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'All men are same', were the words Starr lived by, pushing every man that came her way away. Until, Christopher Chariton walked into it, with his big smile and caring heart. Starr Hart is a fierce working class woman, who owes a publishing firm and was hurt by love a long time ago. Physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally hurt, she vouched strongly against feelings, pushing everyone around her away. But then Chris Chariton, an author of love and romance, walks into her life and falls for her, without knowing about her vouch. He wills to do everything within his power to make her feel love again.

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At the click of her black Jimmy Choo's Lance heels on the office white tiles, heads began to turn and people began to trace their way to their offices and cubicles in fear. Starr Hart cat-walked in her wine button up bodycon gown, swaying her hips in the most perfect manner as her thick brown curls bounced here and there above her hips. She acted like she wasn't noticing anything, but at the same time was noticing everything. She held her Chanel handbag low as she stepped into the glass lift, tapping away on her phone with her right hand as she absent-mindedly pressed the '12’ button with her right index finger. She began to scroll through her emails, in case of any important or interesting news or business. But, there was nothing new there that could interest her, same old fan emails and business emails she had no pleasure in. She looked up from her phone as she switched it off lazily. Fortunately, she had gotten to the 12th floor.  The very instant she stepped in, eve
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It was six o'clock in the evening and the office was as good as empty. Most employees had gone home, while Starr's head was still stuck in paperworks. There was a pile of them on her desk. Starr sighed as she lifted her head from the paper in front of her, pressing and rubbing the bridge of her nose to try to relieve herself from the slight headache she was feeling. She didn't give herself time to calm down as she picked her iPad and her attention was quickly shifted to her emails. She went through them and replied a few. Amber had replied to some of the fan emails for her and was still attending to them. She only replied to business emails she wa
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"You my dear friend, need to step out of this house," Magnus said to Starr. Magnus was the only person who Starr sometimes spent time with or talked about personal or mundane things with. Magnus had been there with her through thick and thin, through unexpected hits and decisions. He was the only one who was there, when she made her vow. It seemed like he was the only one who understood and got her. He knew when to leave her alone, bug her, tell her the truth, and mince his words. So, she hardly had issues with him and did often enjoy his company. "No, thank you," she told him shortly, switching between TV stations. She had been doing that for quite some time, she couldn't decide what she wanted to watch, all didn't seem to interest her. Magnus sighed, throwing his hands up. "You are such a huge buzz kill, you kill your own fire," he complained, earning no reply from Starr as she kept on switching from station to station. It was a Friday night, the perfect time to go out with frien
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Chris Chariton. Chris Chariton was the last person Starr was willing to see at that point in time, but it was the public, 'the will to see' law didn't apply there. He has a wide grin on, a grin wide enough to contain the lounge. "The club is the last place I'd have ever imagined seeing you," he said with a smile, causing Starr to scoff."And why is that?" she asked with a smirk, crossing her legs. He shrugged. "You're… What's the word again." He paused, tapping at his chin to think of the word, then lifting his hands as his face spread like he had gotten a new idea. "Austere. That's it." Starr shrugged. "Ascetic," he said. Starr shrugged again. He chuckled. "You must be used to being described as that, uh?" She shrugged once more, not wanting to exchange words with him, hoping that was going to send him away. But, Chris was far from going. "May I?" he asked, pointing
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MATURE WARNING!  After slipping out of her heels and into a flip flop, turning on the TV and ensuring Chris got comfortable, Starr made her way to the kitchen to mak
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Starr was distracted for the umpteenth time that day, thinking back about the time she had with Chris. She smiled to herself a bit, feeling like a teenage girl with a crush. She couldn't help it. Anytime she tried to focus, her body reminded her of how good that night had felt. It took everything within her, to remind herself that she had work to do and needed to get back to it. She shook her head, trying to get back to work when Magnus busted into her office. "Girl, you are glowing," Magnus said with a smile as he walked into her office, the brightness of the day making his brown skin pop.  She frowned a bit, trying to hide the truth from Magnus. She knew he could smell her, smell her out. He could smell when something was going on, or had gone on. "What?" she asked, keeping a straight face. "Don't I always glow?"  He shook his head. "No b, you don't always glow," he said with a smile, taking his seat on the chair in front of her. "You're always just so fr
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Christopher Chariton!  Starr froze as the name rang. &n
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MATURE WARNING!    Needing serious space, Starr stopped going to the office for a while. She had always not needed to always go to the office, but she did. It was kind of like a necessity for her. But, ever since Chris Chariton showed up, everything had gone haywire. Nothing was really according to how it had always been in her life.  Magnus was the key suggestor of her taking a break and just resting. She thought it reasonable and agreed. She picked no calls at all, and kept her door locked. She made no human contact at all, and Magnus hadn't tried to contact her also. He knew she needed the space, and being the key suggestor, he had to give her the space. He only checked in with her at night, to confirm she was well and alive. Apart from that, he let her be, not even bringing up office matters.  Successfully shutting the world out, Starr spent her time reading and listening to soul music. She has read a
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MATURE WARNING!    Starr was wrapped up by Chris' clad body, pressed up against  him firmly. His hands cupping both her breast, their legs intertwined, on the couch. It was like that very couch, that become their bed and fuck zone. Still coming from her high walls, Starr could still feel Chris' erection bulge on her unclad butt. He had done nothing about it, and had simply cuddled her instead. From how much he cuddled her, she could tell he loved cuddles. It was like something, he never wanted to miss out on.  They both hadn't said anything to each other, listening to each other's breath. It had been almost forever since Starr had had to pillow talk, that she could barely remember how it went. So, she enjoyed Chris' warmth and listened to his patient breath.  Starr's mind began to wander. She had simply wanted to live in the moment and not over think things, but her insecurities began to slip
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After drowning for days, thinking of how she was going to grab life by the balls, Starr finally gave Magnus the chance to come visit her. She was trying hard to keep her mind off Chris, but Magnus coming over wasn't helping at all. He hadn't really stopped for a second to talk about something other than Valentine since he arrived.  
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