The Wild King

The Wild King

By:  Rita Macedo  Ongoing
Language: English
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"They're both dead." King states. "Let's wait at front until the Sheriff arrives."I'm a 17 years old Chippewa descendant, a high school senior from Grand Portage, Minnesota.First day of school when I'm going back home, I see someone on the School Bus that I haven't seen in five years. King Thunderbird.The animal attacks start and suddenly three people are brutally killed.Who's the killer?Will the fourth victim uncovered the identity of the killer?

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Jazsime Angeles
I'm enjoying this book but as a lady from Scotland I wish there was a translation of what they say in the other language, this author has written a story that sucks you in to her world. so far 10/10.
2021-06-17 17:32:10
27 Chapters
I'm still annoying . 01
It's September, so it's not cold.It's so good not be wrapped in pounds of clothing.I take almost an hour to commute from Grand Marais, to the community center on my hometown Grand Portage.Only a few miles shy of the Canadian Border, in the easternmost point of Minnesota on the Arrowhead is a small community called Grand Portage and it's loaded with Native American history and natural beauty.I'm just a 17 year old girl that happens to live there. There are not a lot of kids.My name is Ziigwan, that means Spring, but everyone calls me Zig. Except my mom when she's mad.My mom works at the community center here, a teacher at the Oshki Ogimaag Charter School.Unfortunately I could only attend that school until 6th grade.After that, I started to live with my grandparents in Grand Marais during winter months, because it's too cold for me to commute that many miles to school every day.Over 40 miles and one hour trip.
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Ride to School . 02
Buzz buzz buzzMy cell phone is buzzing.Alarm.6:15Got to get up.Okay. Let's get dressed. Breakfast's in fourty minutes.I'm wearing a skirt today, I don't care. I have to enjoy the warm days before the snow hits the fan. So to speak.I love fashionable clothes and I'm always bothering my mom to go shopping for them.I just get four to five months a year of semi-warm weather to wear real clothes. The rest of the year is too cold for trying.I'm wearing an tight short short short black skirt and mid thigh high black boots. Blue floaty blouse and a black motorcycle jacket.To complete the look, a messy bun, soft make-up but thick eyeliner.The lipstick is nude."That will do."7:05 I'm ready.Get my gym bag, toss my books into a big black tote bag and go downstairs."Mom, can we go see Jessica this weekend...""Hi Ziig." Ogi says."Oh... I did not hear the doorbell
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Both dead . 03
"I cannot believe you took more time to get ready than me. And I put make-up on." I shake my head to express my surprise."I didn't want to get out of that shower. It felt too good. Sorry." He scratched the back of his hear laughing."Can we go to the Diner? Tiffany begged me to go." I ask him."Ugh. Do we have to?" He say with pleading eyes."What about... we get a milkshake real quick. Stay for 15 minutes tops. Just oblige me, Myeengun. I promise you will like it." I try to lure him."Fine. Let's go. I guess you need to eat something after that non-existing lunch you took." He sullenly said."What? I had a big breakfast."When we arrived, I saw the tension in Cole's face. He smiled anyways."Hi guys. Look what this kitty cat dragged in." I say to the group.A big group.Britney and Hunter were eating each other faces. Tiffany and Katie were talking to each other. Molly, Cole, Tucker and Logan were in a separate
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Sleep it off . 04
"What's going on?" I asked him "Tell me. Just tell me.""How did you know that those women were dead?" I asked again."I can't tell you, Ziig." He says finally."What? Why not?" I ask him."I just can't.""Look. Is really weird that you came back and suddenly you think you're my bodyguard." I paused, shifting my weight to my left leg. "I don't need that kind of treatment. We're friends. We will always be friends. I care about you and you care about me. I got it, but why are you acting like you need to protect me from your own father? Are you keeping up?" I'm starting to fume."No. You should go downstairs now.""You're obviously kidding me... " I storm out.Downstairs, I asked the trio. "what is going on?""The sheriff is a friend and called me to make sure you and Ogimaa were okay.Are you okay?" Mr Binesi asked."Yes. Ogimaa helped me and all our friends at the Diner. We're just shocked. Nothing really ha
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He didn't answer . 05
Buzz buzz buzz6:15Alarm.Seriously, I was out last night. As my head hit the pillow I probably started to snore.I was so tired. It was such a long day.Buzz buzz buzz6:20Alarm.Let's get dressed. Jump out off bed.Breakfast's in thirty minutes. I got a lot of make-up to put on my face today to try to conceal those bags and darkness under my eyes.I'm dressing simple today. Skinny black jeans, ripped over my knees and under my butt. Red tank top. Black wedge boots. Black satin duster jacket.A black choker and my hair down straight.Smokey eyes and red lipstick.Grab my black tote bag. I didn't even took anything out yesterday. Well, I got no time.Run downstairs and literally swallow the breakfast.7:00"Sorry mom. It was the make-up." I say while eating."Slow down. You have to eat properly. He'll wait 5 minutes. He won't die." My mom laughs."You're ri
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Act accordingly . 06
"Ogi, what tha funk are you talking about? That's a Hollywood movie, not real life. Wake up.""Just calm down or else you will act suspicious in front of all these people.""Let just get to next class. I'll be fine by then." I rush past him.The rest of the afternoon went smoothly.It's Wednesday and usually the practice is thougher on hump day. Today was not, well it was business as usual, but strangely it was easier for me.I think I'm faster and don't get that tired. Maybe it's just the adrenaline from recently been a victim of Ogi and life."I'm so hungry. my stomach is eating itself. Urgh." I cry out in the locker room."I would tell you to go to that Diner, but you know..." McKenzie said.McKenzie is that typical bitchy girl, that is always rolling her eyes, saying 'Whatever' and 'Loser', undermining everyone that is, in her mind, a threat."Jeez, McKenzie, you're going to hell for sure..." I snap back."Oh,
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Super weird conversation . 07
"You're on edge..." Ogi tells me when we get to the car."McKenzie... is just... Urgh!""You're afraid that people notice your pull towards me. They all already have. Just stop fighting it.""I have no idea of what you are talking about... I mean. We're friends." I say stoically."Well, we don't need to be more than friends... just you keep lying to yourself and that's when your pain grows. Meaning. I got used to it and manage to function without much-needed closeness, but you... you'll find it an impossible task if you deny it even exists." He tells me calmly."When did you become a philosophy master?" I ask."I had to deal with a lot in the past six years. That's it." He shared."I see. So, how weird it would be if I place my hand in your neck?" I ask afraid of sounding desperate."That's an interesting choice, but okay. I wouldn't be offended. Neither would I look too much into it." He says.I immediately place my lef
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Strong link . 08
Buzz buzz buzz6:15Alarm.Get immediately out of bed. I'm fresh as a leaf today. Guess that nap wrapped in Ogi had some positive effects.Great.What am I wearing today? Oversized white shirt, white skinny jeans. Camel cardigan and ankle boots. Wavy beach hair, light make-up but purple lipstick. Purple tote bag.I think I've overdone it today, but I don't care. I love it.Me: Can you come inside? I'm a tiny, little late. Sorry!Ogi: O.k.. C'ya soon.And I'm freaking late. Urgh!7:00"Mom, I'm late." I yell, descending the stairs."I know. Sit down.""Ogi is already here." I smile."And got some awful news." My mom adds."Indeed. I was just telling Mrs. Woods that Sheriff called my father last night to inform that a person that was found dead in Covill motel. it's a man, late 50's. Animal attack." He says."Oh my. That's terrible. Horrible news. What is going on? Rabies?"
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We have to graduate . 09
"Ogimaa, you had six years to get used to it. I'm seventeen and thought I knew all it was there to know about myself. I'm sorry if this is not easy for me to swallow." I pause " I don't even know if you're not having a psychotic episode and I'm getting convinced of something that is not real."He starts to come back to the car and strip his clothes."Shit." I let out "what if someone sees?""If you don't believe it yourself, even with your family background... Do you think a tourist will believe his or her eyes?""No." I simply reply. He was only with boxers shorts.I don't think anybody is around here anyways. This is a pretty remote access to the woods and the car is really close to the trees."Okay. Here goes nothing." He declares "Take the car keys, my flower."I run to his side and store the keys inside one of my many pockets, zipping it."Okay, just let me kiss you first."I look up to him and
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Open window .10
"Your mate was born on a snow moon and Great Spirits Moon. First full moon of the year. He's not white, is he?" My father asked as it was nothing."He's dark brown, almost black. And you?" I ask with shaking hands and voice."I'm plain grey. Like the wonderful Canis Lupus. Just bigger. We thought you wouldn't be like me, since your mom is not Anishinaabe. Looks like she is. Not pure of course, but not as far as it looks." He pause " Pure was an awful word to use. I'm sorry my love." And kisses my mom's hand."That's why we're only having this conversation now?""Yes. Until now, you didn't need to know." He answers "Your mom told me 5 or 6 years ago that little wolf was acting strange. I told her who he was. She also expressed concern about you and him. I wrongly dismissed any imprinting on you. I thought you didn't have enough Anishinaabe blood to be his mate.""Both Grandma and Grandpa are Chippewa descendants, I didn't know that." My mom adds.
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