, hanging just above her shoulders and her forest green eyes mixed with a tinge of light blue, once again sent me to another realm. Then, I found my gaze lowering to her lips. I let every thought flood
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Chapter 10- Don't Cry
I watched her from across the table. I watched the tears form in her eyes. I watched the expression on my mom's face turn to worry. I couldn't do anything. I felt so helpless. All I wanted to do was hug Thalia and tell her everything would be okay. She recited story after story of her home life. Broken glass; shed tears. The days she was beaten, the days sat in fear that her dad wouldn't come home and the days she thought they wouldn't even be able to pay rent. When she finished her story, she broke into a fit of sobs. In response, I placed my hand on her shoulder and she leant into my touch.
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