You messed with the wrong house

You messed with the wrong house

By:  Estherace  Completed
Language: English
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Jessica and her family went to visit her aunt during holidays,she didn't want to go along because she had a bad feeling about the house. In the same day they arrived armed man broke into the house,no one knew they reason they came but they killed her Aunt Laura and was messing around with them. Little did they know that Jessica wasn't a typical teenager. She was just walking on a thin line. They messed with the wrong house.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1- rather not be here.
     I stared out the open window of the car  as the cool breeze touched my face as the car moved.     I would rather be somewhere else but my parents insisted that we must visit Aunt Laura's this holiday since she lived  alone in a remote area,I can't believe I would just be seeing cows and chickens on what was supposed to be a nice vacation. "Jessica,Jessica!" Mom yelled from her seat in front of the car beside dad.  I glanced over to her. "You don't have to look so gloomy because we are going to Aunt Laura's,you can't stay alone at home dear". Mom said.  If only she knew I would rather stay alone,I
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Chapter 2-Intruders
  I switched on my phone and the light was the only thing that brightened the dark closet.   Rebecca was trembling with fear. What has her all shaken up? "Do you know what?". I asked but got no reply as I shook her and she flinched and snapped out of her thoughts. " Do you know what happened ?". I asked again as she shook her head.  "I..I was j..just in the living room when the lights turned off and I heard our window glass smashing…". Her voice trembled aa she spoke and she paused for a second and took a deep breath." Aunt Laura told us to run and we did,mum and I ran into your room as she told me to hide here". Rebecca   ex
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Chapter 3-Aunt Laura is dead
   I nearly threw up at the sight of a bloody Aunt Laura,her stomach was wide open and I could see the insides of it. I suspected she was cut with a knife.  Who could have done such a thing to her? As far as I know Dad painted her as a good and caring woman.  " What was that?". I heard someone say from downstairs as I stood up from the bloody floor that had soiled my pyjamas and ran towards Rebecca as I dragged her back into the room and closed the door.  I opened my backpack and took out my pen knife, it was mostly used for cutting fruits,mum always asked why I carried weapons around and I also in my defense.     "It's
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Chapter 4-Evil smile.
       I smiled at my good luck as I dashed towards it  and took the shotgun from where it hung on the wall.   Aunt Laura must have encountered such events before; if she hung it in her room,I think she was going to get it before they killed her. I think these men knew her well.    They had guns but they still used a knife to kill her, what did she really do to them or were they just here for fun?    I had an experience with a shotgun from watching videos online, I know it wasn't much of an experience but if you knew me it was enough.       I admired the beauty as I took it,this was the first time I had held this I checked amd saw it was loaded
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Chapter 5-Sweet melody in my ear
  I decided to go back to the house, so I cautiously ran back to the house and leaned in the walls outside and peeped into the room living window and I saw two men kicking dad in different places as mum was sitting on the floor her hands tied behind her back as  sobbed and begged them to stop hitting dad.  The torch light was on the table giving to the room.   I sighed in relief as I was sure Rebecca wasn't there thank goodness she didn't come out.  "Please stop, please stop". Mom cried as the men continued their assault on dad.I was looking around the room to see if I could see an opening and run back into the house,this would be difficult since
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Chapter 6-Pursuit.
    I stayed in the bushes just waiting for them to come out of the house.  I knew they would sooner or later because they were morons and didn't know the first thing about a hunting game.  They came to hunt us but the hunters became the hunted.   Minutes later they ran out of the house in search of me and I was tempted to shoot them but I held it in.    Even if I was so happy with the freedom I was given I still couldn't kill them all so that the police won't investigate me and dog their nose into where they shouldn't.   I needed to try and get into the hotel first and
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Chapter 7-Don't underestimate me.
         I ran as fast as I could but I wasn't faster than who was chasing after me as he drew my backpack from behind and I fell back and my butt landed on the floor. The gun was still firmly in my home but my phone fell on the impact.       I turned to shoot him but he was strong. There's no doubt as he kicked my back and my face fell flat on the floor but I was still holding the gun as if my life depended on it.      I wasn't the type to act reckless. I calculated everything I did.  He crouched down and held onto my hair dragging me up. The biggest mistake he made as I tried to hit him with the tip of the gun but he held onto his hand and dragged it out of my hands while holding me down with his other hand.   I knew he was strong but not this strong.I was overpowered but I wasn't feeling scared one bit. The only thing I felt was exci
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Chapter 8-Flashblack
FLASHBACK   Rebecca and I were playing with our dolls when I snatched Rebecca's fool from her hands and when she tried to take it back I held unto it more tightly and refused to let go as she cried and called mum,I was 5 then and she was 6 years but I was always the strong one that would never cry.   "Mommy! mommy!". Rebecca called tearily but I refused to let go of the doll.I like seeing her upset and crying.   Mum came running into our room when Rebecca cried more loudly,mom glanced over to my doll beside me and then at me dragging Rebecca's  doll with her and walked up to us and knelt in front of us and took the doll from us and gave it back to Rebecca,she took my doll from beside me and gave it to me but I tossed it angrily on the floor. &n
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Chapter 9-My twisted mind
I waited for a long time before I concluded that Paul wasn't going to show up even after Felix screamed,I guess he has no compunction for his colleagues.  He is indeed a heartless man.   I think Paul only cares about his brother who I killed so I guess he isn't bothered.   My body was still hurting and my stomach felt as if it's insides were twisted. It was an uncomfortable feeling and I didn't like it one bit.   I limped closer to the house since my body refused to function properly since Felix gave me the beating of my life so when I was limping back to the house I followed where he lay and spat on him and continued limping to the house,he beat me up pretty badly and I didn't like it my
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Chapter 10-Flashblack continued.
I was so nervous as I stared at the office that mom and dad had brought me to,my 7 year old self didn't like it one bit,I was not comfortable with the woman who crossed her leg sitting with her legs crossed. "What is your name?". The woman asked me in particular and I had to state up to my mom and she smiled at me. "Jessica". I replied to the lady who smiled in return. "That's nice to hear Jessica,my name is Miss Sarah and we would be seeing each other often so I look forward to our meeting,now let's begin… did you feel when you stabbed your mother?". She asked and I narrowed my eyebrows.  I didn't say anything because I saw no need to know who this stranger was that mom and dad brought me to. "Jessica dear, please answer". Mum said. "I didn't feel anything". I replied and that was the truth I felt nothing. It felt as if it was t
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