Court Of Fae And Ruin

Court Of Fae And Ruin

By:  Keren Michael  Updated just now
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Ferngrove must pay for their crimes of stealing an ancient jewel from a Fae High Lord, Valen, and harnessing the power within it. So every century, a daughter of the chief must be taken to Lyria, the realm of the High lord and there she will spend her remaining life paying for her ancestors crimes. After another century, Valen descends on the village once more, taking the beautiful daughter of the chief of Ferngrove, Maerwynn. And he imprisons her in his Court subjecting her to a cruel fate. As the days pass, Valen finds himself inexplicably drawn to Maerwynn, her unwavering strength and beauty stirring something long dormant within his dark heart and when Maerwynn, finds out she's more than a mere human and her destiny is tied to Valen, she gathers enemies like bees to honey. Determined to protect her from the dangers lurking within his own realm and beyond, Valen finds himself making sacrifices he never thought possible, defying the very nature of his being but nothing can stop the war coming. But nothing can stop the war coming, for it will consume completely. ************************* He fixes me with a steely gaze, his voice taking on a darker edge. "You have no business with my Court or any other Court in Lyria, to be precise. You're here to atone for the sins of your ancestors, and you will do so while knowing your place," he declares, his words cutting through the air like a knife. I swallow hard, feeling a heavy weight settle in my chest at his harsh tone and the gravity of his words. "And what is my place?" I inquire, my voice barely above a whisper. His gaze hardens, and his words send a chill down my spine. "My prisoner."

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1; Darkness Has Descended
As I delved deeper into the dense woods, the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant calls of woodland creatures surrounded me. The cool autumn breeze filled my lungs as I moved with the grace of a seasoned hunter. Hunger gnawed at my belly, and my arms ached from carrying my bow in search of sustenance, akin to a famished predator. The truth is, hunger grips not just me but all of us in Ferngrove.Until two years ago, Ferngrove thrived. Its lands were abundant, and fishermen returned daily with tales of plentiful catches. However, the past two years have been marked by hardship. Famine has become our unwanted companion. The once plentiful fish have vanished from our waters, and the wildlife seems to be in constant flux. Some whisper of a curse upon Ferngrove, but my father, the village chief, insists it's merely a phase. But how long must we endure?I press forward, my bow at the ready, its wood worn smooth by countless hunts. Each step reinforces my duty to provide for my family in
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Chapter 2; Shadow And Smoke
We waited in tense silence for Father to continue."The villagers are right. Ferngrove is cursed," Father's words echoed in the small room, sending a chill down our spines.Edina's reaction was palpable; her face drained of color, lips pale, and even her usual rosy cheeks devoid of their warmth. She withdrew her hand from Father's grasp, her eyes darting around the room, avoiding his gaze.I was puzzled. What did they know that I didn't? I tried to read Edina's expression, usually an open book to me, but now it was inscrutable.Summoning my courage, I managed to ask, "What's happening?""Do you remember the stories from your childhood?" Father turned to me, while Edina nodded in recognition. Memories of Mother's frightening tales and Father's warnings of a Fae lord with horns and fiery blazing eyes flooded my mind."He cursed the land, bringing famine for two long years before claiming his tribute," I whispered, my voice strained. "But... I thought those were just bedtime stories. Fat
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Chapter 3; Deceptive Like Roses
As consciousness slowly seeped back into my senses, I was met with the biting sting of pain radiating from the cut at the base of my neck. Groaning, I struggled to open my eyes, the dim light of the dungeon flickering before me like distant memories. Sweat ran down every corner of my face sticking my long ruby hair to my neck in an uncomfortable manner.Blinking away the haze, I surveyed my surroundings. The dungeon was devoid of windows, enveloped in darkness save for the flickering torch mounted on the stone wall. The air was thick with the musty scent of damp earth and decay, sending a shiver down my spine.With each labored breath, I felt the weight of my predicament press down upon me like a suffocating blanket. Alone in this desolate chamber, I couldn't help but wonder about Edina, Father, and home. Were they safe? Did they mourn my absence, or had they already moved on, resigned to the fate I had chosen?Thoughts of Edina's tear-streaked face and Father's solemn gaze tugged at
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Chapter 4; Blood Orange
As I stepped into the mansion, its exterior charm melted seamlessly into a captivating interior. Beyond the sun-kissed facade lay a mysterious labyrinth of stony corridors and cavernous chambers adorned with glistening chandeliers.My eyes trailed Calia's graceful figure as she navigated the grand halls with effortless poise, blending seamlessly into the grandeur. Yet, despite the lavish surroundings, an eerie emptiness pervaded the air, accentuated by the absence of any attending staff. Our footfalls reverberated through the silence, amplifying the sense of solitude.According to Calia, he's in his study, I reminded myself, my mind grappling with the surreal reality of sharing space with the Dark Lord—the very figure of dread from my childhood nightmares. Curiosity gnawed at me, wondering about the face behind the legend. Would he resemble the monstrous tales, or would he defy expectation, appearing as deceptively human as Rhaenan was?Breaking the silence like a shard of light throu
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Chapter 5; Silent Battle Of Wills
The mansion remained as tranquil as the day before, yet now, sunlight streamed through the towering windows, casting enchanting shadows upon the plush velvet carpet adorned with intricate golden patterns. This place exuded opulence and grandeur.Asterin and Astrea strode ahead, their murmurs barely audible, tempting me to strain my ears in hopes of catching a snippet of their conversation. At last, we halted before a colossal golden door, its brilliance nearly blinding. It could only be genuine gold, a testament to the extravagance of this estate.With a firm knock from Astrea and synchronized movements, Asterin and Astrea swung open the door, revealing a breathtaking sight: the dining room. Its ceiling soared to dizzying heights, reminiscent of a royal castle. Rich hues of gold and crimson enveloped the space, evoking a sense of regality. Golden raven statues perched at each corner, adding an air of mystique to the already majestic ambiance.One of the pixies cleared their throat, th
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Chapter 6-; Hidden In Your Closet
As Jullian fell to his knees, gasping for air, a voice—my own voice—suddenly broke the tense silence. "Stop," I pleaded, my hands clenched tightly on my lap. "Please, you're going to kill him."All eyes turned to me, but my gaze remained fixed on Valen, whose golden eyes blazed with fury. His gaze bore into mine, as if daring me to defy him further. But in that moment, I knew I couldn't stand by and watch this man's blood be spilled.My plea seemed to snap Valen out of his trance, and for a moment, the intensity in the room lessened. His eyes softened, but only for a fleeting moment, before they hardened once more. "Where's Calia? Did she not inform you to stay out of my business and the business of my court?""Am I not part of the Court now?" I asked, my voice tinged with curiosity. Valen's gaze remained unfaltering. "Whether a prisoner or a guest, I now belong to this Court. I cannot sit idly by while you kill this man."Rhaenan had stopped eating and was now staring at me as if I
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Chapter 7-; A Trial
I'm stuck in my room all day, only called out for dinner alone at a table so long, you'd struggle to hear someone at the other end. At least the meals are good, fit for royalty even. Then it's back to my room for the night with the twin elf taking care of me before bed.But no matter how many questions I ask, no one wants to talk. I'm like a ghost here, invisible and unheard. It's been three days without seeing Rhaenan or Valen. Calia checks on me once a day, probably to make sure I'm not causing trouble.As the sun cast its gentle morning glow through the windows on the fourth day, a rhythmic knock on my door jolted me from my reverie. "Come in," I called out, my curiosity piqued.With a graceful stride, Astrea swept into the room, her wings elegantly folded behind her. It was evident she had flown up here, though she concealed her celestial appendages with practiced poise as she ventured further into the chamber. "Breakfast is served," she announced, her gaze sweeping over me with k
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Chapter 8; Stillness Of The Forest
As I walked through the mansion's twisting hallways, my head was full of questions. I reached the library, a huge room filled with books. The shelves went on forever, and the smell of old paper filled the air. I felt like I was being watched as I walked among the stacks.The library exuded an aura of ancient wisdom, its towering wooden shelves adorned with weathered tomes and curious artifacts. A skull of some long-forgotten creature rested on one shelf, its empty eye sockets staring into the abyss, while feathers danced in the air, pinned to the wall like relics of forgotten dreams. It was a place where beauty mingled with horror, where the echoes of forgotten tales whispered through the shadows.As I wandered through the labyrinth of knowledge, my fingers trailed along the spines of the dusty books, each one a gateway to another world. With each step, the stone floor echoed beneath my boots, a steady rhythm punctuating the silence of the room. I couldn't help but wonder if Valen lur
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Chapter 9; The Algoths
A swarm of winged creatures hovers in the air before us, their iridescent wings shimmering in the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy above. Each one larger than two new born combined."Run, Mae, run!" Rhaenan's urgent voice echoes behind me as he swiftly retrieves a tiny glass bottle from his pouch, its contents swirling like a potion of unknown power. With practiced ease, he uncorks it and drains the liquid in one swift gulp, his once-azure eyes now transformed into pools of deepest black. "Head for the hills and don't look back!""No... I can't leave you," I protest weakly, but he's already spurred his horse into action, charging fearlessly towards the oncoming horde of creatures, their razor-sharp fangs glinting in the dim light like the serrated edges of vampire bats. What manner of beasts are these?My gaze flits to the discarded bow lying nearby, and without a moment's hesitation, I leap from the saddle just as one of the creatures lunges at my horse. With a panicked w
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Chapter 10, Flower Or Weed
I tentatively reached up to touch the spot where the gash had been, but to my astonishment, there was no trace of it remaining. It was as if it had never been there at all."Thank you," I muttered, my voice barely audible as I struggled to find the right words to express my gratitude.Valen merely nodded, his expression unreadable as he took a step back, putting some distance between us. The tension between us lingered in the air, thick and palpable, as we stood there in silence, the weight of our unspoken words hanging heavily between us. As I grappled with the whirlwind of emotions swirling inside me, the abrupt sound of approaching footsteps shattered the uneasy silence that hung between us. We both turned to see Rhaenan standing in the doorway, his expression a mix of concern and curiosity, his eyes flitting between me and Valen."Are you alright?" he asked, his voice laced with genuine concern as he stepped closer, his gaze lingering on the unmarred skin of my neck.I forced a sm
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