Claiming the Billionaires Frosty Heart

Claiming the Billionaires Frosty Heart

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His gaze held me. Fine dark eyes. Those eyes… where had I seen them… Then it hit me. The snob at the club. What was he doing in Mr Hendricks house and in the young Master's room? Wait… Was he an old servant I hadn't met or a new man servant? I scanned him. He looked nothing like a servant. The aura from him felt nothing like the one a servant could possess. His eyes pinched and he took a step towards me. "Did you not just hear me? What are you doing in my house?" His tone was icy. His house? There was only one person aside from Mr Hendricks that could say those words... Young master, Jay Adams! I looked at him again and hell the resemblance struck me. My jaw hung open and for a moment I felt my body go numb. *********** Jay Adams was a perfect man. More like a demigod that commanded both wealth and power. Women swooned over him and wanted a taste of him but he hated women. He does not believe in love. Beneath the tough exterior, beneath his million dollar tuxedo and his coldness were his flaws. And then there was Karen, a complete opposite of him. Poor with a sick father, a sister to cater for and saddled with debts. What will happen when these two cross paths?

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KAREN ANDERSON "Boss, she is here."I heard the man that has led me in said to another man who was seated on a sofa. He was sipping from one of the glasses filled with liquor and ice. And it was he that I came to find. He was called Capon, a loan shark. He lowered the glass of wine back onto the table, reached for the saucer that held the remains of finished cigarettes and a fresh fat cigar stick and slipped into his mouth. His face roughened up more than it already was and his eyes pinched as the heavy smoke escaped his nostrils and mouth dancing randomly into space. All these while he acted like he never saw me, like I wasn't even standing before him. My teeth gritted but that was as much as it could go. "Capon hates to be interrupted. You must wait until he speaks to you before you speak." His man, the one that led me in had told me right at the door before we walked in. My eyes darted across the large room. It was the VIP section of the nightclub. Only the elites dared to
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KAREN ANDERSONI refused to let myself get excited about her offer. All I smelt from it was danger. She scanned around the place looking for what I had no idea about. "How about you show me your skills… go ahead, seduce that man over there successfully and I will write off your debt," she said and as though she hadn't said the most ridiculous thing ever, she lifted the glass onto her lips and gulped down the entire content of it. I looked at her, hoping she would tell me she was joking. Only that she didn't look one bit like she was joking. "What are you doing? You won't do it? Oh, I thought you were desperate to write off your debt. I guess I thought wrong…""I will do it…" I blurted. Yes, I wasn't thinking straight. Anyone in my shoes had no right to be thinking straight."I will do it," I repeated as if she hadn't heard me the first time. She chuckled and lowered herself onto the sofa. Where her husband had stood from. Capon was still standing and with his eyes pleading, hop
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KAREN ANDERSON"Sis! Wake up!"I heard my sister's voice in my dream. But It sounded too close. Too real to be just a dream. I rolled away, away from the sound. But it came again. This time, closer than the first time. Then I felt something spank my body and my eyes fluttered open from the sudden pain."Lily?" I mumbled, staring up at the brown eyes before me. "Do you know what the time is right now?" She asked with a deliberate frown. I rubbed my eyes. I still wanted to sleep. My eyes felt heavy. It was as though I had just shut my eyes to sleep only to be woken up. "Time? Why?" She sighed exasperatedly. "It's almost 8:00am. Aren't you going to work today? Big sis, don't tell me you have been fired?" She added with a suspicious frown. Work? "Work!" I jumped up from the bed. "Shit! How did I oversleep…" I dashed into the bathroom and turned on the shower and began to bathe. "I did the chores and helped dad take his bath and eat. Eat something before you leave for work! I'm
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KAREN ANDERSON "Who are you?"I heard a commanding voice behind me. Startled, I turned sharply to see a pair of unfriendly dark eyes shooting right up at me."Shit!"I quickly started to climb down the ladder. But I mistakenly missed a step and my grip on the ladder went loose the next second. I heard the creaking sound from the ladder and felt my feet slipping away from the rungs of the ladder and next I saw my dear self flying in the air. My heart raced as a sense of dread enveloped me. And the only thing I imagined that moment as I fell was being moved around in a wheelchair. Just like Dad. The tears in Dad and Lilly's face. How Capon and every other debtee we owed will run riot in our home and our house would be taken. Lily would drop out of school. Father's treatment will stop and…"What are you doing? Won't you get down?""Huh…"My eyes flicked open and I was met with a scowling face and strong arms holding me up. Frightened, I jumped with my buttocks nearly landing roughly
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KAREN'S POV"I'm sorry, Karen. You can't work here anymore."Mr Hendricks turned and walked back into his room. I watched, rooted to the spot and only heard the faint sound of the door as it went shut. Everything else went blank. My body went cold as the realization of what had just happened began to dawn on me. I had other part time jobs but none of their pay was half close to what Mr Hendricks had agreed to pay me working part time as a maid in Adam’s mansion. "Father… Lily…" What was I supposed to do now? What was going to happen to Father's treatment and Lilly's upkeep?I forced myself to blink back to the moment. Swallowed as I felt my palms suddenly drenched. I pressed it down against my apron, turned and started out of the corridor. I was taking off my apron and trying to change back into my clothes when Mrs Caro came into the changing room."What have you done?" She queried quirkily and her lips pursed. I guessed Mr Hendricks had told her already. "I'm sorry Mrs Caro,
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KAREN'S POV“Speak with me about what?”A voice sounded behind us. I froze. I didn't need to look to know the owner of the voice. It's iciness alone sent shivers down my spine. I wondered what would happen if I finally faced him. Ploddingly, I turned. His eyes pinched at the sight of me. Displeasure creased across his forehead. “You…what are you doing in my premises?” Okay it was now or never. I told myself and in a flash I took two steps and next I fell to my knees before him. “I'm sorry I know I shouldn't be here. But… I need this job. Please. I really need this job for my family…I beg of you. I swear I won't be a trouble and I would never step foot into your room or anywhere else I am not needed…please…”“Please Jay, can you reconsider?” Mr Hendricks threw in. “Father… you know we can't make an exception. We have been holding this tradition for years. We can't wake up one morning and make an exception for just one person.”“We humans make rules and we humans also break the
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KAREN'S POV“Oh, I'm sorry…I hadn't seen you coming this way…” I apologized hastily. He looked at me, his forehead crinkling with displeasure.Before he went back on his word and fired me again just for the fact that I mistakenly bumped into him, I took to my heels. He could be that crazy. “Miss Karen,” He called and I halted.“I let you work here but I never said you were allowed to show your face before me. Don't let me see your face in this house until you leave.”What was I supposed to do? Cut off my face? Disappear magically at the sight of him? Or maybe develop some extraordinary sense of smell so that when I sniff him around, I would vanish. Did he think I would willingly wish to bump into him?He was a nightmare!Damn him!“And, are you just getting to work now?”“Uh, I… I'm sorry. It's just…”He started towards me. “Are you sure you still want this job? Where is the zeal you employed to plead to get this job back?”“It won't happen again.”He stopped a few inches from me.
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JAY'S POVI don't know. I felt like I was being unreasonable. Maybe I shouldn't have yelled at her. But that was for the best. People like her were never to be underestimated. You show them a little compassion and they go wild. But that morning I noticed she looked exhausted while I reprimanded her for being late to work. It was annoying that it kept bothering me. “She was so quick and looked so determined when she pleaded for the job. Now what? She is coming to work late and showing her face before me.” I scoffed. “Is everything alright, Chairman?” My executive assistant, Hugo Lorris inquired. “Just drive.” “Yes sir.”I picked up a magazine in the car seat beside me and began to skim through it. As usual the stock rates for the shares of Adams group was making waves in the stock market.Pleased, I shut my eyes and rested my head backwards on my seat. “How is the preparations for the redevelopment going?” I asked between shut eyes. “Everything is set sir. We can only await fo
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KAREN'S POVI was going to sit for an interview later that day. Thankfully the company had informed me ahead. That morning, I set off for Adams mansion quite early. Earlier than I had ever been there for work. Neither Mrs Rhoda nor Mrs Caro or any other maid had signed in by the time I arrived. I had no idea if my arrogant boss had left for work or was still around. Not like I cared anyways. Halfway into my chores, the bell rang indicating that someone was at the door. I quickly set down the rag I held to get the door but Mr Jay beat me to it. An average tall looking man walked in. In his arms was a wooden yet fancy basket containing a flower bouquet and Chateau Lafite-Rotschild wine. He stopped as he stepped inside and flashed his teeth at Mr Jay. “Hello, Chairman Jay Adams.”“Mr Carlos Fowler. What brought you to my home this early? I reckon it must be important.”Carlos Fowler let out a short chuckle. He strode further into the house, walked to the centre table and placed t
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KAREN'S POVWhen I opened my eyes, I found myself in a strange but refreshing room. It was a somewhat familiar room making me briefly wonder in my sleepy state how I had known such a fine room in my life. My eyes fell on the backside of a familiar figure. At the same time, the figure stirred and snored lightly.I jerked and quickly sat up. A proper look around and it dawned on me that I was in Mr Jay's room. What was I doing in his room? How was I there…Last I remember I had arrived work earlier…and…oh…I sighed as it all started to come back to me. That creepy Mr Carlos. I breathed letting my eyes roam the room a bit before it finally fell on him again. He was sleeping soundly now. “Thank goodness.”When I brought him in, he looked to be at the verge of slipping into oblivion. His pulse kept on deteriorating even though he had clearly told me to not call the emergency unit. I was momentarily tempted to. I thought he was going to die. With his body burning so much came his mum
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