Chapter 4

Hoodies had some way of making me feel safe. That it had been the clothing I had worn when Greg almost took advantage of me was the reason.

It had taken him a lot of minutes trying to pull it off, giving me a chance to slam a kick into his groin—the best moment of my life.

But now this gigantic hoodie was doing nothing to shield me from the coldness in Enzo's eyes, blonde hair slicked back just like Greg's, and his grey eyes held all the disgust he had for me.

Surely Greg would have told him about me, and this had to be Greg's way of punishing me.

Standing before them, hoodie cap over my head, eyes to the floor, but a few times raising my lash to stare at them, to see Greg's doting eyes on Enzo, whose heated gaze was on me.

This was Greg's office, where his father's Art and photo frames were stuck to the wall. When I worked here with my mum, this was my favourite place to clean, intentionally spending hours in here but making sure not to touch any ammunition.

The last time I had been here was the day we were sent away, my mother's pleas and cries still resounding in my ears. Later she told me it was for the best, for Greg couldn't get to me anymore.

But here I was, about to sell myself.

I pressed my lids together, feeling my chest tightening.

""ona nekrasivaya, Greg," -she's ugly, Greg- he suddenly spat after minutes of silence. "Those glasses, what is she blind?"

I ground my teeth against each other, feeling pure hate spreading to every inch of my body; I wrapped my hands around myself for comfort.

"If you are looking for beautiful, my friend, then your inheritance is of no use to you" I heard the noise of a lighter. Soon the smell of a burning Cigar filled my nose, "On the brighter side, you have a submissive bitch who's ready to do your bidding, get your right, and you can do anything you want with her."

It hurt to know that I had the same blood in my veins as Greg, yet he was ready, so damn prepared to sell me out before he could help my mother.

I heard footsteps coming close, and raising my head, I met with Enzo, greys looking into my face; finally, with a grunt, he reached and Yanked my hoodie cap from my head.

With him this close to me, it was becoming hard to breathe; I felt like clutching at my chest or racing for the closed door and calling all of this quits.

But knowing what was at stake...You can do this, Lily, I urged myself inwardly, seeing him reach for my glasses and pull them off.

I blinked a couple of times, still staring at him in the face, struggling to hide the trembling that was beginning to envelop me.

"She's Ugly, but she will do," he handed my glasses back to me, then turning his back on me, he began to walk back to Greg.

With my fingers twitching, I blurted, "Since it's agreed, can I get the money now? I promise I'll marry you and all, but I'll appreciate it if my mum begins her treatment first."

Greg tilted his head back before blowing out a massive puff of smoke from his nose and mouth, "Yes, Lily, give you the money to treat your mum without fulfilling your part of the deal. Isn't that just how business works?"

My shoulders dropped as tears filled my eyes; I clenched my fist, moving towards him, "I swear I'll do my best, but my mother is dying. Greg, please do something and stop acting like a jerk."

It was too late to catch myself in time; my fury had overtaken me.

Greg narrowed his eyes as Enzo sat back on the office chair to watch the show that was about to take place.

He shook his head, his voice still calm, but I knew better, "You don't want to go down that part with me, little cousin; what do you think? There won't be other girls ready to jump into this opportunity, one more disrespect. He pointed his Cigar towards me, "And this will be the end of every damn agreement,"

"Fine, fine" I shut my eyes, opening them with renewed determination; I inquired, "When's the wedding."

Enzo threw a red box to the floor, and it stopped just right at my feet, "Next tomorrow, for now, you'll be coming with me,"

I bent down and picked the box from the floor, and seeing the diamond wedding ring glittering up at me, reminding me of what I was about to get myself into, I shut it immediately.

"I'll come back tomorrow," I concluded, leaving.

Before I reached the door, it was suddenly shut, my brows knitted in confusion, halting on my steps; I turned to complain when Enzo approached me.

He stood before me, leaning down and glaring into my face, "Listen here, Lily, from now on, when I say stay, you do that. I repeat myself twice, and you find out what happens when you fuck around, alright."

The rage on his face was evidence that I had angered him; I couldn't believe this was what I was going into.

I looked past him to Greg, who shrugged, "Do what he says, Lily."

I nodded. "Ok, fine" I looked into his eyes, a sad smile on my face, "Yes, your majesty, I guess."

He straightened up, "Now put the fucking ring on."


It's my wedding, and also the saddest day of my life.

I stared at the mirror, my reflection in a white, sleeveless wedding dress, reaching the veil stuck to a crown on my head. In the meantime, it was pulled back.

As per his request, I had not worn my glasses, and my eyes hurt from the high illumination of the room.

Ironically, I had never looked so beautiful in my entire life; I was a fairy in this dress right now. Everything on me sparkled, but the heaviness of my heart was the trashiest.

I had stayed here for the past two days, in Dimitri's Villa. I hadn't seen Enzo since he drove me right here.

The wedding was already set even before I came in. Only the gown was rushed, for Enzo, who had not known his wife two days ago, didn't know how she weighed.

The room I had been given in Dimitri's manor was so luxurious it was hard to eat without thinking about my mother and Eva.

I wished the wedding had gone faster to get the money quickly.

The girl who had helped with my dressing came into the room, and smiling at me, she announced, "Your ride is waiting, Signora,"

I smiled at her appreciatively, before she turned and left me in the room.

I inhaled deeply before giving myself what I decided was one last glance at the mirror, then turning my back to it, I began to walk out of the room.

When my phone rang.

Frowning, I returned to my cell phone on the phone, picked it up, and frowned when I noticed it was an unknown number.

I let it ring away, but on the second call, I received it and placed it against my right ear.

"Lily Sil—"

Eva's sobbing cut me off. Her voice was hoarse like she had been crying for hours; she gasped and stuttered, struggling to get the news across to me.

I felt the darkness, the taste of loss and loneliness.

Although Eva hadn't spilled it yet, I somehow knew what it was; nothing could make Eva cry that hard.

So dropping the phone back on the bed, with rigid steps and an unfixable heart, I curled into a ball on the floor and wept.

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Patricia Cooper
So it was all for nothing her mother died anyway at least she found out before she married that asshole

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