Cursed Blood

Cursed Blood

By:  Sveta  Completed
Language: English
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Vivienne Petrovna has an ordinary genius life in the Ultara Academy, but then something about her begins to change. A presence of a beautiful, yet mysterious girl comes into her school and insists on having her after she discovers one of life's biggest shocks. Going through a strange evolution called Awakening, Vivienne thinks it's the least of her trouble, until she's found out about her family secret and starts to realize the whole world is not what it seems. There are other predatory creatures living among humans- and worse, they want to destroy her.

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user avatar
Hey Sveta, when do you think we will get the sequel to this? Wonderful book by the way
2023-04-03 01:50:13
user avatar
David La bruniy
Brilliant , love to read the next book and the continued story it can not end like that
2022-01-03 07:25:43
user avatar
Rize Minami
great story, I will wait the next part...
2021-08-13 00:41:21
user avatar
Alma Resendiz
I need the next part
2021-07-26 12:18:16
default avatar
Leanne Robertson
Loved this book… is there going to be another one?
2021-07-02 18:47:28
user avatar
Alex and Star gacha
great novel love really for part 2
2021-07-29 10:45:19
30 Chapters
Chapter 1
I walked towards the highly equipped gate of my school. The weighty steels and laser security system no longer intimidated me despite being the only one who had to get scanned every day.Like everyone else, I had a normal school life, except my school wasn't for anyone to attend. In fact, it was the school of geniuses - the Ultara Academy of Gifted Young Women. It was founded by a bunch of female scientists and inventors over two centuries ago.After the light on the steel door flashed green, the enormous iron gate flung open, revealing the view of a great wilderness that surrounded the medieval buildings from a distance. White summits of towering mountains stood as their backdrop. It made everything seem like you were staring at a life-size postcard.I attended the Ultara Academy with
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Chapter 2
At eight exactly, we were on our way to the first class. Masses of students in the Ultara uniforms stood in front of the entrance hall. They clustered around the foyer and up the main staircase. All of them seemed to float in and out. I almost got dizzy with these crowds."Have you seen her?" Cammie asked me."No.""Me neither.""She must be around somewhere," I said."Oh, you can smell her?" Cammie asked, raising an eyebrow at me with a mocking smile. I shot her a look. But then just out of thin air, we got a glimpse of a familiar figure emerged from the crowd."Alyssa!" Cammie shouted. "Over here!"
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Chapter 3
We drifted out to the Lunch Hall after a few of our new classes, but when we opened the grand double doors, the entire place was in a state of organized chaos.The sound of porcelain plates colliding with spoons and forks could be heard all over the place. All the Ultara geniuses were moving around, laughing and talking amongst themselves. I could recognize a few faces of my former classmates, Serena from Science, Yasuko, and Rajani from Arts, also Vida and Rosa from Chemistry. And I was sure a few of them had a mega crush on either Cammie or Alyssa or even both. I was just glad that I stayed out of their gaydar.Throughout seventh and eighth grade, all the Ultara students have to bundle together, learning from general curricula until they discover their passion and go off to blossom in the different fields.
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Chapter 4
My school day rolled to an end. I got a fancy ride in a private limo of our school (because we have no school buses) and then headed homeward. On workdays, Mom usually works late, and because I was raised in a single-parent family, the one who arrives first will make dinner. But now I felt completely washed-out and hungry. My shoulders slumped as I dragged myself through the hall. My hands and legs almost dropped off onto the floor limb by limb.As I reached the kitchen, my whole body started trembling. I walked straight to the fridge and opened it. My eyes quickly scanned for a blank carton on the shelf. The delicious smell rushed to my nose. Grabbing the container out of the fridge, I couldn't even wait to find a glass and just gulped it down impulsively.Then the trembling subsided. Mom has always reminded me about drinking milk when
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Chapter 5
Then it was showtime.We walked through the Ancient Hall, and once again, more students and even the upperclassmen stared at us. I think on this particular occasion, Octavia was a full target of these excessive gawks. I walked behind while Cammie and Alyssa were explaining something about the Ancient Hall. Since they both were practically residents in this school, they knew all the detail better than I did. Our newbie went along without saying anything much, she just listened and nodded quietly."The Ultara Academy is quite different from other private schools. Languages, mathematics, histories, sciences, and cultures are in the basic curriculum, but we all are encouraged to pursue anything we want," Cammie said professionally."The school has amazing foods, but you can bring your own
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Chapter 6
When I got home that evening, Mom told me that Alyssa had called, saying her parents wanted to invite me to dinner at her house. And she would come to pick me up tomorrow night. I asked if it was okay, and Mom simply said, "Yes" without suspecting anything else. What a simple plan my best friend had! But it worked perfectly.On the next day before we went to the carnival, we actually had dinner at Alyssa's house. I guess it would make us feel less guilty about lying to our parents. After dinner, we hopped into Alyssa's black Benz and drove downtown instead of going back home or school. I sat at the back of the car whereas Cammie and Alyssa occupied the front."I thought you had a better light bulb to convince my mom," I complained."A better idea!" Cammie corrected me.
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Chapter 7
I woke up from the nightmare at last.I was sure it was another crazy dream. But my mind was filled with hazy thoughts. My head throbbed, my body ached. But at least, I was relieved knowing that it wasn't true. I craned my head to see my mom standing by my bed. Strangely, the room was too blinding bright that it made even a healthy person look sick. And the white fluorescent light stung my eyes, causing me to flinch away.Mom quickly switched the lamp off, leaving just a dim of the yellowy one above the headboard. She was wearing her long white coat with a stethoscope hanging around her neck. If I still remembered it clearly, that was how she looked in her doctor uniform. It took me a while to collect my thoughts and realized where I was.Of course, this place was
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Chapter 8
I wish there was someone who would lie to me about it or make up a story about it. I had lived all my life thinking of myself as nothing other than an average human being, but before I knew it, I became a creature that has to sink its teeth into people's flesh like a freaking leech. Then it hit me like a strike of lightning. I turned to my mom who was watching me digest the truth in my head."Mom, how did I get here? Where are Alyssa and Cammie?" My voice cracked with emotions."We found you lying unconscious in Alyssa's car," She told me and took a deep breath, "You have no idea how much that frightened me.""What was that, mom?" I asked."There was blood all over you," Mom spoke in a quiet tone. I could almost see the dreadful momen
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Chapter 9
Octavia walked gracefully forward, looking as sizzling as ever.She came to stand at the foot of my bed."Octavia? What are you doing here?" I asked cluelessly, but then I remember the fight and how she had helped us escape. "Oh my, don't tell me you get hurt, are you okay?""I'm good, thank you," she responded quickly. Octavia did look composedly unharmed. I let out a sigh of relief."Then why are you here in the hospital?" I asked again, feeling even more confused. Suddenly things began to make sense. I turned to look at Mom again."Mom...""She knows," she answered the question in my eyes.
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Chapter 10
How strange it was just to wake up in the morning. There was something creeping beneath the layer of my skin, in my pulse, racing through my body. I felt so much stronger, and that scared me. As I sat watching the dust motes dancing their way through the cracks of the window, the sound of light footsteps approached the door. "Good morning, sunshine," my mom said pleasantly as she entered the room. A huge smile stitched across my face, but then there was something I seemed to come to. "What's wrong, honey?" she asked, reading my face. "Well, it's just that, 'sunshine' sounds too ironic for a vampire," I told her with a weak shrug. "Oh, Vivienne," Mom brea
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