Chapter 146

“Bleeding money London! Our numbers are down for the third straight quarter. I will not have this debate with you again. Thank God Zane is willing to take time out of his schedule to straighten this mess out!” Reaper bellowed in her ear, hanging up the phone before London could argue back. Reaper Wallant was thirty years her senior and treated her like an insolent child.

London boiled with rage as she slammed down the receiver. Her hand fished in the shiny cup on her desk, pulling the neatly sharpened pencils out one by one, snapping each one between her fingers while imagining her daddy's neck. If her status hadn’t made up so much of the fabric of her identity, London would have left the old bastard years ago.


Rage poured out of London like hot molten lava as she blazed an angry path back to her office from the board room. Oliver Smith had just brought down the hammer that Reaper Wallant had supplied. The business was to be liquidated and parceled ou
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Esther Kolawole
Story doesn’t make sense anymore

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