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Divorce Discord is a tangled love affair between Charles Rogers and Vivian Harry. The pair were undergraduates of Yankee University. Their enjoinment into marital bloc ignited the fire of regrettable irregularities and frustrations accompanying a wrong choice of mate, abscond, impetuosity and excommunication, fray and frazzle, insubordination, elopement, divorce discord, re-betrothal and suicide…

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10 Chapters
 Five months have of Vivian divorced Charles. He became nostalgic; having isolated himself from home and any usual communication except few letters she wrote to Vivian. Both of them were set apart by experiences they could not share or do anything about it because he was not excused by the library organization for holidays. That was one important thing that hindered him from coming home. 
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 Sweetheart, I dreamt about you. I slept in somnambulism and saw your handsomeness and loved you. I woke from noctambulism and felt in my girlish bones the warmth of your caressed love. I saw the vision of your love
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 The usual morning sun had started peeping from the eastern blue cloud. In the eastern blue cloud, the sky was marmoreal and splendid and the great eastern trade wind blew so hard across the land. When the strong wind shook the roof of the house, Vivian woke from her sweet dream of love, in which she felt Charles physically. When she woke, she thought that Charles was with her. She looked around the room to see him but she saw nobody. She realized that she was dreaming. Her dream had not been true. With trembling hands, she pushed open the window. She looked through the window of her apartment on campus, and saw students packing their bags and making their way out of the sch
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 The still night broke into a dawn. The sun rose with great rays from the eastern wilderness; peeped from the blue cloud and created a bright coloured morning of no breeze. The birds of the air sang melodies and junket from tree to tree. The morning sun rays pierced through the parapet of the old wooden window of the room where Vivian laid. She woke from sleep and saw that the flickered rays of the sun had created a beautiful shadow in her bedroom, making all things rich like lily in the bloom. This moment, she was very angry because the time of the day must have elapsed and that her father, whom she did not see the previous day might have risen earlier before her and had go
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During the summer holiday, Charles expected with all eagerness to hear Vivian’s response about his marriage proposal to her. He knew intimate things about her since he started courting her; her sobriety, gentleness and sincerity; and she would complement him as a partner in establishing a home. He knew that Vivian had already accepted him and his warm request but one thing he could not affirm was whether Vivian’s parents would acknowledge his passionate desire to marry their daughter.
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 It was about six months they enjoyed their courtship. The day and night was quiet safe for a cold wind which blew from the eastern wilderness. Students engaged in domestic works and most of them in industrial works to get money to help them in preparation for the next academic session that was fast approaching. Vivian was having a pretty-good time, she increasingly absorbed in frolic gaiety. She could not engage herself in any holiday’s work. She was all the daylong busy domestically. She needed no financial help from any person, even her parents or any industrialist who would employ her in any form of work, since she had received the sum of five million dollars from
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 The Yankee University had resumed its last academic session, Charles and Vivian returned to the campus and behold, there were cheers and the peculiar freshness of newly married couples was upon them. They began to live under the same roof as a husband and wife outside the campus where they rented a house for their leisure time. Charles in this last academic session was writing his final examination, and was too busy like a termite preparing to write his thesis on his first degree in English language.
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The next academic session of the Yankee University commenced after the holidays. Numbers of students returned to the campus and began to prepare for studies, filling the dormitories with the clatter of keys and faculties with murmur of conversation. Vivian went back to the campus. She could not get in touch with Charles, who had been posted by the federal government on National Youth Services corps in a well reputable library stocked with advance English language textbooks.
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The next day had commenced with sunshine peeping from the eastern cloud, and the sky itself was marmoreal. This beautiful morning, Vivian woke from visions and dreams which occupied almost her sleeping hours of the night. Not even –a brilliantly morning sun could drive away the evil plans inside her against Charles. The desire to see Charles face-to-face drained her, as always. This time she found herself wanting to rant at Charles, if she did see him to demand that he came back from his oblivion just long enough to explain it to her. She soliloquized bitterly: “Why did you have to go away from me? Why did you have to get in the way you have chosen? Why the hell did you have
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 The month of September had gone half and Vivian had been constantly counting her fingers about how many days it remained to give Charles a kick-out-of nexus. Vivian whose conscience was not entirely clear upon her divorce plan, elopement and betrothal looked extremely blank and mild compared to her former characters, in which she was recognized to be agile and mostly saunters. She was unable to overcome the small daggers of bereavement which her divorce proposal stabbed her with. “It is not fair, Charles she heard herself say, “It is not fair that you left me roving in subutopia, and it’s not fair that your roving has blighted my life, too,” she sobb
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