Claimed by the Billionaire

Claimed by the Billionaire

By:  yelenaromanov  Ongoing
Language: English
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Thiago DiLaurentiis always has his eyes for Adriana Litmann, the only daughter and heiress of the Litmann's— Thiago DiLaurentiis' number one foe in business. Thiago firmly believes that Adriana is his, and he has to have her. But, being in love with the daughter of his enemy isn't easy as he needs to be contented by admiring her from afar. Knowing the Litmann's, they wouldn't let Thiago lay a hand even on Adriana's hair. And so, the moment Thiago knew about Adriana moving to another country to study in a prestigious business school, he followed her. Thiago did everything to be closed to Adriana, even if it meant pretending to be her professor.

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1: Beginning
Adriana's POV I sighed for the nth time as I stared at my clothes in front of me right now. It's currently 5 pm, and the party starts at 6 pm. It's a welcome party for the new school year, and although I'm not a freshman and I'm already in my last year in college, I was invited. I mean, every student of the university was asked, but I got personally invited by the host of the party-- Nathaniel, Nate for short. I met Nate yesterday when I was strolling at the university. And since I am new here, I couldn't decline his offer because it's embarrassing, and Nate is pretty much a nice guy. At least, that's my first impression of him. "It's an opportunity to make friends, Adri," I whispered to myself. I sighed once again because it was true. If I go to the party right now, I can possibly make friends or at least interact with people. I have never really had friends all my life because my life only revolves around our house and school. And that's because of two reasons: my parents are he
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Chapter 2: Stranger Danger
Adriana's POVI can hear the loud EDM music coming from inside a huge house, although I'm still outside and just got out of the car. I panicked when I saw John get out of the car, so I immediately called his name."Yes, miss?" he responded."Can you just stay here?" I asked. "It's a college party, and it's really embarrassing if they see someone who's old enough to be still having bodyguards and being guarded there.""But—""Promise, I'll call you when something happens. I swear, even if it's just a small inconvenience like someone accidentally bumping me-- I'll let you know," I quickly said, cutting him off.John once again looked hesitant.I groaned."I swear, I'm gonna keep my phone with me all the time. I also will be going to tell my father that you guys are doing a good job keeping me safe," I added.The last part is so genuine, though. They're even stricter than my parents sometimes."Please call me if anything happens, miss.""Of course!" I exclaimed happily.Gosh, finally.I f
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Chapter 3: Knight in Shining Abs
Adriana's POVMy heart hammered in my chest when I realized how close Nate was to me right now. It's almost like I can feel his body at my back. It's like he's back-hugging me already, and it makes me nervous for some reason."Hey, I—" I chuckled nervously as I tried to move away from him, but his hands were chained in my arms, and I couldn't break free."Do you want to dance?" he asked in my ears.He's so close to me right now that I can feel his hot breath on my skin, and it is somehow scaring me already."Sorry, uh- I don't d-dance.""Come on," Nate whispered.I flinched when I felt him lick my neck."What are you doing?!" I exclaimed and tried to move away from him, but he wouldn't let me go, and he was just powerful compared to me."C'mon Adriana, stop pretending you're a saint." I heard him laugh, which made me crease my forehead in confusion."What are you talking about?""You act so innocent, but you literally accepted my invite to the party," he replied."Isn't this party for
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Chapter 4: Stranger Care
Adriana's POV"Hey," I heard someone call, followed by soft taps on my cheeks.I groaned as I opened my eyes.Seeing a man in front of me when my vision is cleared can't help but make me panic."Hey, it's okay, it's okay. You're safe, shhh."I felt him gently caress my cheeks, and for odd reasons, it calmed me. His touch made me feel safe."You've fallen asleep," he said.I roamed my eyes around and saw that we were in a parking lot. I almost forgot who he was, but it's a good thing I remembered that he's the man who saved me before I could even scream my lungs out.Images of what happened earlier flashed in my mind, and it didn't fail to scare me again.I quickly grabbed my phone out of my bag and gripped it tightly to be sure I could use it when something terrible happened again."I'm not going to hurt you," the man said as he held my chin again and made me face him. "I'm just going to treat your bruises, then we'll get you home."My racing heartbeat calmed down, and I finally relaxe
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Chapter 5: The Man From Last Night
Adriana's POVA couple of minutes passed, and our classmates started arriving. It was not long until all the seats were taken."Oh, Adri, by the way, did you hear?" Molly suddenly turned in my direction. She was busy with her phone earlier that's why I couldn't talk to her because it'll be rude. I'm glad she got off her phone now and opened a conversation with me because I'm starting to feel awkward seeing my classmates talking to each other because they are all friends, and I have no one to talk to.And I'm overwhelmed that she already came up with a nickname for me"Yes?" I asked her."You're with Nate, right?"Hearing his name triggered something in me. I drew a breath to calm my nerves down and quickly shook my head.Molly creased his forehead at me. "But you were with him last night.""Yeah, but we're not..." I trailed off.She nodded slowly. "Yeah, I get it. But did you hear what happened to him?"My heart suddenly started beating faster. Did something happen to him? Did my pare
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Chapter 6: Denial Game
Adriana's POV"Thiago DiLaurentiis," I whispered, reading his name written on the whiteboard.So, that's his name.I didn't get to ask his name last night, and of all ways, I found out this way."They're right. He's hot," Molly whispered beside me. "But he's not my type. He looks dominant, and I'm more into femboys."I laughed lowly at what Molly said, although I really didn't understand it because my mind was focused on the fact that the man who saved me and I vented out to last night was here inside my classroom, and it's not just that-- he is my professor!"Our new professor is Mr. Thiago DiLaurentiis?" I heard the girl behind me whisper again. She sounds so surprised."Omg, you know him? Can you help me with him?" The other girl giggled."Girl, are you kidding? He's like a famous CEO, and he's a freaking billionaire!"I sucked on my lower lip.Is that true?"I can't believe he's here right now. As far as I know, he's not from this city," I heard the girl add."But I hope he's stay
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Chapter 7: Mr. Strict
Adriana's POVMy heart is hammering inside my chest for absolutely no reason as I make my way to Mr. DiLaurentiis' class the next day.Yes, him.Oh gosh.Maybe there's a reason why I'm nervous right now and I just can't figure out what is it yet.I mean, going to Mr. DiLaurentiis' class is enough reason to thrill me.After all, that conversation that I had with him still lives in my mind rent-free.I took a deep breath before I opened the door of our classroom and entered.I roamed my eyes around the surroundings.He's still not here. . .A few of my classmates are already inside busy doing their things.It's still so early for class that's why half of my classmates aren't still here.I guess, I got a little bit excited and went here earlier and I should be. I have no idea why. . .I sat on the chair not so far away from the board. I made sure to reserve the seat beside me for Molly.Molly is my classmate in this class and she's still in her other class that's why she's not here yet a
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Chapter 8: The Devil Works Hard
Adriana's POV"Are you okay?" Molly whispered to me the moment Mr. DiLaurentiis finally let me sit back down on my chair.I nodded my head absentmindedly.I can't believe I got called to meet him after class. Never in my whole life I got called to the teacher's office, and most importantly, I never failed to answer a question.What is happening to me?I didn't know the answer to his question? How did that happen? This is not me. I never go to school unprepared."Hey, you sure you're okay?" Molly asked again.I nodded."Are you. . . sure?" Molly asked once again that made me look at her."Yeah, why?""Adri, your hands. . ." Molly pointed to my hands.I quickly heaved a deep sigh and fixed my posture. I didn't realize that I balled my fist tightly.I smiled at Molly. "Sorry. . . I'm okay.""Do you want me to go with you to talk to Mr. DiLaurentiis later?"I shook my head at Molly's question. "No, I can do it."She nodded. "Okay. . . but don't be nervous. Just tell him that you weren't p
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Chapter 9: Valedictorian
Adriana's POVI massaged my temple as I tried to focus on my class.I wanted to focus on the discussion to prevent myself from making the same mistake I did in Mr. DiLaurentiis class but as much as I wanted to, I felt like talking to him drained all of my energy.I heaved a deep sigh as I tried to focus all of my attention on my professor talking in front.I could not get that into my head."For a quick recap of the lesson discussed today, let's have a quiz," my professor announced.My heart started beating fast inside my chest.Oh gosh.I tried my hardest to listen to what he was discussing earlier, I should be fine. . . right?My professor wasted no time, he started his 15-item quiz the moment we were all settled.The whole quiz, I was almost fidgeting with nervousness.I did answer every question, thankfully. Although I am not a hundred percent sure that I got everything right, I did answer every single question in the quiz.I'm almost 90 percent confident that I will do good on th
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