All Started With A Revenge

All Started With A Revenge

By:  Pearl  Completed
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Living a double standard of lives is always very difficult for wizards and it becomes even more difficult when half of the magical world has already been destroyed by the evil dragons and the leftover kingdoms were living under the sword of getting conquered. In this deadly situation. Marcus and Mars who were also the victims of the attack survived since the age of 10. Their father, the king Richard was declared dead when people saw him falling down the abyss and didn’t return back even after 15 years and their mother, Queen Vincent slipped into a state of coma after her encounter with the strongest killing spell. Both the twin princes somehow grew up got educated both ways i.e wizardry education and the muggles way of education. MARCUS, the elder twin prince turned out to be the famous, rude and ruthless business tycoon of the country whereas MARS his 5 minutes younger brother grown up as kind and humble Doctor. One and the only thing is common in both is that both they want to take the revenge from the murderer of their father. Unfortunately, No one was there to answer their numerous questions about who in actual attacked their kingdom and killed their father.Jacob a betrayer minister grew them and took care of them, manipulative the children innocent mind to attack according to him. He sparks the flames in their heart.* Will the princes ever can take their revenge?*Will ever Queen woke up, unfolds the truth?* Will dragon get what they deserve?

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Deepti Gupta
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2020-12-23 19:53:29
49 Chapters
Prologue and Chapter- 1 "Sugar candy"
       PROLOGUE   Living a double standard of life is always very difficult for wizards, and it becomes even more difficult when half of the magical world has already been
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2. Try your luck.
CHAPTER-2 “TRY YOUR LUCK” Next morning, A maid came into the room with a tray of breakfast for Olivia. She put the tray on the side table and walked towards the floor-ceiling window and removed the curtains of the window, Olivia woke up with the noise, her eyes were dazzled with the light, she involuntarily raised her hand to block her eyes. "Good morning Miss", the maid looked at Olivia and greeted her, "Who are you?"   " Where am I?"  she groggily asked with a heavy head.   "My head..aaahh..." She groaned holding her head and looked around.
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3. Escape
  He was coming out of the door and a hand-blocked his way. "What are you doing, Marcus?" he turned to the voice of his twin brother Mars. He shamelessly looked into his eyes. "Don't you know what it is?" he rudely asked gawking his brows at Mars  "WHO IS THAT GIRL? Mars yelled points his index fingers towards Olivia who is crying on the bed. Marcus immediately closed the door. "That's my revenge! None of your business!" he shouted. "It's not an act of revenge, have you gone mad? she is innocent, you cannot punish her for the sins of others." Mars scowls. "I want her to feel the pain the same way we lived our lives," Marcus ruthlessly replied Mars wrapped his arm around Marcus’s shoulder and tried to calm down his anger, "Brother, I understand your feelings, I also want him to pay for his sins, but not like this way, send this girl back to her house, she is innocent, Don't drag her it i
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4.Severely Injured
After that, a black Porsche stopped near her and a well-built man in black came out of the car and took her away. Passing through the woods, the car went back in the same direction and entered the Golden Gate. The driver stopped the car near the main gate of the mansion. The tall man in black came out of the car, holding Olivia in his arms and stepped into the mansion, Marcus was standing on the first floor and seeing the man carrying Olivia in his arms, her face touching his chest and his hands clutching her chest and legs, Marcus's face turned red, with the snap of his fingers he reaches the man and grabbed Olivia from his hand and carefully put her on the sofa. "Master, the lady, is severely injured", The man said pointing at her legs. He is Tom the main guard of Marcus, Marcus turned his eyes on to her, rolling his eyes on her he noticed her pale face, and she has scratches all over her body because of the thorns of the forest, blisters broke out
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5. Hypocrite
  The moment she opened her eyes, he rushed over and stood by the bed. "Sugar candy?" He looked down at her, still smiling with care and joy that had never been before. Olivia stared blankly at him for a long time seemingly struggling to remember something. "Oh? don't pretend you have a memory loss?" he laughed "Welcome back." "How can I forget a demon?" Olivia scoffed   "Aoouch!" she groaned. she pressed her fractured wrist while trying to sit, He grabbed her softly from her shoulder and help her sit, put two soft pillows behind her to support her back. The nurse came forward to her and checked Olivia's heart rate and blood pressure, "She is fine now." the nurse said to Marcus, He sighed and raised his hand and the nurse left the room. Olivia was shocked to see her injuries, When did she get so many wounds? she looked lost. Marcus sits near to her and looking at he
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6. Shocked
  A nurse entered Olivia's room and tried to calm her down and injected her sedative so that she can sleep and rest. She is very weak and needs rest for faster recovery. On the other side Marcus entered his room writhing in anger, slam the door and punch the wall so hard that his knuckles started bleeding. He leaned his forehead on the wall and a tear rolled out of his eyes and fell to the ground. "It's good that you released your mistake," Mars taunted, sitting on the sofa sipping his coffee, Marcus surprisingly looked back at him, "What do mean, Mars?" Marcus pretends to be calm. Mars put his coffee mug on the table and walked towards the cabinet, took out the first aid kit from the cabinet and moved towards Marcus. He grabbed his hand and cleaned the wound and applied an ointment on his hand, "We are twins and don't forget that we can sense each other p
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7. Little Guest
The elevator stopped on the 25th floor, Marcus angrily walked and Tom quietly followed him, This floor is a private floor of Marcus. A huge office is painted white and a big portrait of the King is hanging on the front wall, he is Marcus’s father. He walked straight to the portrait raised his head looking at his father's portrait with respect, he closed his eyes to offer him prayers. He turned back to his table, it’s a wide wooden table with a big leather chair on its side., he sat on his chair and started rolling his hands on the paper holder, Tom was standing behind him submissively lowering his head and clenching his hand in a fist. Marcus was intensely thinking, "do you really think Cox is dead, Tom?" he suspiciously asked, his anger has somehow calmed so far, "Master, we are looking for the pieces of evidence to prove his death and one more information, I just received is that the diamond crystal is deactivated to date and still drowned in the ma
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8. The Golden Box
Fin opened the conference hall door for Marcus."Master, Mr. Wright is here," Fin informed.Marcus put the phone down on the table and take his seat,"Be seated Mr. Wright," Marcus ruthlessly said without even looking at Tyrant who stood in respect to bow him,meeting started...In Smith's Mansion,Olivia peacefully had her breakfast, Charity fed her spoon by spoon and Alice kept smiling looking at her,"Would you like to have something to eat Alice?" Olivia asked."No, I already had my breakfast," she evitable answered."Oh really?" Olivia confirmed looking at her innocent eyes,The nurse came in for a routine checkup and to change Olivia's bandages and the nurse asked Charity and Alice to leave,Alice hesitated to go out, "Mom I want to stay with Olivia, she needs me," She innocently said,"No doll, she doesn't need you, let the nurse check her up and we will come back after a while,”"Olivia, shall I go?" she asked worriedly.Looking at t
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9.Identical Twins
  "What about Mars?" he impatiently asked raising his eyebrows. Master Mars organised a free health checkup in that orphanage last month and he personally stays there for a day, but nothing suspicious about him, he professionally spends his time treating the orphan children. "Did he encounter Olivia there?" Marcus obstructingly asked. "Master, Nobody was sure about that as Master Mars interacts with everyone might that includes Olivia as well", Cameron said lowering his head in fear, "Hmm... You did a great job," Cameron. Marcus appreciated the information and was still thinking of Mars ideology behind the medical camp He gestured to Cameron, to leave and "keep your eyes on that orphanage," he hoarsely ordered him, Cameron obediently nodded and went out of the door and disappeared. Marcus sighed leaning on his chair and closed his eyes calmly thinking of Olivia, In Smith Mansion, In the span of two
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10. Kill me
  Olivia heaved a sigh leaning back to the closed door,She then looked down at Alice who still looks frightened. Olivia rubbed Alice blonde curls and tries to soothe the little girl,She took her to the sofa and sat with her,"Ooh, Alice, your doll is so beautiful," She said pouting trying to divert Alice’s attention,"Is she?" Alice asked looking at the doll..."Ok let's give her name,” Olivia demanded taking the doll from Alice's hand,Alice tapping her small fingers on her chin thinking and glancing at the doll,"I can't think of any name, I don't know any good girlish name.” Alice angrily stomping her foot on the floor"Okay okay, don't worry, Mars gave you this doll and I will give her a name, So she will become a mutual gift of your BFFs!"...Olivia soothe her anger, kids are so pure that can be moulde
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