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~“Hello, Daniel.” The man growled as his lips contorted into a twisted grin. Daniel’s eyes widened as he backed up a bit. There was something eerie about this man which gave him the creeps. “ Who are you and how do you know me?” He said fearfully. T he man chuckled darkly and Daniel noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere. For some reason the air around him began to feel chilly. “How do I know you?” The man smiled. “Lets just say I’ve known you since you were born. And as for who I am?....” The man walked slowly and stealthily towards Daniel. He removed his hood to reveal an angular face with a permed hairstyle. His nose was pointed and his eyes were sharp with red glowing irises. “Let’s just say I’m your debt collector. You have something I want, Boy. And I have come to take it!” ~ Daniel Johnson is a university student hunted by an ancient powerful vampire,Luke, who isn't after his blood, but after something something Daniel was born with. Along the way, Daniel meets a mysterious female,Annabelle who is around his age but also affliated with the vampire after him. What is that thing within Daniel that Luke wants? Who is Annabelle? Is she a friend...or a foe?

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Angel Ray
woah the synopsis is intriguing and mysterious can't wait to dive in
2021-02-04 14:53:15
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My intuition tells me that we have another Stephen King in the making. Love this.
2021-01-02 23:47:59
user avatar
Totally in love with the author's writing style! I can't wait for this story to be updated more! That blurb just takes all my attention, kudos ❤️
2020-12-04 16:17:25
50 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Daniel listened intently to the deep voice of the dean of his faculty booming over the mic. It had been almost three hours since he started his introductory speech and it didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. So far, it was talks of welcome, rules, how to excel in the university and of course, the old days speech of how he suffered in his youth and was able to breakthrough with determination.  Daniel sighed for the thousandth time in annoyance, wishing the old man could just get it over with. Another thing he regretted was not eating before entering the big hall as the results began to manifest in form of a growling stomach. He glanced at his watch: it read 2:30pm.Throwing his head backwards, he let out a frustrated groan which caught the attention of his friend sitting beside him.“Dude, just try and endure,okay?"Daniel turned to him. “ Easy for you to say,Jake. My stomach is killing me. You know I didn’t eat before l
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Chapter 2
“Wake up, wake up, wake up!! It’s time for morning devotion!!” came the voice of a random student as he went from door to door in the hostel banging rather loudly on each door.He was met with curses from some rooms as the boys voiced their displeasure at being disturbed at a rather early morning.Daniel rose from his bed and glanced at his phone screen. 4:30 AM glowed brightly“Seriously?” He grunted in annoyance. On the bed below him, Jake slept surprisingly soundly over the noise. Unable to go back to sleep, Daniel hopped down from the bed and went outside to relieve himself. Knowing the state of the hostel toilets, he opted to usethe gutter near the hostel borehole. How grown up boys managed to make use of the toilet without flushing was still a thing of mystery to him. Yet this same boys outside will be acting like princes in order to get the eyes of their feminine counterpart. He had just finished
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Chapter 3
 A hooded figure walked along the bushy pathway in the dark hours of the morning.His aim only known to him alone. Stopping by a large rock underneath a cashew tree,the figure sat down,leant his head against the tree and relaxed. Pulling out a cigarette from his pocket, he lit it and sighed in pleasure as he inhaled the smoke, a smile of relief on his face. Drumming his fingers on his thigh, he began to ruminate on the latest events that had transpired so far:The boy was finally here and moments away from being in his grasp. The one he had tracked for years was finally within reach and all he had to do was get him to be alone and that’s all.The problem? An irritating obstacle in form of a certain person kept on getting in theway and it was beginning to piss him off.Speaking of obstacles….“I know you are here.” He growled as he sensed the presence of another being nearby.“You can come out now. It’s pathetic.”A few feet from his left, anot
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Chapter 4
“Something you want?” Daniel gulped nervously as he slowly backed away from the leering figure. “Sorry I don’t have any cash on me but I have an ATM. We can work something out”“Oh, my boy.” The man replied as he finally had Daniel cornered. “ I don’t have any interest in your money.”“Then what do you want?” Daniel was literally sweating now.Smiling, the man rubbed his chin and stared at the sky as if in thought.“ Why don’t you lean back and relax. I am about to delve into a little bit of history here. You might as well know the truth about yourself.”Daniel said nothing.Noticing Daniel's attention, the man began.“Once upon a time in a boring little city, there lived a good doctor who was know to be indispensable and efficient. Dr Joseph Johnson.”“ My father?” Daniel interrupted. His mother had shown him pictures of his father since he was little and the only other information he had received was his name.“
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Chapter 5
“Make yourself comfortable.” Mystery girl said as she entered her apartment, Daniel following close by and shutting the door after him.She had invited him over and being driven by paranoia, he accepted. He didn’t want any further run-ins with Luke on his way back to his hostel.He paused to look around her apartment.It was well furnished and quite spacious.There were two armchairs, a couch, and a flat screen TV with a bookshelf beside it. A large glass table stood in the center of the room with lots of books piled on it. By the far end of the living room was a door which probably led to her bedroom. Few meters away from the couch was a large dining table.“Wow?” He thought. “All these for one person?" Glancing at her, he took in her appearance. If he deduced correctly, she was not older than 17. Then again it was more difficult to tell a girl’s age than a guy’s.“Nice place.” he said as he sat on the couch.“ Thanks” she
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Chapter 6
 “For real, man?” Jake said as he walked alongside Daniel. The two were currently on their way to class. Daniel  had left Ann’s place early and reached his hostel just in time to shower and leave with Jake as they had an early lecture, so which meant no time for breakfast. Daniel had given him the gist of how he left lecture and stayed in a friend’s place, omitting information of the ambush from Luke as well as not revealing the name of the 'friend' that he stayed with. He already had Ann laughing at him. He didn’t want another comedy audience.“Yeah.” Daniel replied. “it just happened all of a sudden. One minute, we are watching a movie and before we know it, time has passed away. The movie was awesome.”“Which one?” Jake asked.“The ghost and the darkness..” Daniel began.“Seriously? That movie is old school.” Jake interrupted “ You haven’t watched it before?”“ No.” Daniel lied. Truth be told, he had watched it a long time ago but he needed
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Chapter 7
     ~ THE PAST~“Honey, what do you think you are doing?”  A man asked as he entered the kitchen to meet his wife cooking.  He was in his early thirties and he was quite fit with no sign of protruding belly and he stood at an average height. He had well groomed raven black hair and a bit of stubble on his chin and he was currently wearing a red robe.The question was directed to his heavily pregnant wife who was by the gas cooker, making their breakfast.“I’m making breakfast.” She replied, giving him a look as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.She was met with a disapproving scowl on his face.“Come on, Joe” she whined. “It’s just cooking. Besides, it’s only a light breakfast I’m making.”He shook his head and moved towards her, collecting the spoon from her hand  and ignoring her protests.“Light or heavy breakfast.” He said  as he gently nudged her away from the gas cooker. “
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Chapter 8
Joe drove like a deranged lunatic on the way to the hospital, lucky and thankful that he didn’t run into anyone or even worse, encounter the police. Soon his wife was admitted into one of the labor rooms and being a doctor himself, decided to handle the operations. It was his hospital after all.  Delivery process was hell. Trying as much as she could,there was no progress in the situation. After much efforts, she began to grow weaker  and her breathing was slowly depleting. Joe and the midwifes around knew what this meant.“Doctor?” One of the midwives looked at him in fear.‘This is not happening.’ Joe thought in fear as he held his wife’s slowly growing cold hand.‘Esther, please stay with me. Please’  tears began to well around his eyes.Then it hit him!! The serum!! It was his last shot at saving the life of the woman he loved. He stormed out of the room, running into Luke along the way.“What’s going on?” Luke asked.
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Chapter 9
..A bat hung upside down at the branch of an oak tree. It’s wings covering it’s body as it snoozed peacefully. A sudden movement below startled it and it quickly snapped awake, eyes glaring .Below, a white rabbit hopped around, it’s nose twitching as it sniffed around for food. The bat adjusted itself and stood upright on the branch, excited at the sight of a new meal. It bared it’s fangs in excitement as the rabbit continued moving about, unaware of the imminent danger about to occur.With a sharp snarl, it swooped down and  the rabbit suddenly, seeing the approaching predator, took off. It was a short chase as the bat was gearing closer, it’s feet close to grabbing the rabbit by the neck. Then it happened.Before it could lay it’s claws on the poor animal, a growl was heard nearby and a grey wolf jumped out of the swiped the bat away with it’s claw. The bat landed roughly against a tree bark and quickly regained it’s balance, flying to perch on the branch a
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Chapter 10
“Well,well,well. Look who's late." Tomiwa teased the boys as they finally made their way into the class. As predicted, they arrived twenty minutes late and after some insults from the lecturer, they were told to wait outside as punishment before being pardoned and allowed to come in.“It wasn’t our fault.” Jake grumbled.“Oh really?” she smiled. “ Who’s fault was it?” “ Long story.” Jake muttered.“ Yeah,right.” She laughed.Daniel sat down  beside Sharon with a frown. He prayed that today would not get any worse because if someone managed to anger him, he would not go as easy on that person as he went on Falcon. Sharon for once decided not to bother him as she saw his mood.“I smell fury.” a feminine voice sang in his ear and he turned around to look into the teasing chocolates of Annabelle’s eyes.“Then your nose works well.” he managed a small smile.“Terrible morning?” She asked.“Yeah.” He replied as he faced his
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