Cursed by the Gods: Cleopoda CBTG Book 1

Cursed by the Gods: Cleopoda CBTG Book 1

By:  Margaret_Sophia  Completed
Language: English
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In a bid to be with his true love Octavius, prince of Camelorn, finds himself seeking favors from the gods. But when the attention of one goddess becomes an obsession things change for the worst. Ashterah, goddess of war of the would do anything to be with Octavius, even if it meant stealing his humanity and destroying his marriage. Cleopoda, born of the gods but hidden among men is considered a curse when she looks like neither Octavius nor is wife Emilia. This destroys Octavius' marriage and trust in the very woman he had once loved. The truth behind Cleopoda's birth is unknown but according to Camelorn, she is Octavius' punishment. Cleopoda now rejected by the both the gods and man must try to survive in the unending hatred she is surrounded with. She must survive to know her true origin and take revenge on those who have made her life miserable.

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Ami Chan
it's a good novel even their is grammatically sentence.
2021-11-29 23:36:48
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Maya Evera
There are grammatical errors, true, but I like the way the story is going so far. I want to see how it ends. I just wish it wasn't so expensive though!
2021-03-05 05:23:55
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Malini Negi
Liked the book, mainly because it was very very similar to a book written by Sherrilyn Kenyon, a book called Archeron, A Dark hunter novel , storyline was similar had a lot of the same themes running through the book. The ending was incomplete and unresolved.
2023-06-02 13:11:40
126 Chapters
Author's note
A warning for readers. This book is a result of my wild imagination and an accumulation of ideas brought by years of reading, not copied, not stolen so please do not steal from me. But that's not why you're here, YOU are here to read. Some names in this book are real, some are made up. The places in my book are not real, yes, made up by yours truly and I don't think some of the powers and gods mentioned in the book are real too so don't get too carried away (even the dates may not be 'historically' correct for critics).  Just…just understand that reading this book means living in a world that is not real – it's all just the imaginations of a person called Margaret so welcome to my head and my thoughts.   That said, enjoy the book and let it transport you to a world of power play, freedom, and magic.
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Chapter 1
10 months ago, Camelorn, "She will be tall and graceful as the columns of the temple of our great god Robos," The whole court and the people shouted "Ay!" The palace was filled with men and women, both nobles and common; although the nobles could easily be seen in all their glorious lengths of expensive clothing. The rich silk robes and gowns, the rustling of satin scarves, the expensive wool of their coats and the hard, black, shiny boots of the men, boots cleaned and blackened with coal by the commoners for 2 copper coins, the women in their expensive slippers, intricately and delicately made by hands of the commoners for at least 5 pieces of silver if the design met the approval of the rich buyer. The commoners if not recognized by the fray edges of their clothing alone, the fact that they kept to the shadows as did the servants made them easily recognizable. It was a day of joy, a day for all freeborn of Camelorn to rejoice but one never f
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Chapter 2
10 months ago Eyrotia King Barigo of Eyrotia stood a head taller than the whole village. His shiny bald head gleamed under the hot sun that was common to the Northern parts of the world. The ritual of purification for his now pregnant wife was underway and the villagers in their cloth of animal fur and tanned leather danced around the village seer who stood in the middle of the square with a gourd of fire in one hand and staff on the other. The staff was said to have been handed down from one generation of a seer to the next. It was said to have chosen the people, in fact as the inhabitants of the land rather than the people choosing it. The seer raised the staff to the skies, the same staff that was used to beg the gods for the rain to bless the Eyrortian people's fields. The villagers came to a stop and the seer, an old shriveled man, pointed the staff to the queen, Herentik, and chanted under his breath. Aloud he said "Our queen has been blessed by
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Chapter 3
How it started in Camelorn… Octavius van Camele before he became King Phillip IV rode on his majestic black horse with his brother and best friend, Angus van Camele, riding by his side on an equally majestic steed. "Do you think she will be there?" Octavius asked, his brow laced with worry. "We will never know until we get there," Angus replied, laughter in his voice. His brother was definitely in love with the young Intavian princess, Emilia. His eyes shone like stars whenever her name was mentioned and his arms failed to work every time she came near.  Even now his elder brother rode his horse with fury in his haste to meet with his one true love. His coat of fur billowed behind him and his breath came out in vapors as he rode hard in the harsh winter towards the Summer Palace. The guards at the tower looked down, sighted the coat of arms on the saddle of the horses, and gave the signal to open the gates. Octavius and Angus rode into the bailey
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Chapter 4
After being together for two days Emilia packed the few items she had brought with her and back to her kingdom while Octavius and Angus did the same, mounting their horses and rode back to Camelorn. Octavius practiced, with fear in his heart, the right way to tell his father he had fathered a child. His greatest fear wasn't in telling his father but having his father reject Emilia but his mind was made up, if Emilia was rejected then he would reject his duty to the throne too and relinquish power to Angus. He had said as much to Angus who had called him a dolt and rejected the offer. "Father would have a heart attack if you forfeit your duty to the kingdom for a maiden no matter how beautiful she may be. Think how much worse a condition Garius would be in when he hears of such," Angus had told him as they packed their things to head back to Camelorn. "When my child is born my duty will be to my child and its mother not the throne" "I am both happy and
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Chapter 5
The village was a bustle of activities. Villagers moved around with carts filled with goods for sale, sacks of clothes for sale at the market, trays of fruits, bread, cheap pieces of jewelry, and many more articles. The shacks of some traders housed flour, wheat, jars of milk and honey, and some even goats. The crowd, though busy and occupied with exchanging services, made way for Octavius as he approached and it helped that another guard wearing the complete armor went ahead of him and Dextus. As he approached the men bowed and the women genuflected, a few of the soldiers who were off duty among the crowd went on one knee to pay their respects. Octavius raised a hand to everyone without sparing them much of a glance for his heart was not in their respect but on seeing his father and knowing the reason for his summons. The temples of the gods were built long before the reign of his father and then the population of the people was still at a hundred but years have pas
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Chapter 6
"This way," Angus said to the small hooded figure beside him. He rounded the corner and turned to a narrow alley where filth lay. There another figure stood clothed in a dark robe but the cowl of the robe was lowered to reveal Octavius' face. He was waiting impatiently under the full moon of the night, shifting from one foot to the other. He turned sharply at the sound of approaching feet and relaxed when he saw it was only his brother and his guest The small hooded body ran to him and clung tightly to his body. He held her too and pressed his lips to her hair. Emilia held on to him like he was her last chance at survival. "Make it quick," Angus hissed in the dark "Anyone could chance on us at any moment and report this to father" "It's not going to be a surprise to him since he already knows about Emilia and me but I do appreciate your concern brother," Octavius murmured back at his brother. Emilia took a step back and stared up at him in the dark. "
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Chapter 7
The robe covering Octavius' tunic scraped the floor gently as he made his way to the Counsel Room where he knew his father and his court were waiting. He wasn't supposed to have kept them waiting but he had received news from Emilia that morning elaborating on the plan they had made during their previous rendezvous and he had sat back to write a letter to her sending it through the ever-faithful Angus who had waited to collect it. His father would be furious that he had kept the court waiting when were supposed to be judging matters and making plans for the battle preparation. The guard in front of the Counsel Room dressed in complete armor except the helmet bowed before him before opening the huge doors for him. The court was a restless group of men and one woman, Liliah, who was the noble in charge of Camelorn festivities. Maids with platters of cheeses, figs, and apples came and went with from a side door hidden behind the large velvet curtain that covered the room. As Oc
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Chapter 8
Octavius pulled on the reins of his horse willing it to go faster. While the soldiers were training under the ever-watchful eyes of Festus and Garius he had taken off into the stable and had taken one of the smaller horses, one his father would never notice was gone if he decided to search for him. Angus had come back with news from Emilia and it had taken two days before Octavius had been able to escape his father's watchful eyes. He had once again implored Garius to cover up for him. Emilia's message had been both worrying and hopeful. She was sure the gods of Intavia were willing to help but afraid of what the price for their help was goi
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Chapter 9
Octavius shifted his weight from one leg to another as he looked down at Emilia. She crooked a finger at him and started towards an alternate entrance. The main entrance was covered with flowers of different colors but this one was without the decorations and no one used it but a priest who stood there with his hand tucked into the folds of his cloak. On his forehead, he had a black dye dot at the center. Emilia approached him and whispered. He shook his head looking from her hooded figure to Octavius and tilted his head indicating they should follow him. He led them to an alcove where a tray with two jars of honey and baked pastries covered with crumbs of sugar laid for everyone knew Psagon, the Intavia god of love had a sweet tooth. "My lady, you requested for these," the priest said. He picked the tray and handed it to Emilia, reached over to Octavius with outstretched hands, took his hands in his, and led it to the tray in Emilia's. "Lovers who seek favor from Ps
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