Contracted Hearts

Contracted Hearts

By:  Anne Blue  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emma, a 22 years old girl finds her life falling apart as she struggles with unending bills. Just when she thought all was over she got a lifeline from Ethan Brooks. In the glamorous realm of the House of Brooks, Ethan concocts a contract marriage for convenience, Emma not being a fan of Ethan reluctantly filled the role. It started off as just business but genuine feelings began to emerge but family disapproval, jealousy, and societal pressure threatened their love. This is not the story of how Emma finds a happy-ever-after kind love, this is a story of how Emma died.

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15 Chapters
“It looks like I will have to make the decision for you, considering that I introduced her to you,” Alex said as he looked at Ethan.“We were happy, weren't we? This was supposed to be a contract marriage but then I felt my heart yearning for you and wanting to give you the best. Everyone was against this union, but I fought for you, but this is what I get in return right?” Ethan questioned with tears forming in his eyesEverywhere was dead silence as the only thing I could hear was the beating of my own heart.“I would ask you these questions one more time in the presence of Ethan, Isabella, my mum, and Ethan's mum” Alex began, staring deep into my eyes as though he wanted to control my thoughts and answer“Did you or did you not have an affair outside your marriage?” he questioned. In that cold moment, my eyes met with Alex and I noticed the sly smile on his face “I did,” I eventually responded, my eyes landing on Ethan's disappointed face. I didn't want to meet eyes with my mum, I
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Chapter 1
***Six months earlier***____Phone Beeps_____*****Emma*****Today was like every other day for me, although there was something special today. My morning started with my phone beeping with both text messages and threatening calls from my father's creditors and it had been my alarm for the past few days.My mother, Jane Parker, and I had just moved to New York City after my father passed away, leaving us with debts to settle. I wanted a fresh start for myself and my mother, and this came with the hope of getting my dream job.I had an interview with Brooks Modelling Agency, an interview I had prayed and fasted to get and now it was here. I wanted to make the best first impression, so I woke up earlier than usual, did my house chores, and got dressed for the interview an hour earlier.With nothing else to do, but just wait, I brought out my phone and began surfing the internet for past audition videos, and also to perfect my cat-walking skill, as I rehearsed.“Mum!” I called, as the su
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Chapter 2
*****Ethan*****It has been a stressful day and the thought of having a wife hung on my neck like never before. I guess bearing the last name… Brooks… comes with a lot of responsibility than I bargained for. "Seriously, man, what were you thinking before making that post? You should have consulted me before making that announcement," Alex lamented to me as we walked into my office.Alexander Harrington, Alex for short, was my best friend, and we've been friends since childhood. A few months ago, I was just announced as the CEO of my family's multi-million-dollar empire, the House of Brooks, making me the youngest CEO in New York City, and immediately I made Alex my right-hand man.The House of Brooks controlled different subsidiaries which include; the Brook Jewelry, the Brooks Club, the Brooks Fashion House, and the Brooks Modeling Agency. They were all top-notch and high-quality. Amongst all these subsidiaries, Brooks Chemical was the primary source of my family income.“Come on, E
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Chapter 3
*****Emma*****…Considering how famous Ethan was, with his face boldly printed on every magazine and news outlet in the whole of New York City, everyone would know him, including me, but he came with his face fully covered with sunglasses, a face cap, and a nose mask. The darkness of the room and the face cover made it impossible for me to know who was behind the disguise.The smack on Ethan's face was not just felt by him but also by Alex, as this was all new to him."This would teach you to respect a woman and not talk trash about anyone just because you have some change in your pocket," I yelled angrily."Have you both lost your voices suddenly? Or do you want me to give you a second smack to restore the voices?" I asked.Feeling the heat and pain of the slap, Ethan took off the glasses, mask, and cap to have a breath of fresh air.Suddenly, a heavy wave from nowhere pushed me back to my seat, with my hands in my mouth."What have I done?" I murmured. A few hours ago, I was just re
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Chapter 4
*****Emma*****Suddenly a lady, luxuryily dressed stepped out and took a stride to the car, flinging her fingers indicating that I lowered the window and I did without a thought.Although I couldn’t recall where I had met her before I could tell that her face was so familiar.“Who are you?” she suddenly asked before, throwing me off balance as I locked eyes with herSnapping her fingers in my face, I snapped back to reality.“I am nobody” I responded, not wanting to piss her off. I've had a long day and my presence was needed at the hospital, Arguing with some overgrown baby was not on my agenda“Do I look like a fool to you? So you are the reason Ethan has been avoiding me?” she questioned. her eyes bulging with a stern face“Madam, I do not know who you are or what your problem is with me. But if you would please just take your car off the road and just let me…”I had barely finished my sentence when she suddenly held my hair, forcefully pulling it out from the window. Just when I
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Chapter 5
*****Emma*****For the first time, I scanned the document thoroughly, and eventually got to the contract rules which stated clearly;Two Years of agreement between; Miss Emma Parker aged 22, and Mr Ethan Brooks aged 27.Both parties have read, understood, and agreed to the following rules below:1) Will not tell anyone about the agreement. The defaulter would accept any punishment from the other party.2) Miss Parker, shall not be seen flirting with any other man in public.3) If Miss Parker decides to leave before the contract ends, she shall receive no money and will return everything Mr Brooks has offered.4) Public display of affection with Ethan Brooks.5) In private, both parties are allowed to see anyone else.6) Miss Emma Parker is obliged to bear children for Mr Ethan Brooks if he wishes.7) Miss Parker at the end of the contract will receive a house, a car and ten million dollars in cash after the successful end of the contract, and
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Chapter 6
*****Emma*****TWO WEEKS LATERStanding on the balcony, still wearing my sleeping robe, and my hair messy, I watched Ethan now officially my husband drive out to work again without saying a word to me. This has been a daily routine that I have yet to get used to.I was now officially known as Mrs Emma Brooks, Ethan wanted the wedding so early and he made it happen two weeks after introducing me to the world as his fiancee. He also went on to lie during that interview that we have been secretly dating for over a year and he just wanted to keep his love life away from the camera.The wedding happened so quickly before everyone's eyes, and it has been on the lips of everyone ever since. The Internet has been on fire, journalists have been sending us invites for an exclusive interview, none of which Ethan has granted. It was a good life, as I was now living in affluence, but I am now getting tired and bored. After the wedding, Ethan had barely said a word to me and even when I tried to s
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Chapter 7
*****Emma*****I stood still, frozen in shock, as Ethan walked towards us. Turning to Sophie who although scared, looked comported and okay as though nothing was happening.suddenly, he got to me and stopped for a bit, looking upset, then he turned to Isabella.“You have no right ot say those words to her” “But Ethan, she started it” she said in a soft voice, as she walked closer to him, trying to hug him, but got embarrassed when Ethan avoided her embrace.“She is my wife and the respect you accord to me, I would appreciate if you accord her the same.” he satiated firmly and loudly in the presence of everyone.This act resonated with a weird feeling within me. Was he defending me because he liked me, or because he had no choice because of the contract I guess the latter was the reason.I mean how else was he going to prove to everyone that we were lovers and got married because we loved each other?“I will let this slide, but first you have to apologize to her” he stated firmly, wh
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Chapter 8
*****Emma*****Ethan's reaction was not what I expected at all. A simple no he wasn't hungry or interested in my cooking would have been enough. Why did he snub me like that? Making me look like a fool. Maybe I was putting in too much effort that wasn't needed“Clear the table and you guys can eat the food. Just get some snacks to my room,” I ordered one of the domestic staff. Just when I had given up and retired to my room, I heard a voice that stopped me in my tracks.“I hope you made it spicy and hot?” Ethan asked as he walked down the stairs, already changed into a short and a shirt, looking ready to devour the meal. “Arent we eating again?” he questioned as he saw the table being cleared. Without being told, and in a hurry the table got arranged and we sat ready to eat.“I will excuse the both of you now.” “Aren't you joining us?” Ethan questioned, as she turned to leave“I've had dinner already,” she responded with a smile. I knew she was lying, and just wanted to give us some
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Chapter 9
*****Emma*****I was still lost in thought when Sophie called out my name loudly, jolting me back to reality. I wasn't sure of how to react to the news I had just received, but somehow, I knew Ethan had a plan and wouldn't end up embarrassing me or leaving me hanging.With a mixture of excitement and fear, I slipped into the elegant gown, its fabric draping gracefully around me like a second skin. It was a red dress, which I complemented with a sandal heel and a matching clutch.As I made my way to the agency, my heart raced with anticipation, the weight of Ethan's expectations resting heavily on my shoulders, also, the thought of what was waiting for me at the agency couldn't leave my mind. I was sure I was going to meet Bella there and how she was going to react scared the hell out of me.“Have you tried Ethan's number again?” I asked Sophie. I pleaded that she come with me, and for the time I will be staying in this house, I can't see myself going anywhere without Sophie. “Severa
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