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Phobias of sexual relations (Genophobia) make Zeline Zakeisha have to give up her love story that is always foundered because of her lover cheating. Her friends took the initiative to register Zeline on an International Online Dating Site. Those sites make Zeline know the figure of a man who was in a country quite far from where she currently lives, successfully. Indonesia - New York. A handsome man with a million surprises. Tired because of being lied to by some of his ex-girlfriends who only wanted his material. Ricardo Fello Daniello, a young New York Trillionaire chose to find a partner through an International Online Dating Site. It not because he's hopeless, it's just that it feels like he can judge which women are sincere or just want the material alone. A slow response woman in a Southeast Asian country, precisely Indonesia, can steal his attention and make his feelings turn upside down. Will destiny unite the two of them even they are from different countries?

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Nice story
2021-06-08 21:32:53
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Sweet July
Baru baca 2 bab. Suka bgt. Aku akan kembali untuk babang Ricard. Tapi aku akan lanjut baca di versi Indo saja ya. 😂😂😂
2021-02-24 15:17:13
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Glow Peridote
Wow, this story is really interesting. Clickbait. I love it. I want to know how the female lead face-slapping all the jerks and find her true love. Nice story.
2021-01-14 23:46:01
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Azeela Danastri
love it ❤️❤️
2020-12-11 11:34:58
user avatar
Azeela Danastri
love it ❤️❤️
2020-12-11 11:34:24
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Hello, please leave your comment here ^^ Thank you
2020-10-06 22:19:01
40 Chapters
01 - Break Up (Again)
A woman slapped the man standing in front of her stern. Enough to make all the visitors stare at the two of them. A woman named Zeline caught her lover, Bagas, having an affair with a woman whose Zeline did not know in a cafe not far from his office. 
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02 - Crazy Idea
Zeline sculpted her face in the mirror. She just washed her face. It took nearly fifteen hours to sleep. Heartbroken made her cancel all the works. That woman prefers sleep to work. Zeline can't stop thinking, why do men only think about sex in their head during a relationship with someone. 
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03 - Online Dating Site
A moment of silence greeted Zeline. It has been nearly five years, Zeline chose to live in a luxury apartment alone. Zeline is the eldest of two siblings, and she has a younger brother who is currently studying in Singapore. At the same time, her parents are nomadic, depending on their business being built in which city or country, that's where they will settle. Today was so tiring for Zeline. She had to do make-up for three clients in three different pl
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04 - Curiosity
A man wearing a grey suit sits on his oversized chair. One hand tapped OMAS - GAIA HIGH LUXURY, a pen worth approximately 338 million, onto his desk. He looks so severe, staring at his MacBook screen. Steven reported that all information regarding his identity had been cleared from cyberspace last night. Ricard must give a thumbs-up to the best hacker Steven knows. It’s not useless; Ricard paid a heavy price. 
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05 - Finally
‘FINALLY’ Zeline was making nimble brush strokes on someone's smooth face. Because at this time, she is focused on dressing up as a rising top singer. Her name is soaring in the world of Indonesian music. Zeline is believed to polish her beautiful face to make it even more
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Zeline is now sitting pretty in a cafe in the area around Seminyak. She orders her favourite lemon ice tea. The light brown-haired woman is waiting for her old friend who happens to be the owner of the cafe she visited. They had promised to meet and miss when Zeline has free time in Bali. After ten minutes of waiting, finally, Bagus, the cafe owner, and Zeline's old friend came over. They spent their time chatting, and Zeline came to delive
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Ricard is not the fierce and cold boss like most stories in the novel. He is a leader who is friendly to his employees, although not excessive. He always replied to the greetings that employees gave him.But today was so different. Ricard smiled wider than usual. Take a leisurely walk showing off his neat white teeth. The women who work in his office who happen to be in the lobby immediately hold on, so they don't fall because they are weak, seeing the charm of his big boss, which is often the level of his good looks.Their CEO today looks so happy. Steven, who saw him, immediately chased Ricard to get into the same elevator."Good morning, Steven!" said Ricard first with a cheerful smile.Steven raised an eyebrow, quite curious about what makes Ricard look so happy."You seem very cheerful this morning," said Steven.Ricard straightened his forehead and stared at his face reflected in the glass of the elevator while stroking his chin."Monday, of
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Zeline focuses on dinner and preparations for the impromptu wedding of Mesya and her fiance. Tonight at Mesya's house, a dinner was held before the next day the wedding ceremony hold.Mesya is going to get married, but Zeline is feeling down. Mesya's mother stood beside Zeline, watching every movement of the workers back and forth, arranging Mesya's backyard for a place to eat."Zel, you don't work?" asked Rani, Mesya's mother.Zeline turned her head and looked at the middle-aged woman who looked beautiful and fashionable next to her."I'm not an office worker, auntie. So whenever I want to take a day off, I can. Besides, I can't bear to see aunt busy alone taking care of this," Zeline replied sincerely."You are the best, Zel. Thank you. Oh yes, where are Fini and Vera?""Fini is in a meeting with her client. Vera also has a schedule that can't be canceled. But tonight, they will come here.""It's better for aunt to come in, rest. Auntie needs ext
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Instantly, a group of women who have guests of Mesya and Pradipta disbanded. The sweet scene that a handsome man does for a beautiful woman makes them all insecure.Now, only Zeline and Fello stood face to face. Zeline thought she was only dreaming, but it turned out that this was all a reality. One of her hands was holding a bouquet of red roses, and the other was having by Fello. Yes, Fello!The man she met through the online dating app was right in front of her face. Zeline still had trouble speaking, and her throat was choked. Her brain was still having trouble thinking. Until finally, Fello brought her back to reality."Are you okay, Zel?" Fello stroked the back of Zeline's hand gently.Zeline stared at the hand that Fello was stroking. She prayed to herself that Fello would not hear her rumbling heartbeat. But, it seemed that her prayers are ineffective."Zeline Zakeisha. Hello, are you there?" Fello called out to her again.This time, Zeline was
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Ricard was so surprised to hear what Zeline said to him—not wanting a gift, just wanting a longer kiss. Did Zeline have a brain seizure or suddenly had her nerves cut off? Why is that woman suddenly becoming aggressive?Just when Fello wanted to bring his face closer to Zeline, that woman burst into laughter, making Fello startled."Seems right, Zeline has had a brain seizure," Fello thought.Zeline casually restarted the car and hit the gas pedal at medium speed. Zeline's beautiful face looked even more dazzling when a smile was created on her face."What you said was just a joke?" Fello asked finally and was answered with a Zeline nod, without turning to Fello."Your face is so tense. I like an expression like that. After all, it's a reply to the joke you made earlier," said Zeline.Fello raised an eyebrow, digesting Zeline's words."You think what I said just a joke? I'm not even kidding at all. I'm serious about a girlfriend or wife," sai
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