Will You?

Will You?

By:  Master Light James  Completed
Language: English
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Cara is a first time divorcee settling down to a life of quiet independence, but a strange attraction to her friend's yummy son is threatening to make her lose her senses. 19-year old Lance is your typical teenager – raging hormones and all. He's stupid enough to get attracted to a single mom twice his age. Call it love or lust, but Lance's mother, Carol, calls it forbidden. Carol declares her son out of bounds to cougars, but her friend can't keep her hands off him. Eventually, it falls to Lance to decide whose side he would take. Will he choose his mother? Or his lover?

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Lucy H
I hope the author would post more books in this platform. I love this unconventional love story, and the story-telling is really good.
2021-08-02 20:18:32
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Dylan Vaughn
This book was a fantastic read to the very end but, the only con I have is the way the book just abruptly stops at the best part of the story.
2021-01-18 13:44:08
user avatar
Masese Wesley
interesting and intriguing piece, I just love it
2020-12-25 23:49:08
23 Chapters
PART I - Chapter 1
"Hey, honey," Carol called as she beat eggs in a shallow pan. "Yeah, Mom," Lance mumbled weakly as he dragged his feet over to his busy mother in the kitchen. She had seen him passing by and was glad at the good timing. "Are you free? I need you to take a DVD to someone." She was bustling all around the kitchen as she spoke. "Why not just stream it over?", he grumbled. "It's a DVD, sweety, not a porn video." He blushed as he recalled when his mother had caught him streaming a leaked porn video with his friend, Dylan. "By the way," she continued, now sure of success in breaking down his resistance. "It's just videos of a programme I launched some time ago, so it's too important to be trusted with your software thing." "Come on, Mom," he sighed and rolled his eyes, but she didn't see him. "Thanks dear, I'm grateful." "So who's the person?" "Oh it's Cara. Sh
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Chapter 2
Lance woke up the next day feeling weirdly happy and eager. Unlike most mornings, he could remember what he dreamed last night. It was all about Cara, the beautiful woman whom he had a secret crush on. The intensity of this crush increased by leaps and bounds the more he saw her. Today, he was feeling the need to see her again. That need you get when you've had a hurried glimpse or taste of something. Now, he was beginning to wonder if her eyes were blue or green. "Hello sleepyhead," his mother hailed as she walked past. "Thought I'd catch you in bed. Breakfast's ready!" "Morning, Mom," he murmured as he stepped out of his room. He followed her and went to the sitting room, while she stopped at the dining. There, he slumped down on a sofa and turned on the TV. "Won't you eat your breakfast?" "In a minute," he called back. "What! Get your lazy ass over here, boy. Don't want you lacking those important vitamins." 
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Chapter 3
When Lance woke up, he was sprawled on the bed with no idea of the time. The room was just beginning to get illuminated by the light of dawn and he was buck naked, lying on his back on the queen-sized bed in... not his room for sure. Then the memories of the previous evening rushed into his head. He was in Cara's room. He remembered the marathon sex they had and how they both fell asleep due to sheer exhaustion. But right now, she wasn't at his side and he wasn't surprised. She must have come to her senses and become flooded by guilt, the same guilt he was feeling. Or perhaps it was hate, hatred for him and for what he had done? Would she report him to his mother? Oh, his mother! He jumped off the bed and went in search of his clothes. He found his shirt on Cara's cosmetics kit and both his trousers and boxers near the door. He searched his trouser pockets for his phone as he looked around for his shoes. He found the right leg under the bed and the left one
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Chapter 4
"Where is he?", Lance asked his friend as he squinted at the small football pitch. "Can't see him.""Over there," Rex said, pointing to a young boy wearing the No. 11 shirt. "Oh yeah? He sure looks like Diego Maradona." "A bit taller, though," Rex shrugged as he gulped the rest of his water. Lance laughed at the remark and leaned back to enjoy the game which was just about to begin. They were among other parents, guardians and family members seated in the stands, watching their little men play in the school's football practice match. Lance and Rex had been coaching Rex's little brother, Chase, for weeks and they had promised to drop by to cheer him on and watch him score as many goals as he could. "Go get 'em, Chase!", Rex hailed and hooted from the stands as the whistle was blown for kick-off. But trouble began immediately. He and Lance kept their eye on Chase as he tried to fight off an opponent who was trying
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Chapter 5
Lance was still in mourning three days after his confirmation of Cara's hatred for him. If she still hadn't told his mother about what they.. he.. had done, then perhaps she never would. But that didn't stop him from regretting his actions that evening. He spent two days trying to figure out what he could have done differently. It was on the third day that he realized that there was nothing he could have done differently, but one thing he should never have done: going to her house for no sensible reason. One thing he knew though was that he owed her an apology, but when would he ever have the chance to deliver it? **His eyes on the ground, Lance was focused on kicking anything and everything in sight as he approached his home. He had just finished playing in a high-stake tennis match which he had lost 6-0 6-3 to a neighbor and longtime rival. On a good day, he would have easily floored Dennis, but the whole situation with Cara had completely thrown him off form.
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Chapter 6
Lance was happy with his work of developing software and web design, though he knew that someday he'd have to go to college, just to satisfy his mom. She was bent on him getting a degree. He thought she was old school, but the truth was that she feared that the ease with which he was making money now would be the same ease with which he would not be able to make such money in the near future. She really did not fully understand what he was doing, but she had the firm belief that whatever came easy left easy. Lance would be 20 in a few days and Carol wanted to at least have a party for him at the house. A real party. One where he'd be given the chance to invite everyone he'd like to invite. She was proud of him and she wanted him happy, even though he wasn't making her very happy by still not applying for college, but she wouldn't stop reminding him. She wanted to tell the entire neighborhood that her son and only child wasn't a good-for-nothing lazy bum. He
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Chapter 7
"Haven't seen him since he dropped me off last night... Perhaps... Yeah, try that... Okay... Don't worry, he'll turn up soon enough... Denada." Then she dropped the phone and turned to look at Lance who was just then walking into the kitchen and throwing on his shirt. "Your mom's looking everywhere for you," she said, eyeing his naked torso. "Yeah. Umm.. how's Lisa?" "She's fine. At my sister's. She'll be back this afternoon." He simply nodded and with no idea of what else to say, he padded toward the door. "Won't you eat something?", Cara asked from behind. "Umm.. no. I'm fine. Thanks." Then he pulled open the door. Cara thought he was gone, but when she didn't hear the door close, she looked up, only to find him staring back at her. That look, it was the look that made her feel all the wrong, sweet things in all the wrong, sweet places. She swallowed or rather, tried to as she h
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Chapter 8
It'd been well over a month since the last time Lance spent the night in Cara's bed. Within this period, they'd grown closer in more ways than one, but not close enough for Cara to be careless. That was why she always came up with excuses whenever he asked to spend the night at her place. On those days when she couldn't get out of it without promising something, she would agree to sex in his car or hers, parked in a quiet, deserted area.On one such days, they were almost caught by a policeman whom she knew, if not for Lance's agility in jumping to the driver seat and driving out of the area before the cop could find out exactly what had caused the car to vibrate so much. After that narrow escape, Cara swore there and then never again to be fully naked while having sex in a car.But that was far from being the only thing they engaged in. Dinner and going to the movies were other things they did too, always at night of course, to reduce the risk of being seen by someone
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Chapter 9
Cara had just finished inspecting the work the young man had done on the pool. It wasn't a good job, it was a superb job! By himself, he had done what she never believed two people could do, and in less time too. Getting someone to clean the pool was something she had been postponing day after day just as she had been postponing getting enough exercise to trim down the excess fat that was now building up in her body. She had always been chubby, but certainly not obese and she had no wish to make the progression. Waking up this morning, she had suddenly felt the need to do something physical. But when she looked out of her window at the pool, it was a mess! There was no way in hell she'd consider swimming in such a gutter. Long disuse had turned it into exactly that: an unkempt gutter. So she quickly picked up her phone and dialed the guy that mowed her lawn, fixed her faucet and other such odd jobs around the house. She was relieved when he told her that he
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PART II - Chapter 10
**FEW MONTHS LATER** Lance had been struck by surprise when his mother invited him to accompany her to her friend's birthday party, which would also double as a get-together of classmates of a girls community college that Carol and the celebrant had both attended. Lance was supposed to wear a tuxedo, certainly not something he did often. But the worst part was the bow tie. Carol had only given him a few hours notice, asking him to wear this and that, and look such and such. So the poor young man began prancing about in front of a computer screen an hour before the 8pm attendance time. Apparently, the DIY YouTube videos were not so easy to follow. His mother soon noticed his dilemma."Maybe you should stand exactly the way the guy's standing, instead of facing him," she suggested."Seriously? That would mean I'd have to turn my back to him, so how do I get to see him?""Get a mirror. And we're only minute
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